18 February 2017

Teased Orange Hair: Update & Inspo

I know what this blog hasn't seen in a while - hair and makeup looks! Since I got a new phone for the holidays I've been documenting my face a lot more. My old phone's camera was gone, plus the phone was really old and slow, so using it for other than making calls was impossible.

from a while ago, going out. I need to overdraw my lips more!
We all look at inspirations for our style, and even though I do no do it too often, I love looking at picture of 80s goths for some hair goals. I know a lot of people pull off the look a lot better than I do, it's just an interpretation after all.
But I like looking at pictures of people with orange hair especially, since most goths have black hair.

 Found on Now This Is Gothic

This is my favorite "warm toned" teased hair of them all. I love the length, I am aiming for it!

By now I have pretty much settled on a hair coloring routine. I wanted to make a post about how I color my hair but ended up not having the time to take pictures during dyes. Yes, dyes - it's a 2 step process, as I need to lift my natural brown hair to a brighter color. I've been orange for a year now and my hair feels amazing, so I will stick to the same routine for now. For a change, I do not have plans to change my hair color. This hair simply rocks.

From last night

Teasing long hair is more challenging than teasing your hair in the first place.
The Nr. 1 rule for teasing long hair is - hair products! Your teased hair is like a building, you need to build a solid foundation before going higher.
So before I hit the comb I apply mousse to my entire hair.

  1. Wet hair in sections
  2. Apply mousse in sections
  3. Blow dry hair upside down
  4. Start teasing with hairspray, again in sections.

These are the products I use:

  Source                           &                          Source  

The Taft mousse really does the trick, and the Got2B is a big hair staple by now for goths and punks alike. These products are unfortunately not cruelty free.

There is also an option to use teasing powder, but I haven't tried it yet since the above combo works. Does anyone have any experience with it? What would you recommend?

Having your hair cut in layers is also a huge help. I do want to have long hair, and I will probably only cut the most top layer frequently for that Patricia Morrison look.
I also don't straighten my hair (anymore). My hair is wavy which makes for a nice teased texture. I am damaging my hair enough already.

Then there's the biggest teasing trick of all - the brush. Some people use a thin comb, some use a special teasing comb. However, for my thick heavy long hair I use a round brush:

This is a trick my friend showed me, and I would have never thought about it myself! This is not exactly good for your hair, but when is teasing anyway? This brush helps picking up big sections, and with your solid foundation on your really don't need to stand half an hour in front of the mirror ripping your hair out.
With a solid foundation and the right tool, your hair will last the night. I sometimes re-tease it during the night with the same brush. Take a backpack lol! There's also a mini version of the brush available in most stores.

It's funny how my hair color looks different depending on the lighting. I have to edit the saturation of my pictures to really make the red shine through the phone camera. Funny enough, all selfies in this post show my true hair color, it just depends with which lighting you look at it, hehe.

I have dyed my roots since then as can be seen in the previous picture

Here's a post-teasing aftermath. You can tease your hair, but can you bring it back to normal?
Personally, I sleep with my teased hair and detangle it the day after. The hairspray loses it's hold so it's easier.
Needless to say you need to section your hair and slowly comb through it without pulling. I use my regular brush, which is also a detangling brush. 
Some people prefer to soak their hair in conditioner and comb it when it's wet. That make sense, but I prefer the dry option. How do you do it?

Hope you liked this little hair update. Do you have any hair tricks/goals?
Wish everyone a wonderful weekend!



  1. I always love to look at your makeup and hair looks, with that tiny bit of clothing visible. It's a damn goal for me, and good to know how you tease your hair! Teasing when they're already covered with mousse, I'm part in awe, part horrified, because when I've tried it, it hurt like crazy! But well, have to try it again in order to look awesome >D Does your hair flatten during the evening?

    1. Thank you so much! I am very flattered :) Alas, I lack the energy to make outfit pictures. Been on the trad/romantic goth wagon for a while now, long skirts and everything.

      Why did the mousse hurt?!!?!? It's not supposed to happen :O
      I can only recommend using this combination, my hair does flatten a tiny bit, it turns a bit more "nest like" and less poofy, but I re-tease it with the same brush during the night, 1 time is enough and then you're good to go :)

  2. I adore your hair! ^_^ I dream of having orange / cinnamon colored hair myself but not doing it because of roots. Since my own color is so light, root growth of just one centimeter looks like I am going bald. >_> And I am too lazy to dye every two weeks. :D

    1. Thank you! I envy your light hair, because that means you can achieve all those cool colors without bleaching!! I can recommend using henna for orange hair. The dye never fades and even though reapplying it is a process it doesn't damage your hair in any way.

  3. Do you still use henna for your hair? I love the color. Haven't teased my hair in ages, but I used to hairspray the roots upside down, tease in sections, then back upside down and more hairspray, then hot blow-dry, then cold blow-dry. For some reason mousse just absorbed into my hair and nothing happened

    1. Yes, I do! I lift the natural hair color first with a Garnier orange dye, and deepen the color with henna. It's dope! The color stays like this and the Garnier dye is oil based, so my hair feels very good with it.

      Thanks for the tip! I have never sprayed upside down, have to try it, maybe it will help since my hair is also very thick and heavy. Good to know!

  4. I love the look you have achieved with the back combing. I've tried back combing my hair it never works, as my hair thick and heavy. I love the contrast of the orange against the tour black clothing

    1. Thank you! Every hair is different I guess and it took me way longer than I can admit to really come up with a routine and find the right hair products. For some people, hairspray is enough, but not for me. I guess you need to play around with it and try different things to see what works best for you.
      Either way, a mousse or powder are great for more texture and a bit of volume, since this is what these products are meant to do anyway. Teasing it is just an extra step for trad goth freaks lol. I find the mousse alone already gives you quite big hair. It's a good product!

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