3 March 2015

Long black jacket -or- Joy Division is your favorite band

While shapeless black things (as The Mutant Stomp Friends likes to call them in her blog, and yes- thanks for inspiring me to write about fashion more!) are a relatively recent dark fashion item, the long black jacket (shaped black thing?) has existed a lot longer, and is frankly one of the most classic wardrobe items ever, along with the black suit, little black dress and whatever other items rich people wear.

I haven´t given a thought about it until I have encountered a few Tumblrs which had a very "post punk noir" feel to them. And then it hit me- the long black jacket is the key item in every young person´s wardrobe these days, especially in Berlin, where you can see hipster resembling kids walking to the club in the Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg district.

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That Saint Laurent guy has been on my radar lately.

The long black jacket is a very simple piece. Even if you don´t give a rat´s ass about fashion, wear it and you become automatically sophisticated as fuck. And oh, is that a "hate" back patch? I see where this is going...


Seriously though, there´s something very elegant and mysterious in the rectangle shape which this item gives you. You can wear anything underneath, it doesn´t matter- you have already seized the street with a timeless look, and if you are a bigger smartass you will wear your long hair with an undercut in a messy bun, and pair your long black jacket with -god forbid- colorful Nike sneakers.

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I love how this is very androgynous and basic, and pretty much work safe.

Do you have a long black jacket? What do you think about this look? Should I continue blogging about fashion?

Have a great rest of the week, we are going to see the premiere of the new season of RuPaul´s Drag Race today, following some performances. So excited!

N. Finsternis


  1. I have a long black coat as a wintercoat, and I feel pretty cool wearing it haha.

    1. they are too thin for the Berlin winter, but I am thinking getting one for spring :)

  2. I have a knee-length black velvet coat, whose buttons have some gold in it and it also has a velvet belt. It used to belong to my mother and I love it! I wait for spring to wear it