22 February 2015

Saint Laurent S/S 2015 psychedelic rock menswear

I normally oppress myself from enjoying high fashion, because of animal cruelty, capitalism and since my blog is too punk for this shit (besides, The Mutant Stomp Friends knows all about high fashion so I always update myself in her blog).

But you see, I cannot be ambiguous towards long haired men with opened button up shirts (-heavy breathing-) and as this collection really speaks to my recent bohemian inspirations I have decided to share it with you.

All pictures taken from Style.com. Here are some of my favorite looks:

I think this style connects very well with different kinds of music and the subcultures among them. This looks will go great with them post punkers, hipsters and hippies. 
I also think that every outfit has a casual and going out potential- take off that jacket and throw on some chains and a scarf and you can go straight from work to sitting at a lake with a beer (gawd I miss our park hangeouts at summer. Wish it would come already).

Like don´t you just want to tie them all together and fuck them?

So of course you can say that this Saint Laurent guy or whoever is it in charge of that sold out corporation has been looking at pictures from Woodstock and copied everything. 
But isn´t is awesome? I mean a lot of things came back in fashion already, and if you are tired of the 80s as much as I am this is a lovely way to spice up your otherwise stereotypical batcave attire (lol nothing against trad goth fashion, you know I am being sarcastic).

You can watch the entire show here:

Also, if you loved the background music you can listen to the entire album by Mystic Braves, in case you want to mingle in the psychedelic rock genre some more but are too modernized to listen to original bands from the 60s.

What do you think? Is this a rip off? Would you wear something like this or combine it with other styles? 
All I know is that Boris has been dressing like this since I´ve known him and I am "finally" catching on. I have plans on updating my wardrobe this year so this definitely triggered consumerism in me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
N. Finsternis

18 February 2015

Home decoration goals

For a change, it seems like we will be living in our 2 room apartment in the student dorms for a while, without having the need to move constantly between flat shares or sharing the place with other people.
Finding an apartment in Berlin without the proper papers (aka conventional income) is a nightmare in itself, and we are lucky to be living in a student dorm since last summer. The apartment and bathroom are ours, kitchen is shared which is no big deal, since it is being taken care of by a clean lady every day - conditions which my parents in their university days during the Soviet Union would have never even dreamed of...

Part of the living room. The shawl is a traditional Ukranian design, and was given to me by my grandmother when I went to Uzbekistan last September. She bought it back in 1973.
Which is why I can allow myself to focus on decorating the place since it feels more or less "ours". We have been filling the walls with posters from gigs in the bed room, being the "goth room" (which is a healthy closure for my issue with not having my own room throughout my teenage years); and hanging shawls as tapestries and maps from different places we´ve been to in the other room, which serves as the living room.

Part of the bedroom wall. Picture is outdated, as there are a LOT more posters now. I love stealing me some posters.
The shawl is also from by grandmother, and amusingly looks like huge underwear when viewed from a distance lol.
But this is not enough for me! I actually love having color around me and would not want to have a black, super gothy interior. I have been inspired by bohemian interior design (throwing fabrics and pillows all around is hardly a design, but alas) and would love to just cover the walls with a bunch of blankets, shawls and psychedelic themed tapestries. Somehow it makes me feels really good and for now is the only kind of decoration I can live with.
The common European Ikea themed room or the ever so wished adolescent velvet-victorian-cabinet of curiosities inspired interior only make me sick.

For now I am into bohemian interior (fabrics, colors etc) mixed with squat elements (posters and flyers on the walls, cheap and random diy stuff).

Here are some home decoration goals:

Source, definitely buying this tapestry soon.



A lot of these pictures focus on a huge cosy looking bed, which we don´t have and cannot afford at this state. But what I do like is the messyness being part of the decoration, as well as a lot of room for diy. 
I would love to buy furniture, but the dorms we live in came with furniture that we cannot store anywhere if we want to replace it with our own, which is why our bed is actually 2 single beds brought together. Not the fanciest solution but it´ll do for now.
I am also not a fan of these fabrics hanging above the bed- makes me think of all the dust being stored up there!
Using shelves as a book closet is a cool idea, I´ve seen people doing it in Berlin quite often, especially in stores.

What do you think? What is your dream house decorations?
Have a wonderful rest of the week, hopefully a wild weekend awaits!

N. Finsternis

15 February 2015

Valentine´s Day Makeup

Fringe is almost half natural-half orange by now!
Boris has suggested to do something romantic on Valentine´s Day, and so we went to see The Imitation Game starring one of our favorite actors, Benebatch Cumberdict. The movie was beautiful and very touching, talk about homophobia preventing the recognition of war heroes! I recommend you all to see it! 

I have been working all week and wanted to treat myself to some dramatic eye makeup. I did a black smokey eye with the smokey part being purple. 
Lipstick is my Careline P37 mixed with (and in the photo already slightly faded) black lipstick.

As the best second hand dress one could ever find is not captured in the pictures (Boris was tired and couldn´t give a fuck about my hallway outfit pictures, so I cut him some slack), I have decided to show you other random parts of my outfit instead, like earrings and necklaces:

Wearing a tattoo choker. Very missed having those, and was happy to see it yesterday in the mail. The key necklace is made by me. Also my usual safety pin ears with pendulum earrings from H&M.

Concerning not posting for a very long time, it is because I have been busy with the least pleasant mundane activities: working my first week on a new job (yay!) and having feet problems and doing orthopedic checks all week (nay. They even gave me an MRI test just like in those medical TV series, boy was that so loud it felt like being in a speedcore gig). 
I have an inflammation in my left knee, and another inflammation on my right ankle (Achilles thing?). I literally couldn´t walk last weekend and was having terrible pain. In both my fucking legs. It was very saddening, as I´ve never had problems with my feet before. Luckily the pain is now gone and physiotherapy awaits me. 

New job has been hard to learn but fun to do. I am now a hostel receptionist and it´s really nice, nothing like I´ve ever done before so I am happy to work since the semester is over by now.

I still felt fabulously sexy after slipping into house clothes, and couldn´t resist taking another selfie. You can see the makeup here better too.

N. Finsternis

3 February 2015

80s Banshee Realness

Last Saturday we went to our favorite 80s party. This is yet another attempt to use our dorm hallway for an outfit location:

Does this setting work? This is an obvious rhetorical question....
I wore Boris´ fishnet shirt and my favorite high waist pants from H&M. I also took Boris´ red gypsy blouse but didn´t wear it in the club much since it was too warm.

As for the face, I am still sticking to this brown eye shadow for the sake of looking more natural. I am in love with this makeup, it fucking suits me and for once in my life I feel that the natural shape of my eyes which normally disappointed me to bits, actually looks badass and I couldn´t ask for different eyes. 

This is what you get suddenly in the middle of your life- boundless self love despite spending the last years trying to use cosmetics to change your natural face features. Lesson learned.

picture taken from mobile phone, excuse the difference in color
I would actually go as far with my newly learned lesson and write the following paragraph using Drag Queen jargon (soo excited that RuPaul´s new Drag Race season starts in March!!):

I am serving you old school goth meets "I look exactly like my mother" realness. I am channeling fierce contemporary post punk, my makeup is on point and I am fucking fabulous, baby! 
When people see me they go: "look at that banshee, bet she got her hair of the dog done right on fascination street!"

Better stop here, since I can communicate like this for hours with no one to appreciate my skills and discuss past Drag Race candidates. But all in good time, I guess.

Have a lovely week beautifuls!

N. Finsternis