30 May 2013

The Secret Elevators @ The Municipality of Schoeneberg District

I am having quite a busy week because our beloved and best friend Avichai came to visit us from Israel this Sunday. He is staying at out place for one week and then he spends another week at a different friend.

I am so tired after going around the city for entire days, not to mention having language school every morning.
Which is why I have decided to share this lovely video with you internet.

We have discovered it with Boris 4 months ago, but didn't have a chance to film it properly.
Presenting to you- the creepy elevators of the municipality of Schoeneberg district in Berlin!
Now this is something you can never discover as a tourist! God thank bureaucracy for a change ;)

I'm afraid it's way too small here, please go to youtube and watch it on a big screen!
the song Laugh Clown Laugh by Kan Kan was used in this video.

More stuff to come soon, now I shall rest!
Have a wonderful almost weekend!!!

N. Finsternis

25 May 2013

Gothy finds- Skirts! + Deathrock Outfit! + My Religion on Clothes!

This week was quite shitty. Last night we sat for like 5 hours in a bar with friends. It was so much fun, and we agreed that the week for all of us was bad.

However, Boris and I finally managed to go out and have some shopping. I was craving to browse around the second hand stores for quite a while.
The second hand variety in Berlin is like every Israeli periphery's girl dream come true. It's really surprising how many little boutiques you can find, most of them cell "vintage" and are too expensive. The flea Markets are awesome too, you just have to go there not in winter when it's -5 degrees [unlike us...]
But the best is Humana.
Humana is sort of a combination between Thrift store and second hand. They also have "vintage" clothes from the 60's and 50's, but those are mostly super expensive and don't look as good as they may sound. There are tons of Humana stores in Berlin. They claim to do something for the planet, something donation related.... no one knows.
Their stores vary in size, sometimes you can find a huge store that you can browse through hours and hours.
The prices are perfect.

This time Boris and I browsed a small store that we knew that has a good variety of clothes.
Boris also wanted to buy himself a leather skirt. We ended up finding some awesome clothes.

I'm so sorry for the awful quality of  the photos. I took them with my mobile phone and apparently it wasn't light enough. I tried editing them so you could see the details.

Boris was very happy to wear the skirt. It looks so kinky and dark and the leather is really soft.
My skirt is actually an H&M second hand, size 34 that I was surprised to fit in!
I believe this is the most Deathrock I have ever dressed. I never thought I would wear a pencil skirt because I hate formal clothes, but this one is so sexy I believe this would be one of my most beloved clubbing pieces!
And to sum it up:
Leather Skirt- 17 Euro. I believe it's real leather, but as long as it is 200 years old and there's no need to by more or products new leather clothes I am glad I can wear it. If you want to by real leather I suggest buying second hand, that way you don't support the industry of leather clothing directly, and also do a favor to the world by wearing something in such a good quality that has been made so long ago.
Pencil Skirt- 4 Euro. I am almost positive that it would've costed over 10 Euro @ H&M/

Overall I believe people should by more second hand for the sake of the environment. There are tons of amazing clothes in an amazing shape that could be worn, there is absolutely no need for making new all the time. If you don't want to support consumerism I think it's one of the best ways. Clothes last for a very long time, people just refuse to understand it, and they are used to buying new clothes every season as if they ones they had became magically contaminated or something.

However, I must confess to you that not having such an amazing variety of second hand goods leave you with no choice than going to the mall.
When I lived in Israel I bought all my clothes from super cheap stores because everything else was expensive for me. Unless I needed new [or another pair of] shoes or items like a corset that I've had extra money for.
But when you live in an area where there are no Thrift Stores not second hand options there's not really much you can do.
It's always fun to search for better options I guess, just keep looking!

I always believed that even when it's a super cheap piece of clothing or something expensive, you much rather search for it on your own and not to by it in retail stores or from popular brands. There's nothing more heartbreaking than watching your entire school/ city wear the same pieces of clothing they bought at the local mall. It makes the clothes lose their value completely!!! 

Fun Fact: It's not that fun actually, you won't like it, it's a greedy fact, but I never lend my clothes to anyone. Unless they are cold and have nothing to wear. But I never ever lend anything from my wardrobe to someone, bee it a friend or a relative. This is my style and I will not donate it to anyone else. My clothes are mine, yours are yours. I also never lend clothes from others, I think it's humiliating. Funny that I have no problem switching clothes with Boris, but you might guess that Boris is something else ;)

So here you have it, my completely strict [and somewhat Nazi] way of viewing my wardrobe [proving a point, hopefully].

N. Finsternis

22 May 2013

From black to blonde- the process!

I had the craziest wish for the past couple of months- become blonde!
I don't know if it's the media's fault, but a lot of girls who's natural hair color is not at all fascinating dreams one day of becoming this sexy and daring blonde girl just like in the movies [or punk videos].
As for me, I never even wanted to be blonde, I knew the damage it can do to hair hence I had pink and purple hair from age 14 to 15, and by not taking care of it properly my hair really died. And so ever since I colored my hair black I never even considered the blonde option.
But I guess since I moved my opinions kind of changed, and I've stopped holding on to my black hair nor wanting to color my roots frequently. So consider me as a victim I guess.

Here's the result you've been dying to see.

My lipstick is a mixture of chapstick and a little bit black lipstick

 The process:

Ta daa!

These last 2 pics show exactly how the color turned out.
It looks orange in some places because I still had black hair dye in. I didn't even expect it to be blonde overall, but I was surprised how my roots picked up the color pretty easily!

I used Platinum Blonde color by Schwarzkopf.
If you can find an alternative to this, any other brand that doesn't test on animals that would be perfect! I sadly searched all over the stores to find anything else but didn't.

First off, the conclusions of this experiment:

  • My scalp burned as the color was in. I freaked out of it being afraid my hair would fall off. But everything was ok in the end.
  • From the moment my hair dried I realized that the black ends were dry like they have never been. So i freaked out again rubbing them with a huge doze of maroccan oil. It's the only thing I had against dry hair, and I promised myself to buy the proper products [hopefully those which weren't tested in animals] in order to prevent the damage that is not yet been done.
  • I didn't even expect that the blonde would be even on my head. I haven't colored my roots for several month on porpuse to make the process less damaging to my hair. And frankly I believe that if it was blonde allover it would have been boring. So I'm happy I look partially like a fox :P
Tips on going from black to blonde:

  • DON'T BLEACH! I man seriously, this might sound a bit extreme, but when you bleach your hair you completely burn it off. Unless you're hair is really super dark colored and you have no other choice, I would prevent bleaching as much as possible. Espesially when you have brown or lighter hair. 
  • Be patient. If there's a mistake you don't want to make is going blonde in one night. I think it's so damaging you can hardly reverse it. Just do it gradually. You would want to color your hair again after like a week in order to make the color lighter, instead of cooking it in one hour. I think you should really avoid this.
I guess that's it. Next post I will share with you my first ever Thrift store haul! Yaay!

N. Finsternis

20 May 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Days 10 + 11

Day 10: What do you hate and love about the subculture?

This is a hard question, because I haven't experienced the subculture fully until I moved to Berlin.
I guess I can sum a few notes up regarding my experience mainly online.
What I hate:

  • Elitism. I've noticed it's a very talked subject among goth youtubers since a while ago. I think that it's disgusting when people think you have rules for goth, and if you don't fit the stereotype you're not worthy. I think that it's very simple to get into the pit of elitism and hard to get out of it, because in order to get out of it, you need to, oh my- think outside the box! You won't want to do that spending so much years inside your little gothic principles, would you? That's exactly what I mean by disliking elitism.
  • The rules. This may connect with Elitism, but the thought that you should fit the name really pisses me off. It links to self confidence obviously, for the ones that do not have it would prefer identifying themselves with the name believing that it hostages their personality and be satisfy with it. I think that you fully understand what goth means to you is when it fits you and you don't fit it. So when I say rules I mean that people are being conservative so much they decline everything new that comes into the subculture, like adaptations of different fashion styles or new kind of bands and so forth. It's like thinking there are only very specific things that identify goth and that's it. I believe that respecting the past 30 years you can't deny that goth has developed and SHOULD continue doing so, unless we all want to leave the subculture one day.
  • Primitives and closed minded people. How it kills me to see goths that act nothing like intelligent human beings, or being rude or disrespectful to others, not to mention to other people in the subculture. Among all hideous human beings that we all do a great job hating why don't we at least act like the people we would like to see on the streets instead of the average narrow minded folk? It is so simple it's silly to talk about it, but people who act badly give the worst example of our subculture to others, and we try to avoid it as much as possible don't we? I also really dislike when goths don't read books and don't try to widen their horizons with different kinds of knowledge about the world and especially the environment, but maybe that's just me. If not, tell me please!
What I love about the subculture, aside everything:

  • The gender-less issue. I just love it that you can be whatever it is that you are and still belong in the subculture enjoying all the fashion varieties and affection from other people. It is great that any kind of gender or sex preference in acceptable within the gothic subculture. It should be that way indeed. You can also play with it and not stick to one sexual orientation, I love that the subculture gives you freedom in that.
  • The sexuality. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but you really do have the freedom to express yourself and your sexual desires within the subculture. I mean that it is perhaps easier to find people who are into BDSM or really extreme things, because people are so open about it in the subculture. It is also fun to combine it with your style of clothing, and I believe it is nice that nothing stays within close doors or being regarded as a taboo....
This is all the special things I can think of right now. I've tried to write the very outstanding thing about the subculture, among all the other things we love because they don't really differ from one goth to another.

Day 11: Is Goth a lifestyle for you?

I guess so. I mean how can you refer to it really? 
I guess when you live listening to goth music, dressing goth all the time putting artsy makeup on, having goth friends, trying to decorate your home in a dark way, visiting goth clubs or events, seeing goth bands live, backing cute little bat cookies and generally can't get your mind out of this whole thing you love then yes- it is a sort of lifestyle.
I love surrounding myself with the things I love, and when they all lead to the same category of ethical combination what else can it be?
I think it's great when one embraces all aspects of the subculture. I think the biggest challenge of the subculture is actually turning your lifestyle into a job and making money within the subculture surrounding yourself with it fully, and contributing to it of course. When someone manages to do that I think it's wonderful. It isn't a must obviously, as much as it isn't a must to make your kids goth. But that's a theme for a completely different post. ;)

Here's a sexy picture for you guys XD

N. Finsternis

18 May 2013

Happy Birthday Boris!

Yaay Boris turned 23 today!!!!
Happy birthday to you my love, I love you so much!!!

Our plans of having a picnic at the park and playing badminton afterwards were ruined hence the rain and cold that felt upon us and made it feel nothing like Spring anymore!
But we had planned everything so well we still wanted to go outside and sit somewhere to eat sandwiches and desert with champagne.
Fortunately we decided to go to Schlossplatz, which is like the center of Berlin where all the tourists come, and ended up sitting under the roof of the antique museum, using its coulisse as a table.

We were right there. Only everything was grey and cold and there were almost no people! :D

Enjoying this lovely view:

I have to tell you this was so amazing and fun I felt like it was my birthday!
Putting some 80's hits [like "Dance With Me" by Lords of The New Church & "Staring" by Corpus Delicti] on full volume on my phone it felt like one big party! I have no idea what was in that bottle of bubbly that we bought for the occasion, but it made everything so funny!

Look how Boris is amazed by the view!

This looks like Freeganism! Haha.... this picnic was not only a success, we have also decided to come to that place on any possible event that we could celebrate. We felt so free and happy, it was romantic and amusing! 

See what it did to me?

This amazing desert of one piece of pineapple, strawberry and cherry cake looks like we just picked it out of the garbage. But don't let the looks full you. This was so delicious I think we would buy those pieces once more pretty soon...
At least it looks like a proper Punk Picnic!

If it wasn't so surprisingly cold today we would have had a long walk enjoying the city like we use to do. No biggie, next time we will make it up.

For this occasion I would like to write here 10 things I love in the most important person in my life. Those are only very few brief things, because Boris means too much to me in this life.
  • I love how Boris is so intelligent and has a never ending variety of knowledge in Literature, Art, Music and Film. Whenever I need to know something about a certain art form in any kind of time in History he would be the one to tell me everything in the most interesting way. He wants to study the history of art this year, I think it would fit him like a glove.
  • I love that Boris never labeled himself as something. He on the one hand was and is influenced by sometimes very specific things. And on the other hand- from everything.
  • I love that through these 6 and a half years Boris always makes me look at the world from a different perspective and helps me deal with problems in a different way. He also makes me look at my beliefs from different angles to see what I had missed.
  • I love that we never fight. This might sound too magical, but we really fucking don't. We are completely on the same vibe from the very beginning of our relationship. Whenever we don't agree on something we just talk it through or come to a compromise without too much effort. We don't have tackles and conflation. We just don't.
  • I have always admired Boris' sense of style. He is never ashamed to wear particular pieces of clothing, sometimes women's clothes to parties. He is the one that got me to DIY and goth fashion in the first place!
  • I love his sense of humor. I suppose that it might be because we are both Russian, we enjoy the most intelligent jokes and the vulgarest of them. He can always pop up with these folk-like jokes at any time. It's really not something you can find in any person XD
  • My mother once said to me that it is very important to enjoy the smell and laugh of your partner. I absolutely love the two in mine! ;)
  • I love how Boris is devoted to the things he does. He is very passionate about making music his own way, and has very specific ideas for songs and melodies that I think the world hasn't heard before. I believe that when it comes to making music Boris is inspired by the musicians he loves in a different kind of way, that even when he "copies" a sound of a guitar or a voice [that he found exciting in other songs by other musicians] it still sounds like something of his own.
  • I love how Boris treats things with care. He loves all animals creatures and values their personalities not less than of a human being. He looks with kindness at things of this world such as trees, buildings, places... When we just began dating he thought me that we should always thank a place that we have visited like a bench that we sat on and so forth, for letting us just be there in peace, like the Indians did.
  • And last, I love how Boris is the only person that can understand me, the one who can always listen to me and my troubles, and would always give advice and help me realize what is right and what is wrong. I can tell him absolutely everything, we have no secrets, I am not ashamed being my full self around him. I feel no boundaries and no walls with him. He is more than a partner, he is my best friend and my biggest love, and from the beginning of our relationship I kind of understood that is would be forever. I feel protected and at home. Home is where Boris is.
Fun Fact: I never call Boris by his name. We do have those cute and embarrassing little nicknames that cheesy lovers like us might have. I just don't write them here because there's no sense to it. It's like telling you a private joke again and again and you would never understand it. He never calls me by my name either.

Fun Fact No. 2: We communicate in a mixture of Russian and Hebrew. We have lately been mizing German and English words to our sentences as well. People get surprised that we technically don't speak fully only one language. 
Every language also plays a different role in our communication, for example: Hebrew in humorous situations where we would laugh at random shit, but when it would come to romantic and intimate things we prefer speaking in Russian because it's more special.

One last thing: Boris was really surprised when after strictly saying to me that he doesn't want anything as a gift because we have to save money, that he would be going to see Portishead in June. He was to cheap to buy a ticket for himself from obvious reasons, but after I've noticed he's been nagging to the whole world and all of our friends how amazing Portishead are and this is actually one of the band he was dreaming on seeing live, I understood that it would be a major friendship fail not to take those "hints" [Boris never actually hints] and just buy the goddamn ticket. The look on his face this morning has made me so joyful and happy. He came to Berlin to make music. He should enjoy it while he can.

N. Finsternis 

16 May 2013


So recently I've noticed a dramatic fall in my page viewers and comments. I couldn't tell what was the matter until a friend told me she thought I had erased my blog and was disappointed she couldn't follow it anymore.

I was so surprised telling her that hell no I haven't, but then it hit me.

I was a smart ass changing my URL to a different one hence changing my username from Nebel Violet to N. Finsternis. Little did I know is that my blog would be forever lost because the old URL was not going to be redirecting the blog address to the new one. That's why the status of the blog has completely vanished, and I can only assume that people who were following me by email or even the subscribers couldn't get into my blog.

I am regretting this reckless gesture so much because I am afraid I will not be able to get my readers back. This blog is very important to me and I am always happy whenever someone leaves a comment or someone new subscribes. I can't believe I just ruined everything with my own hands.

That is why I have been constantly posting about this paradox on my Facebook and Tumblr. I have also decided to make a "promotion video" [sounds so professional olololo] on my long lost youtube channel which apparently has almost 40 subscribers that I hoped to "attract" in order to regain the growth of interest in my blog.

So with that being said I really hope the people that have been following me will get this message and my readers would get back.

I have meanwhile got back my old URL, nebelviolet.blogspot.com.

Guys, if you're here please leave a comment it would calm my heart!!!!

N. Finsternis

13 May 2013

Outfit of The Day

I ended up not having time to work on the Petra Flurr photos, but here's an outfit post long lost in my archives!
Pics were taken before we colored our hair, pardon for that!

Customized jacket
H&M pants from Austria when I fest went to Europe at age 16. They are very sentimental to me.
Creepers from Deichman.

- playing the intelligent biker look -
Biker leather coat from Israel
Really old Levi's jeans, I think they were his moms actually.
Israeli Army boots given to him by the sweet friend Nuphar Noir.
Te bag is something his mother made.

Currently listening to this album for the first time! Yes yes, I never listened to it before, got to say it's one of my favorite The Cure albums.


N. Finsternis.

8 May 2013

Stealing Nick Cave!

OMG OMG I have 50 subscribers!!!
Yay I am so happy thank you so much for your support! It warms my heart to see that people enter my blog and hopefully enjoy what I present in it!

So the other night we went with Boris to Last Cathedral, a very gothy pub with skulls and a unique design and everything. It is mainly made for tourists and it was EBM night when we came. It was fun though, the beer is perfect there!

Anywho this is not what the story is about.

We occasionally collect posters from the street. I have been doing this since we moved because I was so excited about all the events here I wanted to go to all of them but obviously didn't. So I had a vision to cover the entire wall in our room with posters from different parties and concerts.

That's how after going back home from the pub we stumbled across a Nick Cave poster!
He will be performing in June at some festival here, and we were excited about the poster more than we were of the show itself!
As a big Cave fan until the album of the year 2000 and absolutely nothing beyond, Boris immediately wanted to take the poster with him.
That's why we were excited to find a cool Cave poster to add to our poster wall- because Boris loved everything Cave did until the beginning of the 21st century. Afterwards Boris was disappointed from his music, but he still loves Cave as a figure that influenced him a lot :)


Must I add that low crutch pants make every outfit 10 times gothier?


Better than a picture of your grandfather on the wall, that's for sure!

Tips on stealing posters:

  • Make sure nobody looks if it's a big one.
  • If you're lucky and it's wet you'll have no problem to rip it off. If it's freshly glued it won't be a problem as well. 
  • If it sticks tight I wouldn't risk because the paper might rip to pieces. Search for a different one!
Aside from those 4 we have a few more on different part of the room. I sadly also had to leave some posters in Israel, such as the Tiger Lillies and Diorama gig! I hope to have the back to me somehow one day ;)

N. Finsternis

6 May 2013

Face of the Night + Wicca Blog

I used:
Concealer under eyes by Jade [Israeli brand]
Black gel eyeliner by Manhattan
White pencil in the inner corner of my eye: random brand
Red 24 hour lasting lipstick by Manhattan.


Backcombing looks really good this time. I don't tend to do this a lot because I am lazy, but my hair is getting longer like every week so it makes it easier to make it stand up for a long time.
I also love the graphical eyeliner style. It's fun to work with especially with gel eyeliner.
I am a big hater of liquid eyeliner and black pencil tends to smudge under my lower lid. So gel eyeliner is the PERFECT tool for me. I can use it for every look I desire, I seriously don't feel the need to put anything else on my eyes!
I guess I would recommend go all the way from the outer corner of your eye connecting the line with the one that goes up from your upper lid to make the form look whole. However I do not do that because I tend to constantly tear in the outer corner of my eye. I never put makeup there.

Sadly this quite pretty look was accompanying a dreadful and horrifying evening.
I didn't write about it here because the experience was Spiritually related.
If anyone's interested you can read it on my Wicca Blog.

N. Finsternis

4 May 2013

The Process

A lot of things about myself have changed ever since I moved to Berlin.
I think that after the chaos of the first few months is over and I am more or less having a routine or set of things I am already familiar with, I can finally place the cards on the table and look at myself in the mirror in order to see how different I am.

Here's a small list of the changes I am facing:

  • I do not have the craving for new clothes and shoes. I used to have it for a month after moving, but currently I am disgusted by shopping malls and sales. I hate the consumerism and the craving for more and more. It seems so useless because there are so many beautiful things in this world. I want to buy only second hand for the sake of the environment. Not to mention there are plenty amazing clothes that can be re-worn in a perfect condition with no need in producing more.
  • I've stopped wanting to use heavy makeup and different looks everyday. Don't worry, I will never stop contouring my eyes to make them look nothing like my natural nor using different shades of purple lipstick. It's just that when I was suffering being goth in Israel, facing 0 tolerance from the outside world towards anything alternative, looking extreme was sort of a fighting item for me. It made me confident and I used it against people who were negative to me [all people, actually]. Ever since I moved I am re-living the gothic subculture I have been longing for, and when observing the open minded society here, the freedom one weirdo could get, I understood that there is no need for me to hide anymore. I felt relief. I don't mean to say that every one who uses tons of makeup hides himself. Hell no! There are a lot of goths here who shave their eyebrows, make artsy creations on their face and it looks amazing and inspiring! I just didn't feel the need to do it anymore, because I had other motives I guess. I am also a big hater of using foundation. I basically was using it only on my eyelids for the eye shadow. I hate layering things on my face and head in general.
  •  I became more aware of the world around me. I began to care about our planet, about recycling [which Germany does amazingly], about consuming and began to realize that by doing things differently I can change just a small pattern in an ugly puzzle our world does such a splendid job in being. Tell me that I would be such a caring activist a year ago and I would laugh at your face.
  • I almost stopped eating meat. Due to the second change in this list I am disgusted by thinking about eating meat. It's not only less healthy due to the process the meat industry makes, but also a horrid truth what the animals are forced to endure. It fills me with so much anger and disappointing to know this fact, it breaks my heart. I have been using makeup products that weren't tested on animals for about a year and a half now and never felt the need to be vegetarian. I used to laugh at vegetarians when I was a teenager thinking they were plain masochists. However now I know exactly why people do what they do. I eat fish however because fish also eat fish, it may sound stupid but that is something I stand for. However I don't eat fish that have been over fished like Tuna for example. The only fish I eat is Salmon which is ok to eat because there is plenty in the world so far. I eat dairy products as well.
  • I began to go more outside. I used to sit in front of the computer all day long doing something useless. I do it only a few times a week. Whenever I have the chance I go outside for a walk in the city or in one of the amazing parks in Berlin. Maybe it's like cheating, because I frankly could have done the same in Israel. But there are almost no normal parks in Israel, and I could never bare the humid hot weather. Here on the other hand whenever the sun is shining I smile, because there is some breeze blowing and one could only enjoy the hot days. I was surprised how I longed for a normal European Spring for my entire life. I can't wait for it to be Summer here, because it's something people actually enjoy [well for the most part].
  • I began practicing Wicca again after my last time in December 2012, right after Boris and I left our apartment to live with my mother right before we moved to Berlin. I now feel the energy coming back to me, the craving for reading about everything, experimenting and concentrating on things I couldn't before. I feel that in some way it disciplines me [I among all people need discipline to go forward] and helps me release myself from psychological boundaries I used to have. I really hope Wicca would help me find the best sides in me and develop myself, without constantly looking at the past and filling myself with self pity that has never helped me.

So far so good. If someone has an opinion about what I wrote I would be happy to read it! I would gladly talk to anyone about any subject, especially if it means breaking a taboo ;)
I did this post mainly for myself to understand where I stand [Skeletal Family lyric blast?!] but if it was interesting for someone please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will try to enjoy a Cold Wave/ Minimal/ Post Punk party tonight. It's not my fave combination but there's some live act so I hope to take pictures!

One last thing:
I have changed my super gothy and dark internet nick to N. Finsternis, simply because I didn't like the scramble of words that make no sense type of nickname. N is stands for the former Nebel [mist in German] and Finsternis is Darkness in German as well.

N. Finsternis

3 May 2013

Outfit of The Night

Mesh shirt: a random shop in Israel, customized with studs from an old belt
Belt: vintage shop in israel
Leggings: NEW from a random shop! I've been wanting these ones for so long!
Winklpickers; vintage, from Boxhagener Platz, Berlin.

Neckless is a red rose cameo from the amazing Pneuma Sonata.
Check her facebook out as well! Palina is very talented! ♥

This is just a quick post because I just hit 49 subscribers! I am so happy to see who would be the 50th!
I've been busy lately with walking in the fresh weather, passing my German language exam successfully and coming back to Wicca after long time since my coming to Berlin. I mostly develop myself through esoteric books lately, which is a splendid way mixing spirituality with learning German!

I've also been changing my obsessive makeup habits since a while ago. I've been doing basic things with no foundation only using concealer under my eyes like I always do. I've been using just an eye pencil and gel eyeliner, and frankly I need to do a small cosmetic review I've been planning...

I hope you guys are well.
Don't forget to drop by and say hello, here or on my other websites!
Best weekend!

+ Nebel Violet + 

1 May 2013

The Symbols That I Wear

I would like to share here the symbols I usually wear or have been wearing for many years ever since I've been into goth.
Today is Beltane, one of the Wiccan Sabbats, the first representing the Spring. Fortunately I had time to go back to practicing Wicca again, this made me so happy, so I figured today would be a nice day for such a post.

Lets begin:

I wanted to put here the picture of my first Ankh that I've told you about in my previous post, but I had none on my computer. I searched the webs and found a picture of the type of Ankh I used to wear:

I liked how it had the Celtic ornaments to it and the black circle in the middle always looked perfect to me. I still have this Ankh but I've stopped wearing it because the metal turned all black so you could barely see the details and it irritated my skin as well.

Story Time: the decay of the metal and the skin irritation began when I was 15, almost half a year after I bought the necklace. Since the sweaty Summer of that time I've stopped wearing this necklace because it made me itch. However, I've decided to put it back on when I went to a party in November. I recall that a fellow classmate asked me how come I wear my Ankh again? Didn't it bother my skin for a while? I explained to her that I wore the necklace on a sweater, and that after a long time I at least could wear it in Winter. At that party I also met Boris for the first time.

This was my second Ankh. I don't remember where I bought it, but it was cheap that's for sure. I still wear it till this day, it looks great. I believe it is about 3 years old now.

The Special necklace. In 2009 Boris and I went to Berlin for the first time. He bought me this sword like necklace from a jewelry stand in Alexander Platz, where you wouldn't want to buy anything because it's so expensive and made to attract tourists. I don't remember how much it costed, but I brought it with me When we moved to Berlin in January, as a "coming back" gesture.

My first Pentagram. I bought it for cheap at a "gothic" shop in Haifa, the city where I lived in Israel. I bought it with my dear friend Igal. I could allow myself to wear a Pentagram because I finally understood what this symbol meant for me. I was also interested in Witchcraft and Wicca at that time, and Igal kind of drew me to it. I think I was 19 or 20...

The Gothic Cross. I don't wear it as much, it is mainly Boris' special party accessory. He found it in a flea market in one of our fun trips to Tel Aviv. We bought it for pennies basically, I think it was like 1 Sheckel, less than a Euro. I hope you could see the little Jesus guy hanging on there. I don't know what kind of Christianity stream this type of Cross belongs to, and frankly I don't care. I always loved Crosses just because they had the most basic shape any human would understand. If you draw random lines on the ground you would eventually draw a cross in any way or another. That's why I always sympathized the symbol, because of it's subconscious meaning to the human kind. religion had absolutely nothing to do with it.

My Pentacle. I found it also at a flea market for pennies along with the tar earrings at the end of this post. I loved it the first second I saw it. I just love the black filling and the silver outlines. This necklace always looked old and mysterious to me.

The new necklace!! I found it this Sunday at a children's fair [!]. I was so enchanted by it, not only because it embraced my 2 favorite symbols, but also because it costed only 1 Euro! I love this one so much, it really means a lot to me ever since I bought it. I had a good time coming back to Wicca after I bought it. Maybe it was a sign, who knows.

The Cross earring is basically one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I ever owned. I made this earring out of a necklace I bought in Israel at a mainstream super cheap jewelry store. Since I felt weird wearing it as a necklace, hence wearing crosses is always being associated as being Christian in Israel, I made an earring out of it, because it is so freaking cool to wear a cross earring. I did it like 2 years ago, and back then nobody was wearing crosses for earrings. So it had a special feeling to it I guess. By the way, I make most of my earrings myself.

Along with the black Pentacle these earrings came. I bought them at the same flea market as separate pieces and made the into earring at home. I love the witchy feeling to them, but sometimes I feel weird wearing matching earrings, I am so not used to it!

Considering special symbolic jewelry that's it. If you guys would be interested I can also include the rest of my gothicly inclined jewelry.
All those years I had a very special concept- I searched for interesting pieces for real cheap. I wore keys for earrings for years, pieces that I found on the ground and made into a jewelry etc. I never bought something expensive online or went to special gothic shops.
I hope you enjoyed.
Have a great rest of the week!

+ Nebel Violet +