22 May 2013

From black to blonde- the process!

I had the craziest wish for the past couple of months- become blonde!
I don't know if it's the media's fault, but a lot of girls who's natural hair color is not at all fascinating dreams one day of becoming this sexy and daring blonde girl just like in the movies [or punk videos].
As for me, I never even wanted to be blonde, I knew the damage it can do to hair hence I had pink and purple hair from age 14 to 15, and by not taking care of it properly my hair really died. And so ever since I colored my hair black I never even considered the blonde option.
But I guess since I moved my opinions kind of changed, and I've stopped holding on to my black hair nor wanting to color my roots frequently. So consider me as a victim I guess.

Here's the result you've been dying to see.

My lipstick is a mixture of chapstick and a little bit black lipstick

 The process:

Ta daa!

These last 2 pics show exactly how the color turned out.
It looks orange in some places because I still had black hair dye in. I didn't even expect it to be blonde overall, but I was surprised how my roots picked up the color pretty easily!

I used Platinum Blonde color by Schwarzkopf.
If you can find an alternative to this, any other brand that doesn't test on animals that would be perfect! I sadly searched all over the stores to find anything else but didn't.

First off, the conclusions of this experiment:

  • My scalp burned as the color was in. I freaked out of it being afraid my hair would fall off. But everything was ok in the end.
  • From the moment my hair dried I realized that the black ends were dry like they have never been. So i freaked out again rubbing them with a huge doze of maroccan oil. It's the only thing I had against dry hair, and I promised myself to buy the proper products [hopefully those which weren't tested in animals] in order to prevent the damage that is not yet been done.
  • I didn't even expect that the blonde would be even on my head. I haven't colored my roots for several month on porpuse to make the process less damaging to my hair. And frankly I believe that if it was blonde allover it would have been boring. So I'm happy I look partially like a fox :P
Tips on going from black to blonde:

  • DON'T BLEACH! I man seriously, this might sound a bit extreme, but when you bleach your hair you completely burn it off. Unless you're hair is really super dark colored and you have no other choice, I would prevent bleaching as much as possible. Espesially when you have brown or lighter hair. 
  • Be patient. If there's a mistake you don't want to make is going blonde in one night. I think it's so damaging you can hardly reverse it. Just do it gradually. You would want to color your hair again after like a week in order to make the color lighter, instead of cooking it in one hour. I think you should really avoid this.
I guess that's it. Next post I will share with you my first ever Thrift store haul! Yaay!

N. Finsternis


  1. I love it! It suits you so well, I think. It's very sassy.

    1. Haha thank you. I guess it does ;)