27 November 2012

A Blitzkrieg

things have been a bit crazy lately. From one hand, everything is going as planned, but from the other hand I feel like blitzkrieging everything in my life right now.
And it seems that a blietzkrieg is what actually will happen.

I can't tell you all the details yet because it's sort of a secret, because none of us knows what actually is gonna happen, but to say the least- Boris won't perform in the Israeli Gothic Festival because of that reason.

I feel very nervous and happy. But November proved to me that if you want your ass kicked to get to do something- you'll get that kick and what you wanted will eventually come, whether you like it or not, or even expected it that way.
On the other hand- we planned this for over a year, and we never achieved so much as we did throughout this month.

I am in a  state of shock the past days, a good shock, because so many things have happened and changed, and we both are frightened as hell but also excited.

More specific updates are soon to come.

+ Nebel Violet +

20 November 2012

Frankenweenie + a "me and Boris" post

This is going to be another "me and Boris" post. I guess you'll be getting them a lot from the obvious reasons...

So yesterday we went to see Frankenweenie! Oh what a beautiful movie it was, even more than I expected! It was so lovely and I even cried a few times. I just love Tim Burton so much for every thing he does. I can never get enough of him! Dark Shadows was also genius.

 Boris had his first ever glasses done this week. It sure makes him look more smarter than me. I think this calls for wearing high heels whenever I'm with him.

As for the Victorian Party I mentioned last post, this is what we looked like:

It was out idea together because I don't like dressing Victorian much, it was much of a phase to me when I got into Goth therefore I own some clothes. Boris on the other hand likes this style better, so everyone gets to wear what they want... Oh Boris, Tiger Lilies and The Virgin Prunes would have been so proud of you...
We really made the people in the club happy about this. Nobody expected this XD

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16 November 2012

More picture galore + War in Israel

Because I had a splendid outfit and makeup the other day.

 So there' like war again in Israel in the south of the country [I live in the north]. It's ok, it's fine, every one of the sides is bombing the other, people sitting in shelters and the TV's broadcasting where EXACTLY every rocket fell which is totally stupid and so none tactical. My mom is hosting our lovely relatives from the south. I have my relatives, but there ones I like. Gonna visit mom tomorrow.
This whole war thing [which is so not exciting in Israel as much as the whole world] keeps reminding me about the second Lebanon war in 2006 where the north of IL was bombed. I was like 14 and we had so much fun, literary, running to the shelter every half an hour and after a day like this we ran to our relatives in the south of the country. Spent the entire summer at the pool and then came back to school as if nothing happened. And then I met Boris at a party! Hey that actually was the last summer before I met him. How nice .

So anywho, last days were really tiring for me at work, and today I'm gonna party at a Victorian themed EBM party. Boris and I have a surprise outfit ^^

So far so good considering the Israeli Gothic festival. They're going to have a meeting with all the band to see who against who and when. I'm gonna attend as well because they said I can come. Certainly can't wait for that!

Fun fact: the only 9 months of my army service I was in the Home Front Command. I basically instructed children and adults [came to schools and work places] how to defend yourself at a life threatening situation s.a. earthquakes, fires and war. And how to wear a gas-mask properly. That was totally Cyber Goth :)

Have a nice safe weekend! Don't go out of shelter before 10 minutes have past!!! 

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13 November 2012

A picture attempt

Lately I had a stunning renovation considering lipstick. I color my lips with the cheapest eye pencil I can find [and greasiest] and then put lip gloss on. It works better than putting eye shadow + lip gloss. Doesn't last too long but it's worth to have the color you can't find anywhere!

Boris is trying to make himself unnoticeable.

Why it looks purple, I dunno. But in reality it was very blue. Boris liked the lip gloss as well. And then he licked it >_>''

Some random news:
+ Today I bought  Memoirs of  a Geisha. I hope it'll be a good book as they say.
+ I recently have been doing something I thought I will never do- I began to watch TV series. I am so ashamed of myself, but they are so thrilling and interesting!
+ Boris had a splendid interview by the College radio. It was fun and it is recorder entirely :) Here's a picture:

The weirdass interviewer had almost no idea about the post punk and goth music/ history. He didn't believe Boris actually listened to progressive rock once and that brought him to goth. What a stereotyper! Boris looks so lovely in this picture though!

Have a nice evening everyone!

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10 November 2012

Our 6th Anniversary!

This is just a quick update:
today, November 10 me and Boris are celebrating 6 years of love together!

I don't want it to be a very long post as usual, but I'll just say today was such a romantic day. 6 years don't seem at all a long time, I can't even imagine how it passed so quickly. I am full of happiness and love every second i am with Boris.
He is a gift granted to me so generously by the great spirits.
He is the reason I ended up being in the country I so hate craving to move with him to a different place and have the journey of my life.

Thank you my love for being you with me and for our wonderful time together.
The will never be another Boris in this world but you. You are the only one for me, there are not enough words to describe this feeling, I wish it to everyone I know.

+ Nebel Violet +

8 November 2012

die Gesichtsänderung

I recently cut my fringe very short. It is a bit new to me because I tried it before and it looked disgusting. I have a very ugly face shape and very few hairstyles look good on me. I have had a long fringe for all I can remember. Here's what my first short fringe looked like:

 Picture taken a year and a half ago. I had long [ugly] natural colored hair, almost didn't wear makeup at all.
And I am wearing my Einstürzende Neubauten shirt Boris made me ^^

This is the new short fringe I've cut myself. Very proud of how it came out:

Black hair makes me look so much better [in my opinion]. I've been wanting to bleach/ go orange but I am not tired of the black just yet. I've missed drawing on eyebrows I admit it!

Hey look, it's Boris without his mustache!

This was everything I wanted to share today.
Today Boris also has an interview with some underground radio about his project, Junkyard + The Wings of Desire. It will be in Hebrew though. I wish him lots of luck!!!

I can never get enough of this stupid fucking song!

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6 November 2012

The Names

This is a sequence of posts I decided to do out of boredom and love. It is called "The Beloved Bands of Darkness".
Basically it's just me spreading love and excitement over Goth bands that don't receive much recognition in the community. These bands are old and new and tend to hide [literary] in the shadows next to giants like Bauhaus or Siouxsie & The Banshees.
I love finding about new goth bands, it has been a hobby of mine for years and there are some amazing bands I would be glad to introduce to you in case you haven't heard of them, and I am always looking for new bands to be introduced to :)


So the first bad is.................

The Names!

Boris and I had discovered this band at an 80's party. The song we heard was so amazing Boris had to approach the DJ and ask what it was. 
This was the song we heard:

The Names names are [still active] a post punk band formed in Brussels, Belgium. They are active since 1978 and have, well, a shit ton on albums the majority of which I had yet not a chance to listen to.
I think they have a beautiful melancholic sound, and if to resemble- they do sound a lot like The Cure, but in the best positive way.
I am currently studying their album Swimming from 1982, it's their first. Very depressing and somewhat dreamy, I really love it.

I adore the lyrics as well, very intelligent and thoughtful, makes me wonder about certain things. I believe this band is one of which you listen to for a reason, when you have the mood and day for it.

Well, this was my little recommendation. If anyone has heard of The Names I would love to hear your opinion. And if you can recommend me of an another album by them that would be splendid.

Much love you guys!

+ Nebel Violet +