8 November 2012

die Gesichtsänderung

I recently cut my fringe very short. It is a bit new to me because I tried it before and it looked disgusting. I have a very ugly face shape and very few hairstyles look good on me. I have had a long fringe for all I can remember. Here's what my first short fringe looked like:

 Picture taken a year and a half ago. I had long [ugly] natural colored hair, almost didn't wear makeup at all.
And I am wearing my Einstürzende Neubauten shirt Boris made me ^^

This is the new short fringe I've cut myself. Very proud of how it came out:

Black hair makes me look so much better [in my opinion]. I've been wanting to bleach/ go orange but I am not tired of the black just yet. I've missed drawing on eyebrows I admit it!

Hey look, it's Boris without his mustache!

This was everything I wanted to share today.
Today Boris also has an interview with some underground radio about his project, Junkyard + The Wings of Desire. It will be in Hebrew though. I wish him lots of luck!!!

I can never get enough of this stupid fucking song!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Wow, you don't even look like the same person from a year and a half ago! But your look now, with black hair and new fringe style, suits you so well!

    1. Yeah well, you haven't seen my so called "babybat" pictures yet. I look like a 5 year old with 90% of my face being cheeks only.
      I should do a post on that one!

      yeah I definitely like the way i look now better