30 December 2012

Happy New Gothy Year!

I won't be spending the following couple of days on my blog, so I wanted to wish you all an amazing new year, let everything be spontaneous as it should, make your plans come true the way you want them and accept every challenge as another opportunity to learn great things.

This new year was so rich and complicated for me it flew too fast, though I realized so many things about myself, my life and the world around me. The following year would be hard as hell, I can feel it, but it is a time I was struggling for for too long.

I am wishing luck and happiness to each one of my beloved readers and friends, thanks for stopping by to read my blog, it means a lot and always makes me happy to know someone else knows about me :)

Keep it Goth for the following year, discover interesting music and develop your style and never stop being creative!!
I love you guys!

Let me share with you my favorite new year song:

And remember, the way you'll celebrate new year's eve, that's how the year will be!
С Новым Годом!!

+ Nebel Violet +

26 December 2012

My musical 2012

Sorry for not wishing anyone a merry Xmas, I frankly don't celebrate the holiday due to me living in a Jewish country. I can only enjoy the jolliness of the arabic quarter in our city filled with colorful lights and christmas trees. I only celebrate the new year, which is also something Israeli people don't do [makes me hate this place even more] but only russians enjoy. We'll put on our tree this friday, can't wait for that!

Anywho, in my former hebrew blog I used to have a little resume every end of the year of the music that I listened to most and made my year the best. This time I had a hard time picking out the bands, because there were so many genres I listened to this year, and sadly to admit it- I only rarely listened to my favorite band Opeth, which I always included in every resume each year. In the past I never thought I'd admit not to like this band one day, but I'm afraid that with time this sort of happened. I do like Opeth still, and no matter which music I will listen to they would always have a special place in my heart, but this year it was different. Some other bands of completely different genres took their place of passion in me, and Opeth became more of a "shelf band" that I drew eyes to in order to remember something nostalgic.
Those are my bands for 2012:

Cocteau Twins! I had the pleasure of investigating their first album this year, because 2 years earlier I enjoyed their Treasure album. Their first, Head Over Heels, has such an amazing power to it, it is so enchanting and always cheered me up, though I rarely listen to music to cheer myself up, not to mention most of those songs are far from being written on a major scale. But they also helped me to concentrate on more spiritual things, and I fell in love with the voice of Elizabeth Fraser, and her none- lyrical singing.

Noisuf X ~ X Fusion! You see why I told you I enjoyed a variety of music this year? Boy, I can't even describe how or why I feel that this guy is so talented and his music is deeper than it sounds to me. I really don't know how to say this. Whether it's the beat that always makes me want to dance [and for some reason cheers me up as well] or those little musical passages that soften the harsh electro from time to time, or his voice when he decides to sing, or perhaps those funny fragments from movies that define each song by atmosphere. I just love him!

Grauzone! This remarkable swiss band made me remember something so deep in myself I can hardly tell if it was something I actually ever experienced in this life or not. Maybe it's their sound, the lyrics, I just don't know. But mostly when I listen to music that has this peculiar sound it makes me remember something lost, maybe something from a life I didn't live, I'm afraid that's the closest way to put it. If you love new wave, you'll love them!

I'm afraid this is it. Other music I loved this year was those far well known 80's hits you can hear at a dark 80's party, some other EBM stuff and randon New/ Minimal Wave such as this. I hardly listened to trad bands as Bauhaus or Siouxsie because this year was rather synthy, but I don't regret it because this is the kind of music that stays within your heart no matter if you have it in your ears or not.

This year was a good musical year, I would like to hear your favs! 
Hope you had a nice Xmas, more new year posts soon to come!

22 December 2012

Sei Stolz

As I rode the night bus deadly drunk and partially getting sober, I observed the city lights as they come and go like in a race. And I thought, this night felt like saying goodbye to a place that felt like our home for quite a while. A place that made the gothic subculture in some way alive, the people were very close to us even if it meant we saw them only at parties, the DJs, the music we knew like out own 5 fingers.... and this was the last party, this was our last hangout at our small home.

We'll have to say goodbye to a lot of things. All the things we knew, but we knew that could be better, if only we'd been born in a different country. There's no point regretting the one you are and the one you could be, because there's no point at doing that, but I am guessing this thought was present a while in my heart. Why? Imagine living all your life knowing that everything you love is located in a completely different place, and you won't have it until you'll work a descent fight.

Today was hard. I skipped work because I was too drunk and tired, and me and Boris finally moved to my mother's place. It was hard considering we did everything on our own without a vehicle, walking with stuff here and back, but eventually we did it.
It is a deadly strike to me to go back to my mother's place, of different reasons I don't want to write about yet. Let's just say I ran away from that house as if escaping a plague, to get just a tiny bit of privacy, and to be alone with Boris at last.
And here we are, just like the old days- living 3 people in one room, that stupid 2 floored bed, absence of place and never ever quiet. I will have to get used to it, or just let it not bother me so much as it did all those years.
That is, I'll have to suffer [if I will] until the 15 of January.

Remember this post?
 Boris and I will move to Germany on the 15th of January.
With much luck for the rest of our lives.

+ Nebel Violet +

15 December 2012

Gothic Photo Shoots!!!

Today was really exciting! After Boris and I took a walk outside we decided to do a little photo shoot spontaneously, which led to some surprising results!

But first, I want to share here a picture from a recent photo shoot I did with a good friend. We did it in October, however I got the pics a while ago and I asked his permission to post one here :)
This was very deathrock-ish:

It is not edited yet, but I am very happy with the result!

And here's the pin up~19th century fun we had today:


And if you're extra nice, visit my DeviantArt

I am so proud of the picture I take and edit of Boris. His appearance and face features pretty much resemble  of those from past centuries. I can't be more happy to show a glimpse of that in a picture because you don't really notice it in real life [because Boris is rather a Slavic looking jewish gypsy romanian something something...]. 
I am also going to use some of the pictures for my portfolio for my fashion studies. Gonna have them printed in about A3, I certainly can't wait for that! I must say I love printing photographs that I find proud of or simply beautiful. I always have a feeling that digital files can be easily lost or unreachable, however real live photographs are so rare and special today! 

+ Nebel Violet +

11 December 2012

Fashion Inspirations

If you know or not I am planning to study fashion in Berlin. I love searching for new looks every now and then and for anything that can inspire me, I certainly don't want to limit myself only to the Goth subculture which I obviously like, but mixing different styles and understanding the value of some mainstream designs and of course high fashion designers can give you a lot!

These are my recent inspirations:

Balmain Winter 2013

Next up is Lanvin, Winter 2013:

And Last are Dolce & Gabbana with their Winter 2013 collection. I never gave a fuck about them, but those bastards are good!

I literary loved everything int here!!

One last thing- if you're seriously intending to watch the fashion shows like I did, may I recommend watching them with the mute on while listening to Cathedral 13 radio. Warning: this can totally make your day! :D
Tell me what you think of these outfits, some of them really resemble our subculture, don't they?

+ Nebel Violet +

9 December 2012

Recent Faces of The Day

Guten Morgen Schatzchen!

I will begin this by saying that as much as I want to have loads of posts on the Outfit of The Day subject, I can never get myself to do it, because:
+ I never ever wear makeup or smashing outfits at home! I do it only when I am going out for work or whatever, but at home I'll look plain and bare. Why? Not because I want to cover my natural features by makeup or look Gothy on purpose when I am in front of people, but it's just a custom we always had in our family- at home you wear home clothes, when going out- you wear going out clothes!
+ I never wear shoes at home! If you know by any chance a most normal Russian family or belong to one, this one sound peculiar at all to you. We walk in slippers at home. We never ever walk in shoes at home, even guests must take their shoes off. I'm not going to wash those floors every single fucking day! The same reason I rather not take a picture of my whole outfit with shoes at home.

Here's proof:

I retouched it a bit so you couldn't see my underwear ^^''

Anywho, it's time for some nice pictures of our faces from the following days. Here are some of Boris when he was DJing 80's about 2 weeks ago:

And me:

I like drawing blue and purple eyebrows too, I'll have to show them once as well :)
That's that for today, next post will be about fashion mostly, stay tuned!

+ Nebel Violet +

4 December 2012

Kan Kan

It's been a while since the first band post!
And this time I'm featuring one of my most beloved New Wave bands.

Kan Kan!

I honestly couldn't find anything considering their history. I would have to guess that they're from United Kingdom, but I could be wrong.
But thanks to this blog I can tell you that Kan Kan was a project by Patrick Dineem, and they were active in the beginning of the 80's released 3 EP's all of which I finally found after listening to them on youtube and downloading a few songs from there like a dork.

I can't even begin to describe what their music makes me feel. Those few songs, can last for several years without demanding more. I love the lyrics, they are magical in their own way always telling a story, and the music is always, in a very theatrical way, goes hand by hand.
What I love about Kan Kan is that they are so simple, and can reveal to you the most deep things through this simpleness. They keyboards and bass are so sweet, you feel like you're in a dream with each song.
Those are my personal feelings of course, I highly recommend them if you like gentle and pleasant New Wave.

Memories and Dreams

Blue Tango

Have a nice and calm week!

+ Nebel Violet +

1 December 2012

Question Tag!

I've got tagged by the lovely Lila of her coolesome fashion blog V E R U Z K A S.
This is my first tag on Blogger, I am so excited and honored ^^

So first part is 11 facts about me and then 11 questions I shall answer.

11 Facts:

1. I was born in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, lived there till I was 5 and then moved to live in the suburbs of Moscow for 1 year, and then my family migrated to Israel when I was 6.
2. Due to fact no. 1 I speak 3 languages: Russian, Hebrew and English. German soon ;)
3. Since second grade I have a gruesome habit of peeling the skin around my fingernails. It is something so awful I've been struggling with, because I do it when I'm nervous and it's hard to stop. I got to times when I was badly bleeding. Nobody knows about this except Boris and my mom.
4. I am allergic to cats.
5. I am absolutely afraid of the sea and night. Generally living by the sea sounds like a horrific nightmare for me.
6. From the 6th grade till the end of school I studied playing the Block Flute professionally. I studied with an amazing private teacher and went to an art- inclined junior high and high school. I finished my studies with a recital and attended many concerts playing Baroque and Renaissance music. I don't play any longer.
7. A goth fact: I've been into the subculture since I was 16 but only applied it to my outlook when I was 18-19. I guess I wasn't comfortable with myself till then :)
8. I love introducing myself to people but I dislike being  in further touch with them.
9. I've fainted only once when I was 5. I was hanging myself from a very high horizontal bar when suddenly I had the urge to go to the bathroom. I just let the bar go and fell XD
10. I've always felt my masculine side more than feminine. I can be a total dude sometimes and I've always hung out with boys only.
11. My path to listening to good music began as a huge anime fan. I was listening to Malize Mizer and Kagerou religiously! After them came Linkin Park, Green Day and lots of other shit  until I met Boris and discovered other genres and styles :)

Woah, that was kind of hard...

11 Questions:

1. Summer or Winter?
~ Winter of course!
2. What is your favorite serie and movie?
~ Movie would be Bladerunner. Nana would be my favorite anime serie.
3. Favorite item for makeup?
~ My purple/ dark red lipsticks.
4. What's the must have item in your wardrobe?
~ Stockings!!!! The more the better.
5. Do your prefer dogs or cats?
~ Allergic to cats, and always been a dog lover ^^
6. If you could define yourself into a style, what would it be?
~ I guess I really love the punk/ deathrock style. I am sometimes influenced by Nu Goth and High Fashion and I love mixing them all!
7. Harry Potter or Twilight?
~ Harry Potter, I find more sense in the plot and characters. I love cruel vampires, not sparkly.
8. The first time you saw Oppa Gangnam Style?
~ This video was featured in a youtube show called This is Horosho [ a russian version of Ray William Johnson] and after watching it I came to the original clip and my life changed forever ever since :D I am currently a fan of this parody.
9. Your favorite food is?
~ Asian.
10. For you what's Bazzinga?
~ The hell.... sounds like a south american junkie festival.
11. How would be the perfect crime for you?
~ Having someone stealing a lot of euros from a bank and bringing them to me with a German passport, moving me into a nice furnished apartment in the Mitte of Berlin. Thank you.

This stuff was loooooong.
I'm tagging the following goths:

Useless Mumblings
Alison Paige Eckfeldt
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Zombina Tinieblas
Skeleton Orchid

Rules are:
11 facts about you, answer 11 of my questions, tag 11 people and make 11 questions of your own for them to answer.

MY questions are:

1. What is your favorite country?
2. If you could master another language what would it be?
3. What is the thing you most like about yourself?
4. What if the thing you most dislike about yourself?
5. When did you first discovered Goth/ the subculture you most identify with?
6. What era in history you would like to visit?
7. Is there any festival you dream attending to?
8. What would be the perfect job for you?
9. Do you like cars?
10. Do you have a habit you won't ever get rid of?
11. What is the question you hate being asked the most?

Good luck, tell me if you did it so I can check it out!

27 November 2012

A Blitzkrieg

things have been a bit crazy lately. From one hand, everything is going as planned, but from the other hand I feel like blitzkrieging everything in my life right now.
And it seems that a blietzkrieg is what actually will happen.

I can't tell you all the details yet because it's sort of a secret, because none of us knows what actually is gonna happen, but to say the least- Boris won't perform in the Israeli Gothic Festival because of that reason.

I feel very nervous and happy. But November proved to me that if you want your ass kicked to get to do something- you'll get that kick and what you wanted will eventually come, whether you like it or not, or even expected it that way.
On the other hand- we planned this for over a year, and we never achieved so much as we did throughout this month.

I am in a  state of shock the past days, a good shock, because so many things have happened and changed, and we both are frightened as hell but also excited.

More specific updates are soon to come.

+ Nebel Violet +

20 November 2012

Frankenweenie + a "me and Boris" post

This is going to be another "me and Boris" post. I guess you'll be getting them a lot from the obvious reasons...

So yesterday we went to see Frankenweenie! Oh what a beautiful movie it was, even more than I expected! It was so lovely and I even cried a few times. I just love Tim Burton so much for every thing he does. I can never get enough of him! Dark Shadows was also genius.

 Boris had his first ever glasses done this week. It sure makes him look more smarter than me. I think this calls for wearing high heels whenever I'm with him.

As for the Victorian Party I mentioned last post, this is what we looked like:

It was out idea together because I don't like dressing Victorian much, it was much of a phase to me when I got into Goth therefore I own some clothes. Boris on the other hand likes this style better, so everyone gets to wear what they want... Oh Boris, Tiger Lilies and The Virgin Prunes would have been so proud of you...
We really made the people in the club happy about this. Nobody expected this XD

+ Nebel Violet +

16 November 2012

More picture galore + War in Israel

Because I had a splendid outfit and makeup the other day.

 So there' like war again in Israel in the south of the country [I live in the north]. It's ok, it's fine, every one of the sides is bombing the other, people sitting in shelters and the TV's broadcasting where EXACTLY every rocket fell which is totally stupid and so none tactical. My mom is hosting our lovely relatives from the south. I have my relatives, but there ones I like. Gonna visit mom tomorrow.
This whole war thing [which is so not exciting in Israel as much as the whole world] keeps reminding me about the second Lebanon war in 2006 where the north of IL was bombed. I was like 14 and we had so much fun, literary, running to the shelter every half an hour and after a day like this we ran to our relatives in the south of the country. Spent the entire summer at the pool and then came back to school as if nothing happened. And then I met Boris at a party! Hey that actually was the last summer before I met him. How nice .

So anywho, last days were really tiring for me at work, and today I'm gonna party at a Victorian themed EBM party. Boris and I have a surprise outfit ^^

So far so good considering the Israeli Gothic festival. They're going to have a meeting with all the band to see who against who and when. I'm gonna attend as well because they said I can come. Certainly can't wait for that!

Fun fact: the only 9 months of my army service I was in the Home Front Command. I basically instructed children and adults [came to schools and work places] how to defend yourself at a life threatening situation s.a. earthquakes, fires and war. And how to wear a gas-mask properly. That was totally Cyber Goth :)

Have a nice safe weekend! Don't go out of shelter before 10 minutes have past!!! 

+ Nebel Violet +

13 November 2012

A picture attempt

Lately I had a stunning renovation considering lipstick. I color my lips with the cheapest eye pencil I can find [and greasiest] and then put lip gloss on. It works better than putting eye shadow + lip gloss. Doesn't last too long but it's worth to have the color you can't find anywhere!

Boris is trying to make himself unnoticeable.

Why it looks purple, I dunno. But in reality it was very blue. Boris liked the lip gloss as well. And then he licked it >_>''

Some random news:
+ Today I bought  Memoirs of  a Geisha. I hope it'll be a good book as they say.
+ I recently have been doing something I thought I will never do- I began to watch TV series. I am so ashamed of myself, but they are so thrilling and interesting!
+ Boris had a splendid interview by the College radio. It was fun and it is recorder entirely :) Here's a picture:

The weirdass interviewer had almost no idea about the post punk and goth music/ history. He didn't believe Boris actually listened to progressive rock once and that brought him to goth. What a stereotyper! Boris looks so lovely in this picture though!

Have a nice evening everyone!

+ Nebel Violet +

10 November 2012

Our 6th Anniversary!

This is just a quick update:
today, November 10 me and Boris are celebrating 6 years of love together!

I don't want it to be a very long post as usual, but I'll just say today was such a romantic day. 6 years don't seem at all a long time, I can't even imagine how it passed so quickly. I am full of happiness and love every second i am with Boris.
He is a gift granted to me so generously by the great spirits.
He is the reason I ended up being in the country I so hate craving to move with him to a different place and have the journey of my life.

Thank you my love for being you with me and for our wonderful time together.
The will never be another Boris in this world but you. You are the only one for me, there are not enough words to describe this feeling, I wish it to everyone I know.

+ Nebel Violet +

8 November 2012

die Gesichtsänderung

I recently cut my fringe very short. It is a bit new to me because I tried it before and it looked disgusting. I have a very ugly face shape and very few hairstyles look good on me. I have had a long fringe for all I can remember. Here's what my first short fringe looked like:

 Picture taken a year and a half ago. I had long [ugly] natural colored hair, almost didn't wear makeup at all.
And I am wearing my Einstürzende Neubauten shirt Boris made me ^^

This is the new short fringe I've cut myself. Very proud of how it came out:

Black hair makes me look so much better [in my opinion]. I've been wanting to bleach/ go orange but I am not tired of the black just yet. I've missed drawing on eyebrows I admit it!

Hey look, it's Boris without his mustache!

This was everything I wanted to share today.
Today Boris also has an interview with some underground radio about his project, Junkyard + The Wings of Desire. It will be in Hebrew though. I wish him lots of luck!!!

I can never get enough of this stupid fucking song!

+ Nebel Violet +