1 December 2012

Question Tag!

I've got tagged by the lovely Lila of her coolesome fashion blog V E R U Z K A S.
This is my first tag on Blogger, I am so excited and honored ^^

So first part is 11 facts about me and then 11 questions I shall answer.

11 Facts:

1. I was born in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, lived there till I was 5 and then moved to live in the suburbs of Moscow for 1 year, and then my family migrated to Israel when I was 6.
2. Due to fact no. 1 I speak 3 languages: Russian, Hebrew and English. German soon ;)
3. Since second grade I have a gruesome habit of peeling the skin around my fingernails. It is something so awful I've been struggling with, because I do it when I'm nervous and it's hard to stop. I got to times when I was badly bleeding. Nobody knows about this except Boris and my mom.
4. I am allergic to cats.
5. I am absolutely afraid of the sea and night. Generally living by the sea sounds like a horrific nightmare for me.
6. From the 6th grade till the end of school I studied playing the Block Flute professionally. I studied with an amazing private teacher and went to an art- inclined junior high and high school. I finished my studies with a recital and attended many concerts playing Baroque and Renaissance music. I don't play any longer.
7. A goth fact: I've been into the subculture since I was 16 but only applied it to my outlook when I was 18-19. I guess I wasn't comfortable with myself till then :)
8. I love introducing myself to people but I dislike being  in further touch with them.
9. I've fainted only once when I was 5. I was hanging myself from a very high horizontal bar when suddenly I had the urge to go to the bathroom. I just let the bar go and fell XD
10. I've always felt my masculine side more than feminine. I can be a total dude sometimes and I've always hung out with boys only.
11. My path to listening to good music began as a huge anime fan. I was listening to Malize Mizer and Kagerou religiously! After them came Linkin Park, Green Day and lots of other shit  until I met Boris and discovered other genres and styles :)

Woah, that was kind of hard...

11 Questions:

1. Summer or Winter?
~ Winter of course!
2. What is your favorite serie and movie?
~ Movie would be Bladerunner. Nana would be my favorite anime serie.
3. Favorite item for makeup?
~ My purple/ dark red lipsticks.
4. What's the must have item in your wardrobe?
~ Stockings!!!! The more the better.
5. Do your prefer dogs or cats?
~ Allergic to cats, and always been a dog lover ^^
6. If you could define yourself into a style, what would it be?
~ I guess I really love the punk/ deathrock style. I am sometimes influenced by Nu Goth and High Fashion and I love mixing them all!
7. Harry Potter or Twilight?
~ Harry Potter, I find more sense in the plot and characters. I love cruel vampires, not sparkly.
8. The first time you saw Oppa Gangnam Style?
~ This video was featured in a youtube show called This is Horosho [ a russian version of Ray William Johnson] and after watching it I came to the original clip and my life changed forever ever since :D I am currently a fan of this parody.
9. Your favorite food is?
~ Asian.
10. For you what's Bazzinga?
~ The hell.... sounds like a south american junkie festival.
11. How would be the perfect crime for you?
~ Having someone stealing a lot of euros from a bank and bringing them to me with a German passport, moving me into a nice furnished apartment in the Mitte of Berlin. Thank you.

This stuff was loooooong.
I'm tagging the following goths:

Useless Mumblings
Alison Paige Eckfeldt
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Zombina Tinieblas
Skeleton Orchid

Rules are:
11 facts about you, answer 11 of my questions, tag 11 people and make 11 questions of your own for them to answer.

MY questions are:

1. What is your favorite country?
2. If you could master another language what would it be?
3. What is the thing you most like about yourself?
4. What if the thing you most dislike about yourself?
5. When did you first discovered Goth/ the subculture you most identify with?
6. What era in history you would like to visit?
7. Is there any festival you dream attending to?
8. What would be the perfect job for you?
9. Do you like cars?
10. Do you have a habit you won't ever get rid of?
11. What is the question you hate being asked the most?

Good luck, tell me if you did it so I can check it out!


  1. Awesome!!! You lived in so many countrys.. That's so cool!



  2. Thank you for the tag! :) I rarely do things like this and for the moment I'm all burried in studies before examination, so I won't. But again, thank you -I higly appreciate it! ;)

  3. You are afraid of the night? Gee.. didn't know

    1) Czech Republic

    2) Romanian or Czech

    3) I'm generally unnoticeable (despite my grotesque-ugly appearance)

    4) My laziness

    5) Around the age of 14 or 15

    6) The Renaissance

    7) M'era Luna

    8) Some high-paid home job not dealing with computers

    9) Nope

    10) Yep, crackling my joints

    11) Why are you fat? (Because allah comes and inflates me every night with his douche-bag! What the fuck is this question?)

    1. I am not afraid of the night, I just prefer daylight for doing the activities I enjoy.

      I love your answers, thanks for opening up :D