31 October 2013

Outfit + Face of the previous weekend + Unhappy Halloween!

It's this time of year again, spooky stuff filling the stores ready to be bought by alternative people hungry for dark cheap things, people wearing fake blood upon themselves, children [apparently even in Berlin] trick or treating.....
And I don't give a shit about it.
How so?
Well you see, back in Israel we don't celebrate Halloween [ehm jewish country] and we have a jewish equivalent for a "costume holiday" that is Halloween, which is celebrated in spring and was probably the only jewish holiday that I loved. So seeing people carving pumpkins and wearing dark costumes doesn't make my heart beat faster. I've never celebrated Halloween nor decorated my house especially, because I think I just don't get the point. I wore gothy outfits on our "jewish Halloween" so many times I began wearing them each day, and that was satisfying :)

So with holiday spirit being ruined I shall share here the "oh so creative" makeup I did last weekend including the somewhat [long not seen] sexy outfit.

I saw this picture on Tumblr a few days before and it made me miss the ornaments and shapes I used to do with eyeliner back in my babybat days. So I figures a new experiment will be fun.

I know I didn't draw the egyptian eye as well as this girl in the picture, but I was really happy how it turned out!

Here is the makeup in color:

I swear my hair is not as orange anymore, however the camera always seem to ass color to it.
Makeup: Catrice Photo Finish Makeup [it's amazing!!] -cruelty free-
Concealer: Jade [Israeli brand] -cruelty free-
Powder + Mascara: Manhattan
Eyebrows + Eyeliner: Catrice Gel Liner
Egyptian eye: Manhattan liquid eyeliner pen -cruelty free-
Eyeshadow: from a Careline palette of mine [Israeli brand] -cruelty free-
Lips: chapstick + black lipstick, random brand.

You know what the craziest part was? I didn't use purple eyeshadow. I used LIGHT BROWN! It must have so much purple undertones in it it looks purple on pictures. Surreal. Eyeshadow is beautiful in natural light though, very beige-brown-ish.

I've also tried to crimp my hair with a second hand hair crimper I've purchased last month and finally got the time to use it! Well, the hair crimping kind of failed, because I didn't have enough patience to do it in layers, and the waves disappeared after 2 minutes. I should have looked up a tutorial, silly me..

Moving along,
It has been some time since I got the package from my mother, sending me a ton of clothes and my beloved autumn mantle to keep me warm. I kindly asked her to look for a pair of knee highs and a garter belt, which she did and I thank her so much for making this look come true:

everything you see here is either DIY or second hand. Sorry to lazy for descriptions.

I've used to dress like this more often back in Israel, when I used to think goth was about being undressed. I've waited to re-ware this outfit for so long now!!! 

With that being done I wish you all a crazy and morbid Halloween, drink like pigs and get laid. I will get back to my essay about theories and hypotheses in the social sciences [kind of contradicts the outfit, doesn't it?].

N. Finsternis

28 October 2013

The Tooth of Horror is Out!

Earlier this month I was complaining to you about an inflammation for the 4th time in my wisdom tooth.
Guess who's going to make oddity jewelry?

This damn thing was successfully removed today in a somewhat fast procedure.
Well, I was nervous as hell, especially after my entire family and friends basically began building a coffin for me and saying anything possible but to make my impression of the process better. I was terrified and luckily Boris could be there with me. Although he was also surprised after the door of the dental cabinet closed behind me and opened again 2 seconds later.

The dentists [after giving me a shot, obviously] basically pulled the shit out of my mouth and poof- the tooth laid in front of me like a new born baby [quite the disturbing comparison, isn't it?]. I was like WTF?

The dentist was very nice, and it wasn't as frightening as I imagined!! I am so happy this damn thing is out of my mouth, because it was not fun at all having a useless tooth in my mouth. I still have the other 3 inside, you'll never know when I'll be getting rid of them...

So the tooth will be serving me as an earring. I still have to figure out where I could drill a hole in it, or how should I take care of the bone first in order to make it jewelry-proper. I'll have to find oddity tutorials regarding this one.
After holding this thing in my fingers, the funniest thing was me understanding why on earth them goth people are into oddities in the first place.
I used to see the collecting of oddities as something, well, odd... and I could understand why is it so fascinating.
But after holding the tooth, I was so curious as to its shape and weight, not to mention realizing that it was a part of me after all, that in a second I understood how interesting this bone stuff is....
I really want to wear the tooth as an earring, it's huge and so crooked and silly XD

So yeah, to all people who hasn't got their wisdom tooth out yet- fear no more. 
The only thing I am concerned about is the avalanche of pain that is yet to come. I have my narcotic painkillers, thank god, and I am very eager to use them already...

Have a nice healthy week everyone!

I'm quite sad about Lou Reed's death. At first I was like "oh bummer" but then it really got to me how his Velvet Underground stuff affected me and the way I view dark music. It was so unexpected, somehow I felt very sad inside.

N. Finsternis

26 October 2013

POST PUNK HOT WAVE BAND - The Wings Of Desire - Photoshoot + Singles Released!!!!

I am so stoked to finally post here again about Boris' post punk project, The Wings Of Desire!!
After so many months of working with the great help from the talented Kokel Audiokoma [Gruftschlampen, The Gallow Crows] and Marcel [Sickdoll, The Gallow Crows], The Wings Of Desire has released 2 new songs today!!!!
You are more than welcome to check them out, I hope the band's new style will be interesting for you!!

Here are the links to the songs:

Dead Town


Make sure to give the band a like on their Facebook Page!

Also, it has been a great number of months since we did the photoshoot, and I am so excited to share it with you guys!!!!! Making this has been loads of fun, and Boris is definitely my best model ;) he styled himself, by the way. Pictures were taken on the same day and location I made the Metro Decay Ebenoz Fan Video!

I simply adore the black and white ones, there were a ton but we had to pick only a few! :)
It can be amazing if you could check The Wings Of Desire out!! Also, it is one of the rare goth/ post punk projects today who try to mix other genres like Dub in their music!

Thanks ahead and tell me what you think!

N. Finsternis

25 October 2013

The Goth Challenge: Days 27, 28 & 29

God I can't wait to finish this crap already. I've decided to skip more unnecessary outfit challenges, because I have a series of posts planned for that. Anyhow...

Day 27: The worst thing you ever did to a newbie

This question sound cruel, however, I don't have a better answer than to tell you an ugly story. Well, not too ugly, but unpleasant for me...
I've noticed that I attract newbies on Facebook, which makes this very awkward each time they begin chatting with me. I cannot stand when I'm online and someone, especially someone when I don't know so well, starts talking to me. Anyway, there is this one girl from the states which kept [lately hasn't] messaging me about random crap. At first I was merciful and didn't say anything, although her very low language and typing skills really annoyed me. But I thought, hell, I should be nice to a person who doesn't mean harm and kind of tells me that he looks up to me... but then, she began sending messages about her feeling sorry for herself, about her thinking she was ugly etc, about her having a hard time to see she has under 20 subscribers in instagram... and that's when I snapped. No worries, I didn't burst out on her online, that would have been awful. I just ignored her. And I keep doing that ever since. Not so smart, but it would probably be the best I could do... I can't improve other young people's lives if they keep crying about such meaningless crap as not receiving enough attention online. Sorry, but that's the last thing I want to have in my life right now, and for ever...

Day 28: Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

This is a tricky one, because it really depends what one sees as "eldergoth". Personally, an eldergoth for me is someone who actually witnessed and was part of the goth scene whether in the 80's or in the 90's. Or has been in the subculture when it has been in it's diapers. That's what eldergoth means to me. So no, I do not consider myself being one or people who are my age and a couple of years above who are super gothy.

Day 29: What do you think will happen to goth in the future?

Nice. Two things come up to me when I think about it: whether the subculture will eat itself, with the deathrock shit and old school soups being served rotten and cold in the same bowl, making the people who eat it believe it's fresh and new each time;
Or it will develop, and embrace other aspects from other subcultures, like hipster stuff, taking advantage of other music genres in order to grow and become something else, but still somehow will remain "goth".
It's really hard to tell, because I love both things- the old school 80's goth, the music, dressing like old times, but I also love the contemporary and innovative style, bands sounding like today but who are still being inspired by the old, yet bringing something new and fresh; nu goth styles and mixing between punk, hipster and high fashion in order to look like a dark mess walking mysteriously on the streets. I don't see this as false. Because even your favorite band will/ did evolve from one style to a completely different one, and maybe you didn't/ won't like that, but that's how the world works. If something would stay the same, it will die....

I think I am calling this challenge a day. It became such a pain in the ass I realized throughout it that I do not like the G word as before. In fact, I have trouble calling myself goth, unlike I did before. I hate how goth sounds, I hate the association it gives. If I'd have to label myself [and no, I do not see that as wrong as well, people have to have a meaning to life no matter in what shape or form] I would call my self a post punker. It speaks to me more than goth does.

As to challenges I didn't do, I can promise you posts as "blast from the past"  and "your face, god damn it -or- how to make up" coming soon!
Stay tuned!
Much love, my dark alternative friends!

N. Finsternis

22 October 2013

Deus Ex Machina Feat. Gothy Two Shoes!

Sorry for the lack of update, things have been going crazy lately, not to mention I am in for another struggle with the German bureaucratic system which has made life less fun to live.

So a quick post to cheer you and me up:

Last weekend I had the honor to meet the beautiful and awesome Natalie of Gothy Two Shoes!
She came to Berlin as part of her Eurotrip, and I was stoked to walk around the city, learn new exciting things about Australia and talk about the subculture!

It was lots of fun, first time for me meeting a blogger from another country! I still want to continue hanging out and eating stuff on our way to Hake Markt! XD

Here's evidence, and a proper mutual photo should be posted by Natalie! Hope you're enjoying the UK, by the way :)

Being Gawth at the jewish memorial...

So yeah, people out there who read each other's blogs- meet each other! And you are more than welcome to visit Berlin one day!

Have a great and uncomplicated with governmental systems week!

N. Finsternis

13 October 2013

She Past Away live in Berlin!

I finally had time to retouch and update the photos from this amazing concert! I saw She Past Away last week the day before my birthday, and it sure was a great memory and a wonderful concert!

I was so happy to witness this great band, which in my opinion one of the best contemporary post punk bands today.
They sounded perfect live, absolutely like in the recording but with so much vibe and mystery! I was also positively surprised how only 2 people can make the stage alive, make the entire crowd dance and captivate so well :)
Also the sound itself was great, my ears didn't hurt after the concert, everything was so balanced it made me wish each concert I go to would have so much harmony to it.

Fun Fact: the crowd didn't sing along, from obvious reasons ;)

Here are the pics:

I highly recommend you all to see SPA if you have the chance!
I was also so excited when they played my favorite song Rituel, and repeated it as encore! 
Also, in the end of the concert the bassist got on a chair and took photos of the crowd! :) I was informed I got in the shot thanks to my friend Marta!

Can you find me, or does the "end racism" bag speaks for itself? ;)
Also on a more private note:
I haven't been posting regularly because my life as a university student has begun!! I have a lot to do and I ended up coming home exhausted every day. Hopefully I will get used to the tempo quickly. For those of you who don't know, I am studying education.

There is a post about another band to come, and I hope I will be able to update more frequently!
Stay creepy and have a great week!

thank you so much for 71 followers!!! I've only noticed the number when I checked my blog a few days ago! What a great surprise! Thank you so much!!

A video from the concert!

N. Finsternis

6 October 2013

22nd Gothy Birthday

Yesterday was my first birthday in Berlin. I've turned 22 and that probably won't mean anything to me until next year when I'll get older again ;)

I had a fun and romantic day with my dear Boris. He woke me up with roses and gave me the birthday present I'd asked for- a Tibetan singing bowl :)
We then went to a forest near our house for a walk to great the Autumn once more, I took some pictures of the beautiful Nature I'm so happy to be surrounded with. Later on we made a birthday pizza [since I was a little girl I always had pizza for birthday instead of a cake, because I dislike cakes. I had candles on the pizza when I was little :)] and drank a whole bottle of bubbly with Mozart chocolate :P
And then we went to an 80's party. Sounds like a lot, but it was a quiet house hang out throughout the day, just Boris and I.

Here are some pics from the forest!

The beautiful singing bowl! It has 2 sticks, one of wood, and the other covered with leather. The two produce different sounds. I've already used it for a bath meditation, it was amazing!

 How I love Fungi! Yum yum XD

There was such magical atmosphere that day. I've spoken with all my family members, but sadly nor with my own parents. That was a bit odd, and although both wrote me very touching birthday wishes, not talking to my mother in person on my birthday made a lonely atmosphere. It was weird and didn't to good to me the entire day. But with Boris by my side I couldn't ask for better company and bigger love. 

Moving on to the party pics :)
It was great to see my dear friend Marta and hang out, the music was so much fun and the atmosphere got better after dancing to Joy Division, She Past Away [I've also happened to see them live the day before my birthday, photos will come soon!] and In Death It Ends.

Face: Catrice photo finish makeup + powder + Jade [IL] concealer
Eyeshadow: Sparkly white from a Careline [IL] palette of mine + black eyeshadw by L'oreal [not cruelty free and I don't recommend it]
Eyebrows + Eyeliner: Caltice gel liner
Lips: Careline "very purple" lipstick + a little bit of black lipstick
Mascara: Manhattan

I love how it looks as if I have false lashes on, but I don't! False lashes are an equivalent of masochism in my opinion.

I then spontaneously felt so glamorous, a feeling which got followed by a ton of selfies, something I haven't done in a while [if to exclude the special face posts I do for you guys]. I felt so deffrokkk....

And last but not least, the party outfit:

Don't mind the "Maria" behind me, it's a sign for our room with Boris that I've made so that our ever changing flatmates will know our own names.
I've also finally worn my new combat boots to a party! They were a blessing to dance with. I can't describe the pleasure of living in these shoes! XD

I had a great time yesterday, I've felt that I've changed so much since my last birthday, my surroundings changed and the person who I am has developed [thank god]. I also look nothing like myself a year ago, blonde and deathrock-ish, I like how it looks!
However, I feel that for the past 2 days I've experienced quite a few ups and downs, made mistakes and resolutions. I hope I will become a better person and continue to learn about myself even more.
I thank each day for having someone so special like Boris by my side.

For those who have wished me a happy birthday privately and on FB- thank you so much. I am so lucky to have so many people who love me. It's a blessing and it makes me happy and alive.

N. Finsternis

2 October 2013

Face of the University Day + Cross Accessories!

I have found myself being a university student, without officially being listed as one just yet. Don't congratulate me, as my status isn't stable and everything [as always] hangs in the air when it comes to bureaucracy matters. I still have a couple of documents to hand in. Meanwhile I'll be off visiting lectures in the German language of might.

Anyway, I've been creative with makeup lately. All them goths and deathrockers with their blue eyeshadow made me inspired:

Black eyeshadow: L'oreal [not animal friendly + a really crappy eyeshadow, looks gray all the time. Don't buy L'oreal]
Teal eyeshadow: From an eyeshadow palette of mine by Careline [Israeli brand, cruelty free]
Eye liner + eyebrows: Catrice gel liner
Lips: black lipstick + chapstick

When straightened, hair looks rather long :) I've trimmed my tips the other day, it was silly and fun. Not gonna pay money for a barber who would cut half of my hair just to do the tips. Don't be afraid to cut it yourself, shit grows back anyway...
Must I add that a blonde toner shampoo does wonders to the color.

Moving along. look what I found at Tedi, the German version of the dollar store!

They came as a set, just for 1 euro! Finding long desired kick ass accessories in the minimum desired price? Sound like pure victory to me.
I said it before and I'll say it again: you can find wonders in junk stores. Literary the most cool stuff, even the most simple stuff you were searching for years, you could find at those dusty stock shops that sell crap....
I've also looked everywhere for that simple and basic cross design. 

Birthday on Saturday! I'm not even 100% sure what I'll be doing, but there's a She Past Away concert the day before and a debate between 2 parties I'm having. Probably gonna do everything until I'm butt drunk like last year. Only this time it'll be my first birthday in Berlin :P

N. Finsternis