25 October 2013

The Goth Challenge: Days 27, 28 & 29

God I can't wait to finish this crap already. I've decided to skip more unnecessary outfit challenges, because I have a series of posts planned for that. Anyhow...

Day 27: The worst thing you ever did to a newbie

This question sound cruel, however, I don't have a better answer than to tell you an ugly story. Well, not too ugly, but unpleasant for me...
I've noticed that I attract newbies on Facebook, which makes this very awkward each time they begin chatting with me. I cannot stand when I'm online and someone, especially someone when I don't know so well, starts talking to me. Anyway, there is this one girl from the states which kept [lately hasn't] messaging me about random crap. At first I was merciful and didn't say anything, although her very low language and typing skills really annoyed me. But I thought, hell, I should be nice to a person who doesn't mean harm and kind of tells me that he looks up to me... but then, she began sending messages about her feeling sorry for herself, about her thinking she was ugly etc, about her having a hard time to see she has under 20 subscribers in instagram... and that's when I snapped. No worries, I didn't burst out on her online, that would have been awful. I just ignored her. And I keep doing that ever since. Not so smart, but it would probably be the best I could do... I can't improve other young people's lives if they keep crying about such meaningless crap as not receiving enough attention online. Sorry, but that's the last thing I want to have in my life right now, and for ever...

Day 28: Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

This is a tricky one, because it really depends what one sees as "eldergoth". Personally, an eldergoth for me is someone who actually witnessed and was part of the goth scene whether in the 80's or in the 90's. Or has been in the subculture when it has been in it's diapers. That's what eldergoth means to me. So no, I do not consider myself being one or people who are my age and a couple of years above who are super gothy.

Day 29: What do you think will happen to goth in the future?

Nice. Two things come up to me when I think about it: whether the subculture will eat itself, with the deathrock shit and old school soups being served rotten and cold in the same bowl, making the people who eat it believe it's fresh and new each time;
Or it will develop, and embrace other aspects from other subcultures, like hipster stuff, taking advantage of other music genres in order to grow and become something else, but still somehow will remain "goth".
It's really hard to tell, because I love both things- the old school 80's goth, the music, dressing like old times, but I also love the contemporary and innovative style, bands sounding like today but who are still being inspired by the old, yet bringing something new and fresh; nu goth styles and mixing between punk, hipster and high fashion in order to look like a dark mess walking mysteriously on the streets. I don't see this as false. Because even your favorite band will/ did evolve from one style to a completely different one, and maybe you didn't/ won't like that, but that's how the world works. If something would stay the same, it will die....

I think I am calling this challenge a day. It became such a pain in the ass I realized throughout it that I do not like the G word as before. In fact, I have trouble calling myself goth, unlike I did before. I hate how goth sounds, I hate the association it gives. If I'd have to label myself [and no, I do not see that as wrong as well, people have to have a meaning to life no matter in what shape or form] I would call my self a post punker. It speaks to me more than goth does.

As to challenges I didn't do, I can promise you posts as "blast from the past"  and "your face, god damn it -or- how to make up" coming soon!
Stay tuned!
Much love, my dark alternative friends!

N. Finsternis


  1. I totally agree with you on day 29... I'm SO SO tired of the same old same old and am loving the new stuff that's coming out.