17 September 2014

How we went to Copenhagen

A few days after coming back from Copenhagen and another few days before hitting Uzbekistan, here is a small documentation of our awesome weekend.
As mentioned before, I accompanied Boris, Sergej and Trish (Totenwald) on their concert-trip, where they´ve played alongside other 3 bands (the names of which I do not remember) at an even called Totentanz.
Christoffer, one of the organizers, is also the guitarist and singer of Metro Cult, whom we´ve seen a couple of times in Berlin already. We stayed at his place and he took care of us by walking through the city and enlightening us on all aspect of the Copenhagen goth and DIY scene. It was fascinating and fun, I am always interested in the scene in other countries.
Aside from that there was a ton of live gigs in only 2 nights at lovely squats which we were happy to find out existed.

On our way walking around, a (potentially drunk) guy approached us and wanted to take a picture of us for his "almost like people of NYC project", people of Copenhagen (Typer i København). Little did he know that he´s caught quite an eclectic bunch consisting mainly of people from Berlin originally not from Berlin at all. The picture if my favorite from the entire trip, I am thinking of printing it because of how amusing we look:

me, Boris, Paw who hid himself, Sergej, Trish and Christoffer.

On our second day we walked some more, before hitting the squat that was hosting our gig. I helped making veggie burgers for the bands, it was fun and satisfying. We´ve started drinking that day while having way too much fun with this boxing arena, located on the ever so adolescent "red square" in the city.

What else did we find in the red square? This:

The sign says "Moskvich" in Russian, meaning "a person who came from Moscow", it was also a car company.

So between all the booze, bulge shopping of unusual flavored fish, beautiful people with unpronounceable Danish names and some more booze, Totenwald played their gig, I took photos and videos, and an hour later we were on the bus back, 7 hours ahead of us before we reached Berlin. The trip was so much fun, the scene in K-Town is alive and kicking, the people were so nice and we can´t wait to visit there again!

Here is a video of a new song, Stereotypes:

Now we are getting ready for a trip to a completely different country. I cannot wait to see my grandparents and my parents who arrived there already from Israel. So next update will be probably in October.
I wish everyone a pleasant and adventurous Autumn!

N. Finsternis

10 September 2014

Face Of The Night - Punk Vests and Orage Lips

Surprise, I have finally found that spot in my apartment where the natural light is perfect! Thous it is only if I take makeup shots at daylight.... I am quite surprised that my camera did such a good job on the color and contrast, as it is not so good taking pictures except for in black and white.

I wear this orange lipstick a lot in summer, it is more interesting than red and stays forever, very matt though originally wasn´t sold as a matt one, and I love the way it fades, since like bright pink lipsticks it doesn´t "give away" your natural lip color that obviously like it is with dark lipsticks. I wore my hair up because long hair didn´t fit my personal taste for this rather DIY outfit. I promised you more punk, that I did!

I´ve sewn some patches on my favorite high waist skirt.

I am going to Copenhagen tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I will try to collect memories from the trip with photos and videos!

N. Finsternis

8 September 2014

Dancing Video from latest The Wings Of Desire gig

I´ve got my hand on uploading the video from the latest The Wings Of Desire gig, which I´ve blogged about here.

The band has been missing a descent concert video ever since the amazing Lena joined as a clarinet player. We got lucky with the sound in the video, though it´s too dark for you to see some parts of my dancing.
We had a lot of fun at this concert, I am so happy to dance, it feels amazing. Hope to hear your opinion on this :)

The Wings Of Desire / Kingdom

Boris is working on recording an EP, so let´s hope it won´t take too long and we could share the music with you!

Also, this thursday we are going to Copenhagen, where Boris´ other band Totenwald will play at Totentanz, a frequent goth event with gigs and parties. We are so excited to go abroad again, not to mention we are doing the trip by bus! 7 hour ride here we come!
I will indeed take lots of pictures and hopefully videos too, so if I won´t blog till then, I will return to you next week. By now I hope to stop having a sudden fever, kind of sucks :/ but at least I´m sick now and not in the middle of the trip XD

picture from the concert which is a visual representation of being on acid. Can you spot Lena in the pic?
N. Finsternis

5 September 2014

Elegant Face of The Night + Essence Mousse Makeup Review

This was the makeup I wore last weekend (lol talk about being late) to a punk & hardcore concert. Boris played there too with his punk band Totenwald.

I don´t know what came over me to have such an elegant look... maybe it´s the liquid eyeliner I use which makes me too lazy to underline my lover lid... maybe it´s the side fringe which makes me look too mature and less DIY... maybe it´s the sheer top which I took off right before leaving the house, as wearing only a short black dress with ripped tights and combats was enough... I don´t know, I don´w know... I can be more punk though, I promise!

Double layered mascara = super huge lashes. I never wear false lashes. It is the kind of masochism which is beyond me, as well as coloring the water line of the higher lid (I´ve seen people do that!).
Plus I swear my lipstick was waaay darker. Good lightning in my apartment is what I do not have...

I have been wearing a new kind of foundation, and by wearing I mean doing the one thing which I´ve never do- wearing it every day!
I´ve decided to look for a makeup powder, or mousse makeup, because I´ve seen the product in a friend´s bathroom (what more reason do you need?).
I´ve been wearing liquid foundation ONLY on special occasions or photoshoots, but never ever every day, since I hate having something to cover my face and I love touching my chin and nose a lot (hmm.. love my nose..).
BUT! I must say that the Essence Mousse Makeup in Matt Ivory is great in texture, very light and powdery, kind of something you could see on a pastry... it does provide lovely coverage which is not too transparent or too heavy. It is not thick enough to hide dark circles under your eyes (which is my main problem in this mortal life) but it´s fine for me since when the entire face has the same texture, the dark circles don´t show that much. Plus I add a bit of concealer if necessary (just like to that hardcore concert I was going to. Because you know, crust punks will notice my unpolished face by all means!).

Can you tell I´m rambling today? Here are some advantages and disadvantages (I get this tickling annoyance in my body whenever I read "pros and cons" in blogs...uhggghgh...).

+ Very light in texture and blends with skin
+ Good for people who don´t usually wear a lot of foundation
+ There´s a ton of product inside, I have been using it daily for more than a month and it´s not nearly halfway used.
+ Super cheap!

- Not thick enough to cover dark circles, redness etc. It´s not an equivalent for a concealer after all.

That´s about it. Do you use foundation? Do you touch your face a lot?
Share in the comments, and I will go and try and figure out what the hell would I wear to a fetish party/ gig tonight. Probably would be something punk-ish since I am sick of the whole elegant scheiße I have been wearing to parties lately.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis

3 September 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge: Days 27, 28, 29 & 30

Day 27: A song with a number in it.

Not much to say here, aside that this is my favorite album by The Cure.

The Cure / Three Imaginary Boys

Day 28: A really old song. (roughly what year?)

Isn´t this like the same as the 30th challenge? Anywho, back in my baroque music days I used to play a lot of renaissance music too, and I was lucky to play this song along a friend singer in middle school. She sang it beautifully and a lot better than this version below. The year is somewhere in the renaissance I suppose? (version below is bad because you don´t sing/ play renaissance music with vibrato! Nor baroque music! This is an optional Emilie Autumn shaming too, if you will. All her attempts in baroque music are laughable)

Anonymous / The Willow Song

Day 29: A Michael Jackson song.

Never cared for MJ as a singer. As dancer though.... plus he was a fucking pedophile, so what gives? The only song I can mention in the Earth Song, since it made me emotional whenever I saw it on TV as a little girl.

Michael Jackson / Earth Song

Day 30: One of the oldest songs that you like.

See challenge 28 lol.

N. Finsternis