5 September 2014

Elegant Face of The Night + Essence Mousse Makeup Review

This was the makeup I wore last weekend (lol talk about being late) to a punk & hardcore concert. Boris played there too with his punk band Totenwald.

I don´t know what came over me to have such an elegant look... maybe it´s the liquid eyeliner I use which makes me too lazy to underline my lover lid... maybe it´s the side fringe which makes me look too mature and less DIY... maybe it´s the sheer top which I took off right before leaving the house, as wearing only a short black dress with ripped tights and combats was enough... I don´t know, I don´w know... I can be more punk though, I promise!

Double layered mascara = super huge lashes. I never wear false lashes. It is the kind of masochism which is beyond me, as well as coloring the water line of the higher lid (I´ve seen people do that!).
Plus I swear my lipstick was waaay darker. Good lightning in my apartment is what I do not have...

I have been wearing a new kind of foundation, and by wearing I mean doing the one thing which I´ve never do- wearing it every day!
I´ve decided to look for a makeup powder, or mousse makeup, because I´ve seen the product in a friend´s bathroom (what more reason do you need?).
I´ve been wearing liquid foundation ONLY on special occasions or photoshoots, but never ever every day, since I hate having something to cover my face and I love touching my chin and nose a lot (hmm.. love my nose..).
BUT! I must say that the Essence Mousse Makeup in Matt Ivory is great in texture, very light and powdery, kind of something you could see on a pastry... it does provide lovely coverage which is not too transparent or too heavy. It is not thick enough to hide dark circles under your eyes (which is my main problem in this mortal life) but it´s fine for me since when the entire face has the same texture, the dark circles don´t show that much. Plus I add a bit of concealer if necessary (just like to that hardcore concert I was going to. Because you know, crust punks will notice my unpolished face by all means!).

Can you tell I´m rambling today? Here are some advantages and disadvantages (I get this tickling annoyance in my body whenever I read "pros and cons" in blogs...uhggghgh...).

+ Very light in texture and blends with skin
+ Good for people who don´t usually wear a lot of foundation
+ There´s a ton of product inside, I have been using it daily for more than a month and it´s not nearly halfway used.
+ Super cheap!

- Not thick enough to cover dark circles, redness etc. It´s not an equivalent for a concealer after all.

That´s about it. Do you use foundation? Do you touch your face a lot?
Share in the comments, and I will go and try and figure out what the hell would I wear to a fetish party/ gig tonight. Probably would be something punk-ish since I am sick of the whole elegant scheiße I have been wearing to parties lately.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. It's as if you've been in my head recently. I've been looking for new foundation too, as the liquid formula I've been using goes a bit cake-y if one isn't careful with the powder. I got some mineral powder foundation samples, as I heard that it's better for oily skin; ironically they make fine lines more obvious, however, which powder apparently isn't supposed to do. They also didn't provide quite the same flawless skin as my older stuff did when I got it right, so I might stick with liquid formulations.

    You look lovely as ever; nothing wrong with a bit of elegance!

    1. I´ve noticed that I apply better foundation with a brush than with a soft pad, and for me personally liquid foundation + powder is just too heavy sometimes. Whatever works best!

  2. you look awesome as usual. I second the mousse makeup. I hate the feel of makeup on my face but even I like the feel of mousse. (and yeah, I rub my face all the time...it's a nervous tick or something I have)

    1. It really depends on what you want to achieve with makeup which would make wearing it less or more wearable. I know people who cannot go out of the house without foundation, as much as I can´t go out of the house without contoured eyes. hehe.

  3. Before I started using Gosh's liquid foundation I did use the Essence mousse but I never knew there was a shade lighter than the one I had! It looks lovely on you, maybe I should see if I can find it for myself for day-to-day wear - I don't like using liquid foundation on a daily basis either,

    1. try it, it´s indeed very light. I find liquid foundation heavy as well.