29 December 2013

Happy New Year / Hair!

Since I come from a Russian family where Christmas has absolutely no meaning and the new year is like the biggest holiday ever, you can imagine my level of ignorance towards the passed jolly holiday. The next 2 final days of 2013 are going to be very festive for me however, so I thought I´d share some of my resolutions here with you.

We didn´t really have a tree this year, because we are going to eventually move this year, and there´s nothing more uncomfortable having a new year´s tree in a none-permanent house... but I´ve collected some fir twigs from the forest nearby and set them in a bouquet on my altar, with some additional cones. It looks lovely with red candles.

This year has been more than crays. I´ve got so many life changing things done!!! In January Boris and I have made our dream come true and moved from Israel to Berlin. We´ve gone from different horrible apartments/ flat sharing until we found a sort-of permanent flat share in Summer. We´ve also managed to pimp out German so well that we´ve even got into University this Autumn! I still can´t believe I am officially a student, I thought I wasn´t too bright for studying, but I´ve proved myself wrong.
We´ve also made such good friends over this year, friends that felt more close to us than (almost) all the people in Israel we´ve ever met, friends that introduced us to interesting music and the many different people around us, people the made the gothic scene here alive.
We were happy to create here. Boris finally managed to record his songs and began making concerts, and I was more than happy to help him build a concept for his project, to kick his ass when he needed it, cheer him up and encourage him to do whatever the hell his heart wishes to do no matter what.
I´ve had lots of fun DIY-ing this year, from clothes to making photoshoots with beautiful people, to band logos and dying my hair.

Speaking of which, behold the Christmas miracle. I went from blonde to ginger!


Kinda forgot to make this "face of the day" post, hehe.


Had fun photoshopping myself just like I used to do when I was 14. I felt so glamorous!
 The camera shows the color variously. Let´s just say it´s more of a bright orange color, which sometimes glows like neon orange in the sun! I dyed it with Henna, which was the best hair dying in ma life!!! More detailed info on that in a different post, including the reason I´ve decided to change the awesome blonde. I am more than happy from the result, I´ve always wanted ginger hair and it looks so wicked!

This year was very very hard on top of everything. All those cool adventures in this new world of Berlin forced us to go through a ton of difficult adjustments, uncertain times and constant hard work. I´ve lost my confidence and faith in myself a couple of times, but with Boris´ help I was happy again to go through everything, because eventually the stuff that was happening which I´ve called suffering, have made us both stronger and proud of ourselves for not giving up, going for our dreams and staying awesome.

Fun Fact: Whenever it new year time, I sit down one evening to read the horoscope prognosis for me and for Boris. Call me old fashioned, but my mother used to do this and whenever she read mine on some occasional female oriented Russian website, they were always right. ALWAYS. I am really excited about this year, because the horoscope was particularly curious.
Of course I do not blindly believe that what I read will take place, but it´s just more fun like that :)

This year my blog got recognition more than ever, I have over 70 followers and I am so so thankful for that!!! So I want to thank you guys for being here and subscribing, checking out my silly sarcastic nonsense and my angsty photography.
I really appreciate you checking my stuff out, because it really means the world to me. Heck, being recognized by other people is an individual soul´s little orgasm! So thanks you so so much for being here.

I wish you all an amazing new year, that all you´re plans and goals will come true, that you will always have the strength to work on and achieve your biggest wishes. And that you will always be your gothy selves, alive and kicking, and never ever ever have a doubt about yourself and what you do! You are all beautiful and special.
And remember- the way you´ll great the new year, that´s how it shall be! ;)
See you all next year!

My fav new year song.

N. Finsternis

25 December 2013

My 2013 in Music

I have postponed it long enough, it´s time to sit down and write this!
This traditional yearly music post is something I´ve carried on since the days of my former Israeli Blog. Now I have to put all my insane music experience from this year and sum it up to 5/6 bands.

Speaking of which, this year was insane in many many ways. I would like to dedicate a post to that matter, as there would probably be a shit ton of things to say and to mention (I´m a big lover of new year resolutions) so lets focus on music only this time.
I can´t even begin to describe how many new and interesting bands I´ve discovered/ met this year!!! Old and new, live and recorded, this year was probably more about music than anything....

So I shall try my best to bring up here the bands that I´ve happened to experience in many mediums, such as in concert, personally and through the mp3 format....


Would have been pretty weird not to mention the band that I first saw live in Berlin, who I´ve photographed so many times and through them found another direction to my photography style. The band from which I´ve made my first best friends in Berlin, who were such lovely company at all times, who made me feel so happy about moving to Berlin, enjoying the scene here, and realizing that I´ve never had such an experience of togetherness in my life. Live concerts were always a lot of fun, and much memorable.
By the way, the band has released a recording of their new material! Check it out!


Утро - Utro

Probably my most favorite russian band in the world, I´ve discovered them thanks to Marta (picture above) along with many many good other bands. I´ve probably poked every living thing with this band, and the way I love their music would be described by other people as "totally exaggerated". But that stupid demo, recorded probably in the bathroom with over-the-top reverb on every single guitar string made me want to listen to them endlessly, and feeling so badass to their music I dreamed about making a cover band just to play those 4 songs.... If you don´t know about this band you probably shouldn´t tell me, because that would cause major brainwashing from my side about how great they are...


The Laughing Mothers

Moving along to another unknown band which has 2 songs only, The Laughing Mothers were a huge inspiration for me. And each time I´ve listened to those 2 songs I´ve asked myself how come I could be satisfied only by them, how come I didn´t crave for more music from this band, how come only 2 songs were enough? Yet this is the thing with unknown goth bands, it´s when you understand through their music why they´ve remained unknown. So I saw it very positively for this band to have only 2 songs. 2 songs that have been playing on my ipod for the entire year.


OK So I have 2 most favorite russian bands. Next to Утро one of the bands I obsessively listened to this year are Scofferlane. Unfortunately not very active lately, this one modern band has such a varied musical style! I found Nick Cave, The Birthday Party and Psychedelic stuff creeping in some songs, and the energy, and general sexyness of the singer has made this band one of my favorite modern bands!! I am dying to see them live one day and take pictures of course..


Metro Decay

How can I not mention here one of my favorite bands (I think I am repeating myself with this one...). As said above with Утро, I have the same love affair with this amazing greek post punk band. They have inspired me so much over this year, that I have even made a fan video for the first time in my life! If you are not familiar with this band, beware of me, let´s put it that way. I can´t really put my love for their music into words, and again, when saying "music" I mean those 2/3 songs from their only album that I´m constantly listening to. Somehow those songs have something very secret in them, which makes me remember about very old times when I haven´t even existed. Have I mentioned it is hard to put my feelings into words with this one?

my fan video!


And Also The Trees

At nostalgic times and in a romantic mood, I´ve listened to them quite a lot. And Also The Trees are indeed one of my favorite post punk bands, they have something very mysterious to them which makes me want to discover well known songs again and again. Be it their folk influences or the poetic lyrics, I just love the special atmosphere they give everything when I listen to them. I would have to use the word nostalgic here again, because this is exactly what they are for me. In general I am very happy to know this band, they make me feel complete.


I would have to stop here, since the above were my main music nurture. Other old and modern bands that I´ve discovered this year such as The Bellicose Minds (whom I was so happy to see live and photograph), Paralisis Permanente, 13th Chime and Lebanon Hannover (pics from gig here) have accompanied me through this really intense year.
Luckily, and leaving Israel behind had it´s fair share in it, this year I´ve put all the EBM and Aggrotech music behind. Stuff that I´ve used to listen to at parties back in Israel were irrelevant to me this year, because it was all about guitar music all year round, which I am very happy for.
I have no included Boris´ The Wings Of Desire in this list, because he´s there with me all the time anyway. Yet news about that are soon to come.

I am so excited to have discovered so many interesting bands this year, this time not by lurking through youtube all by myself but thanks to friends! I am looking forward to see and hear more bands next year!

Tell me what was your 2013 like in music! You can make a post about it, that can be awesome!
I wish you all a happy Christmas/ Winter Solstice!

N. Finsternis

16 December 2013

The Wings Of Desire Logo

Thank you guys for your warm comments on the previously unintended self pity post. I usually don´t share overly emotional stuff like that online (not anymore) in fear of proving that all sarcastic people are very miserable inside.
Yet please don´t see it as if living in Berlin is a torture for me. It is quite the opposite, but getting what you want in life can sometimes be a total ass.

But anyway, I´ve wanted to share this logo I made for Boris´ post punk project, The Wings Of Desire.

It all started thanks to a spontaneous brainstorming at a pub, after an idea for a logo for Monowelt (my beloved friend´s Marta Cold Wave band) came up. We´ve continued to ramble about it until I found myself sitting for hours at home bringing my best Paint and Picasa skills into action.
We´ve also discussed with Boris if the main idea for the logo fitted what he wanted, but since no other image came to our minds and went with the name of the band so well, we were very pleased to finally publish it on Facebook:

I won´t show you the original picture from which it was copied ;) but it was fun to make and I think the final result is simple, clear, not complicated enough to understand and will look awesome on a pin, which is another thing we´re planning to do.
We also had in mind to use this image as a template and spray it as graffiti on chick and youth popularized neighborhoods in the city. Still need to find the perfect plastic material for that project, and some nice paint. I´ve wanted to make graffiti since I was a kid, but really good and conceptual :P

I might go over on this again as I master photoshop a bit. I´m not completely satisfied with how the back and shoulders of the figure came out, but so far so good.

Fun Fact: making band logos and all that cool visual shit was NEVER something that was good nor easy for me. I was never of these people who could fart out a concert and it would have been perfectly catchy. If I would to think of an idea, say, a visual representative of something, it would have taken me days of frustration to come up with something. I´m so happy that this burst of creativity make me create something so useful. And if it´s something I passionately love doing, is to help Boris promote and represent The Wings Of Desire.

Have a great week everyone! Christmas is just around the corner! (surprisingly aware of this because I do not live in a Jewish country anymore. lol).

N. Finsternis

13 December 2013


I hate to live how I live now.
I sometimes think that I have the most troubles in this world, and before I can finally get what I want I must suffer and eat shit. I think that as more shit you eat in life the better, but it sometimes feels like I will never get what I want, I will have to work hard, never rest, and hope that one day I will be pleased.
I really hate to live the way I do now. I hate most than anything to live in a flat share, but unfortunately it is the only way of living I can allow myself right now out of many reasons. I despise living with other people, especially with other idiotic men. I've never though that living with men would be such trouble for me.
I hate to suffer inside and pity myself, I never seem to have the strength to fight it, and think that the world is against me, and it makes me suffer even more, no matter which obstacles I have overcome.

I love living in Berlin, I love making my dreams come true with my bare hands, with my own will. I've never thought I will be so strong to move here, all thanks to Boris.
But sometimes I think of dying again, like I used to when I was a teen, and that I would be a huge relief to me to know that I can die in peace and willingly, without having this need to fight on.
Somehow when it comes to making my dreams come true and achieving my goals, it is only in a way of fighting that it can be done. Only through suffering, pain, disappointments and tiredness.
It is sometimes not worth it, sometimes I think that it's all well how I did until now, I can rest, I need to more. I have achieved enough and I can be proud of it, and go out of this world in peace. I think it is one of many wishes I wish to do one day.

 I really really hate to live the way I do right now. I am ashamed not to own my own apartment, not to have my own furniture. I always tell myself not to repeat my parents' mistakes. I sometimes wish not to live at all.

Sorry for this post, I felt like crying I had to let it out.

10 December 2013

Cross Accessories Collection + New Shoes!

Finally had time to take pictures of all my cross necklaces and earrings put together.

A couple of these crosses were shown in "The Symbols That I Wear" post.
All of the crosses are not silver, and each has costed me less than 2 euros.

This is the latest add to the collection, a really awesome cross that I accidentally found at a mall in a store called Null Karrat, a sort of very expensive do it yourself jewelry store. The cross however was only 1 euro. It has a really cool acrylic eye in the middle. Looks really crazy!
Also, the 2 earrings above it are new as well. They were sold as a pair and I actually have 2 of these, because I've wanted small cross earrings to put in my third ear piercing and ended buying 2. The long one I haven't wore yet.

Fun fact: I would have never wore nor own so many crosses back in Israel. Because you see, everything in Israel is super religion related, Jewish religion related in particular. Among the very few Christians in Israel (which belong almost entirely to various ethnic minorities) it is very odd for someone who is not Christian, and especially a young man/ teenager, to wear crosses. That's why all the cross trend wasn't so popular there, at least as I remember a year ago (!) before leaving. That's why the only cross accessory I wore in Israel was my cross earring which I've made (laying to the right of the eye-cross in the big picture).
I'm very pleased that I can find endless, and most importantly- cheap crosses here in Germany.

And now, shoooz!

Purchased these today, also found by accident. I wasn't even going to buy shoes until I saw these.
I actually brought almost exact shoes with me from Israel, but they didn't survive the winter and were too cold to wear. I really hope these would serve me well, because it's the exact kind of shoes I was missing!!!

Hopefully some outfits will come soon!

N. Finsternis

9 December 2013

Recent Pinterest Inspirations

From lack of time for quality post, I'm sharing some pins with you today.
I wasn't to fond of Pinterest the first time I've discovered about it, but in comparison to Tumblr I've found the website to be a very good reminder on different things/ projects/ ideas I am interested in at the same time, something you cannot do with Tumblr, or rather it is not as organized and separated there.
So here are a few:

DIY projects ideas:

Don't know the origin of the design, but I would love to make this kind of shirt to wear with my punk vest and with a short skirt. Love the ideas of the fringes being longer than the skirt.

Absolutely have to try this one! I happen to have little silver crosses [with Jesus on them] that I can sew on. I don't wear collar shirts though, guess I fancy the idea a lot.

Again with the collar shirt tricks. This looks great and can also go well with a black shirt. Yet again, button up shirts are my least favorite thing to wear...

Makeup & Hair Inspiration:

I've been 90's curious for quite a while. Most of my inspiration was drawn from Gwen Stefani's makeup. I just love the silver dots with black eyeliner, something I have been doing a couple of times, but the dots over the eyebrows are just great! 

Having long blonde locks has been a crave for a few good months now. But as I always inflict haircuts upon myself in order to grow my hair again, I must bare the consequences of hair dying and be patient like I know I would...

And last but not least:

Brett Anderson. Because why not?

So far so good. As soon as I'd have more time on my hands I would make a cross collection post or maybe a lipstick collection post [been wanting to do that for a while].
Until then it's University for me and really really dark wintery days. Which reminds me about a new year resolution post that I should definitely do!

N. Finsternis

6 December 2013

Quick outfit post

What I wore to last week's concert.

The cream colored shirt is a really old piece of clothing that I have, being sent to me by my lovely mother from Israel, along with other useful old clothes. I haven't worn this shirt since a couple of good years, and I was surprised how well it served me with this outfit. I took off the heart patterned shirt during the concert, but forgot to take a picture.

It looks like I have circle lenses in my eyes, but it was the result of the camera flash. I'm not that of a masochist to wear lenses :)

Boris has agreed to post this really nice picture that I took during one of the last songs. I love so much the way it turned out!

This shall perhaps be one of the last hair posts of me with a fringe! Today I've had enough [another hair crisis freakout] and made myself a side fringe! I will show pictures as soon as I dye my roots again! :)

Until then, stay warm!

N. Finsternis

5 December 2013

The Wings Of Desire + Gruftschlampen concert

I had a pretty busy week, and completely forgot to share here the photos from last weekend.
Boris had another concert with The Wings Of Desire, this time with our lovely friends Brita and Kokel of the Gruftschlampen.
The night was just great, both bands played very well, the music was awesome but most importantly- the atmosphere was very personal and warm, thanks to the people of course :)
Unlike my previous dismay from society mention after the first The Wings Of Desire gig, this concert was very positive, kicking and powerful. I literary wanted more after the bands finished playing.
I also put my small share in decorating the place using wool to make it look like spiderwebs. The organizer of the event was so stoked about it he helped me a lot, what made it look perfect :)

Here are some pics:

The batcave spiderweb! Wasn't too seen in other photos since it was too dark.


Boris only decided to post a few pictures for now, and save the most for later on.
I've also made a video of one of his songs! It was unfortunately too dark to have a descent video recording, so I've edited it a bit so one could actually see more than just a black screen:

Please do check the bands on Facebook! Your support is what makes us alive :)
Other fun photos and outfit of that night will follow!
Have a calm weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis

28 November 2013

Advice for Babybats!

After I saw this post by The Mutant Stomp Friends ages ago, it has crossed my mind quite a few times to write a similar post. But as hes was part of a challenge, mine isn't, and I'd taken time to write more than three points.

I wasn't familiar with the term Babybat until I began searching for goth on the internet. In school we called those kids fakers or posers. Since the time I went to highschool being goth wasn't so popular anymore, I remember clearly the huge emo craze when I was in middle school [about 2003]. It's really cute to remember it now, but a bit weird to actually still see emos in the city from time to time, as apparently in Germany they haven't been extinct....

But I'm writing this post not to smother Babybats or to make a laugh. I've thought what it would be like if the advises I'm about to give would have been given to me back when I was experimenting/ failing with outfits and so forth... Or perhaps, what I would want to advice a Babybat that I might have known [already knew a few, no one of them listened].

  • Know everything. I hope the command doesn't alarm you. I think it's quite important to know where the music that you're listening to came from, nevermind the genre. If it's hardcore and the like, know the origins, know when it began, know the roots. Same with metal; know the subgenres, know the dinosaur bands, explore! I think that when a person decides to identify himself with something [meaning this as not a bad thing, as it is not wrong to cling to something and find confidence in it by saying that you're a part of it, be it a musical genre or a style of clothing] he should respectively know what he's getting himself into, and if that person is crazy, let's say, about vampires, it's never harmful to know the key books/ films that have started the genre. That way you could also tell people what you like and share some history about it. Knowledge is only helpful.
    On a side note, if you're into different styles of "stuff" know everything about all of them. I also think it's awesome to know a little about everything, like knowing and appreciating different bands of 3 different genres that have made great influence on the musical style you like!

  • Don't buy a ton of clothes. Especially stuff that is too expensive and look very particular. When you are a teen, you're style changes constantly. I remember how I craved for a corset when I was 15 and was crazy about the Romantigoth style. After a year of wearing ruffled skirts I hanged all my victorian resembling clothes and never wore them again [never threw out them either, but about that later on in this post]. Don't pull cash from your parents to buy this one pair of trip pants that would probably look ridiculous to you in one or two years, maybe even in a few months! I always say- look for the goth clothes where people least expect them to be. I've mentioned here a couple of times that the rarest things I found were t second hand stores or cheapy random shops held by ethnic minorities downtown. Take time for your style to develop. Don't envy other people for having clothes you're dying to have right here right now, like a fancy Lolita dress or huge platform boots. Wait and be patient. It's a shame to waist a lot of money on something that will be of no use, making it very awkward each time your mother would remind you why don't you wear the beautiful velvet renaissance dress.
  • Make your own shit. Experiment, glue stuff to your clothes, put studs on everything, dye things, cut out holes everywhere, wear random junk you find in your closet! Continuing the clothing point, and this maybe is hard to understand when one is in the bloom of his Babybat years, but the commercial "goth" stores that sell everything you've ever dreamed of, are not worth it. When every idiot can buy himself some Demonia boots, a beautiful garment and call himself goth, what's it worth? Will it make him or you more special? Make your own clothes, learn how to sew and diy anything. The feeling of wearing something that says "you" is amazing. Soon, people will start asking where did you buy your cool stuff and will be jealous just like you were, before discovering that making your own things is not only cheaper, but it is what makes you alternative and different, if that's what makes you happy of course. Answering those people that you've made it yourself is like a huge victory with fireworks. Couldn't find a better description.

  • The magic of old clothes. I've discovered it again and again over the years. Finding old things in your wardrobe, modifying them or wearing them again with different outfits has made me cherish the clothes I have. It's such a magical moment, to discover how and item can serve you differently despite the change of style. That's why I haven't thrown our or sold my most favorite victorian items. I'm keeping them, either for the same purpose or in order to come back to them one day and see if I can pull them off differently.
  • When in doubt- copy! This is also something that helped me a lot. When you don't know what kind of makeup will suit your face, when you have no clue how you should dress or what is worn with what, just copy. The internet is full of ideas of talented people. It's not a shame not to find your own style in the beginning, nor after a few good years of exploration. Experimenting in such way can give you a good idea about what makeup style makes you look good or the way you like, what doesn't suit you at all, what kind of clothes you love and how to scramble cool outfits! It's probably the one thing everyone in the subculture has done at least once ;) Also, it's not bad to draw idea from your idols, like Siouxsie makeup!

  • There is no such thing as more or less goth. If you love being goth/ alternative, don't think that there is a scale from 1 to 10 on how you're doing it well. It's not a contest, it's not a stupid test, nor the other people who may explore goth like you should be compared to you or you to them. Be who you are, do what makes you feel happy, and don't think that you as you are now is not "goth enough" because *insert reason here*. There is no such thing, and if there were, then we'd all be running from goth like the plague. Remember that each person is a different story, and each person is special in their own way. Know that you yourself are special and there is no one in the world like you. The things you have overcome in your life are no better or worse than the things other people have overcome, hence there's absolutely no point in drilling the thought "I am better/ worse" into your head. If one would constantly think that he's better/ worse, one would never ever be happy, doesn't matter if he's goth or into something else. That's why next time you observe that cool person with the different tattoos and the funky colored hair, don't be jealous. He has a different life, you have yours.
    Also, don't try on purpose to be like someone else. Sure, copying someone's style is one thing, but acting and trying to live a life of another person is something else, and it's always looked down upon. It also won't develop you as a person, to say the least. Don't smoke because your favorite band leader smokes, don't try to impersonate another's personality on yourself.
  • Talk. If you're not feeling secure, if you're parents are everything but supporting- seek help. Talk to people online, watch youtubers, write a blog yourself and share your thoughts! Make friends online and in real life, also friends from different countries! Keeping in touch with people who are more experienced in the subculture can be a huge help and bring confidence. In the end people in the subculture are open minded and nice, despite how maybe the internet can project that. But I have no doubt that elder goths or people who have been a part of the subculture for a good amount of years would be happy to guide you and proved support on certain questions. Forums are also a good platform.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. I know there are plenty of different advises out there, but these were the ones I've felt personally important to mention. If you have something to add or if you disagree, please do comment! :)
Have a wonderful grey and cold weekend!

N. Finsternis

21 November 2013

My Favorite Internet Memes

I love the internet. We all do. Internet is where very important things in my life happen, may it sound tragic or not. I socialize there, I laugh there, I study there, I fill there my head with new random knowledge I wouldn't find anywhere else, I express myself there, I orientate myself with it, I listen to music there, I find closure for my childhood trauma of not having my own room as a kid + teenager by creating blogs/ profiles on web communities and therefore let my soul find peace again, there.... and the list is obviously endless.

But there is this thing that we all as a society fear off, is internet making us stupider and lazier, or bringing false values into our lives that we find super important but are actually "fake" because they are not essentially [nor physically] a part of our living world.
One of these things is the presence of internet jokes, like fail videos, games, and memes, that when looked upon arose a ton of emotion, but practically meaningless.
Well guess what? I'm crazy about those kind of things.

I love memes, not because it's a stupid picture/ cartoon that everyone can understand whatever the context it's being brought to or the language we speak, but because they are so meaninglessly hilarious.
Think about it, the pictures that we call memes, that are popping in almost every facebook conversation [and therefore making it two times funnier] won't even exist if the internet had never been invented.
But what I like most about memes if not their catchyness, but how highly creative the people who made them are. Even the simplest mobile photos can easily become popular and "catch up", making other people want to do the "same trick where you don't see whom the heads belong to when a couple is being photographed while embracing each other in a bad perspective".

Here I shall present a few of my favorite memes, some may not only be in English. Hope you'll enjoy! :)

Let's start with the classics:
Me Gusta

Me Gusta is very simple, you don't need to understand much [well, as far as memes could get...]. You can easily relate to any situation Me Gusta is brought in, and the various face adaptations like Robert Smith are hilarious!

Bad Luck Brian

This meme is pretty cruel, considering my well experience with bullying + how it is to awkward. But only by looking at the poor guy you ask yourself if the picture is too good to be true, and then you can't stop laughing. What makes this one so funny is the mere idea behind it that makes it so unfortunate each time! XD

Face Swapping:

There's not a lot to explain here. It's a hilarious idea and it's surreal!

And moving on to newer ones,
Pinterest Fail

What I love about this one is that people actually can laugh themselves, and I found a whole website dedicated to Pinterest fails where people not only post their fails but give advice on what they would do differently next time they try to pull the craft off. I find the food fails especially hilarious. 


There is also a Russian equivalent:

Lol Jesus

In The Way Guy

This is just so clever! The mass humiliation you get for ruining a proposal picture!

Before I introduce you to my favorite meme, I would like to share some Russian ones that maybe a few of my readers are familiar with :)

Безысходность - Despair
This is basically a meme combining cultural figures such as cartoon characters, tv celebrities and what not, black and white + forest paintbrush and you get your somewhat gothic meme, portraying the most naiive characters in a very dark and depressive way. Also the possible usage of dust in products such as cigarettes or chewing gum.

"Help Dora to find the meaning of Life".

"Will not save."

Показалось - Seemed like...
Your typical perspective tricks, but somehow in Russian it looks funnier.

Seemed like... - what did it seem like?

And alas, my favorite meme of all time:

Well, I had much fun doing this post! ;)
I hope you've enjoyed it, and please do share your favorite memes! You can also do a post about it that can be fun too :)
I know there are quite a lot goth memes out there, but I don't know how they're called so I couldn't find much. Well, maybe next time I'll do an alternative meme post, of punk, goth and metal memes!

Have a great misty weekend!

N. Finsternis