6 December 2013

Quick outfit post

What I wore to last week's concert.

The cream colored shirt is a really old piece of clothing that I have, being sent to me by my lovely mother from Israel, along with other useful old clothes. I haven't worn this shirt since a couple of good years, and I was surprised how well it served me with this outfit. I took off the heart patterned shirt during the concert, but forgot to take a picture.

It looks like I have circle lenses in my eyes, but it was the result of the camera flash. I'm not that of a masochist to wear lenses :)

Boris has agreed to post this really nice picture that I took during one of the last songs. I love so much the way it turned out!

This shall perhaps be one of the last hair posts of me with a fringe! Today I've had enough [another hair crisis freakout] and made myself a side fringe! I will show pictures as soon as I dye my roots again! :)

Until then, stay warm!

N. Finsternis


  1. i love love love your eye makeup and your outfit. and those belts are so cool! and yes, that last picture is a total winner. I love the wide-angle lens and the birds-eye view and the colors.

    1. Aww thank you so much!!! :) I wore like 4 belts on myself...
      The pic wasn't taken with a special lens, it just turned out that way. I'm guessing the flash made the perspective look better. thanks again :)

  2. Haaha, I was just about to say how much I love your hair here!! ;)
    And I just love that Opera De Nuit song ... I confess to playing it a few times on Cannibal Roses, heh :P

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! :)
      I think that Opera de Nuit are the only cold wave band I can enjoy. That song is totally kickass!