9 December 2013

Recent Pinterest Inspirations

From lack of time for quality post, I'm sharing some pins with you today.
I wasn't to fond of Pinterest the first time I've discovered about it, but in comparison to Tumblr I've found the website to be a very good reminder on different things/ projects/ ideas I am interested in at the same time, something you cannot do with Tumblr, or rather it is not as organized and separated there.
So here are a few:

DIY projects ideas:

Don't know the origin of the design, but I would love to make this kind of shirt to wear with my punk vest and with a short skirt. Love the ideas of the fringes being longer than the skirt.

Absolutely have to try this one! I happen to have little silver crosses [with Jesus on them] that I can sew on. I don't wear collar shirts though, guess I fancy the idea a lot.

Again with the collar shirt tricks. This looks great and can also go well with a black shirt. Yet again, button up shirts are my least favorite thing to wear...

Makeup & Hair Inspiration:

I've been 90's curious for quite a while. Most of my inspiration was drawn from Gwen Stefani's makeup. I just love the silver dots with black eyeliner, something I have been doing a couple of times, but the dots over the eyebrows are just great! 

Having long blonde locks has been a crave for a few good months now. But as I always inflict haircuts upon myself in order to grow my hair again, I must bare the consequences of hair dying and be patient like I know I would...

And last but not least:

Brett Anderson. Because why not?

So far so good. As soon as I'd have more time on my hands I would make a cross collection post or maybe a lipstick collection post [been wanting to do that for a while].
Until then it's University for me and really really dark wintery days. Which reminds me about a new year resolution post that I should definitely do!

N. Finsternis


  1. I've been wanting to do the top DIY forever. it's the easiest thing in the world to do! but now it's winter....

    1. Yes, looks like it! I want to find a proper long top for it, maybe even a dress? An oversized tee shirt won't do in this case!