30 August 2013

OPEN YOUR MOUTH - LGBT Rights Demonstration!

Tomorrow I am attending a demonstration against the new Russian homophobic law which regards projection of homosexuality as illegal and forbids any gay activism.
The demonstration is held in Berlin, and will make it's way to the Russian embassy.

For me personally the openly homophobic law in Russia is a very painful matter. I personally believe it is cruel to regard to a group of people as illegal and to take away their rights. The same thing happened in the year 1933 and so many other times.
There are a lot of reasons to support LGBT rights, but there is one that I find really close to my heart:
There is so much hatred in this world, so much loneliness and sadness, that when two people finally feel love and are happy, one must not take that away from them. It is inhuman to call any form of love illegal or false.

I am calling to any possible readers from Berlin that read/ stumble upon this blog.
Join us tomorrow! We must speak out! Don't be silent!

If any of you live in a city anywhere in the world which has a similar demonstration, I highly recommend to participate. Each person can contribute so much, and maybe we could change something.

Click here to read more about the demonstration.
A friend had told me that the demo. at Tel Aviv has been reported on the Russian news. I can only imagine how tomorrow would be like! I am so excited!!! Hopefully Boris will photograph so I could put some pictures here!


On a side note, I have been very busy lately and soon will have a language exam that will determine my acceptance to the university! I also have a few posts in plan including a [post] punk vest I've made and some other new finds. Updates will come soon enough.

Take care and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

N. Finsternis

24 August 2013

The Goth Challenge - Days 23, 24 & 25

Day 23: Your favorite artist or photographer?

A lovely question. I like certain artists, photographers especially. I have a few favorite photographers, like Hetsche Letche [HornyKitty] and Giorgina N. [Blekotakra], they have inspired me so much and every single photo by these amazing artist make me want to jump into their world and create the same atmosphere.
But my most favorite would have to be Irina Ionesco.
She's a bitch, is in trial with her daughter for years and has never learned photography. I absolutely adore everything she ever did, her pictures are fashion related as well as gothic. Whenever I browse her pictures I think "this is the kind of pictures I want to make". She really inspired me in so many ways. I do hate the pictures where her daughter Eva poses, I think they are horrible. Everything else I love to death. Also, there is a very good film that Eva Ionesco directed about her being photographed in the infamous erotic pictures as a child by her mother, it's called My Little Princess. Very recommended.
I happen to own a copy of a magazine called ZOO, where Irina Ionesco is interviewed, and some of her unpublished work is presented. I really am a huge fan.

Day 24: Name the best website for goths.

Only one? I shall do you a favor and name 3.
  1. Wikipedia. Want to know the theory of Goth? Fucking read about it. There is no website that can explain so neutrally what goth is. I have such a bad experience with over the top dramatic "what is goth" websites, the worst of them were Russian or Ukranian [those people live in a fantasy, they have nicknames for each other in real life as if they were re-living the Vamipre Freaks experience. They also tell so much bullshit you start believing goth IS about cutting yourself and being depressed. Gives me the shivers every time I remember those websites]. There perhaps should be a question in this challenge to name the worst websites for goths, seriously. Just read about the genres, about the bands, about anything! Wikipedia is also great for discovering new kind of genres, reading about the history of each band, and it gives you an amazing overview. Very informative in general. 
  2. Youtube. Want to hear awesome and super rare music? Want to see real live goths talk to you? Fucking see it and believe it. Youtube is direct, real, and an infinite source for, again, discovering new bands and genres. Oh the amazing nights spent alone discovering beauties like Neva, Kan Kan and Metro Decay, which were recommended to me. You can discover tons of channels, who happen to upload the music of those rare bands so you can enjoy them! In my babybat years I have happened to have such a channel, where have I uploaded some of Birthday Party, Cinema Strange and Corpus Delicit, as well as some funny doodles from high school and concerts I attended. Here is the channel, hope you'll find it entertaining! 
  3. Torrent. I hate to break your little hearts over this one, but the music era has changed. There is nothing like finding the rarest and beloved music on a torrent website, downloading it for your heart to enjoy. No, I do not buy music. No, I do not think it's a bad thing to download. Even Boris, who makes his own music understand the value of downloading and the fact that the music industry is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. In fact, the few CDs that I own were gifts or bought in order to "have the original" because I liked the CD so much I've actually decided to buy it. The rarest post punk out there - is in the torrent websites, waiting to be downloaded because no one will ever find the damn CD in any store in the world!!! I do not go against buying music, I appreciate people who buy vinyls and cds for the sake of the idea, it is really nice and a good thing to do. I just happen to enjoy the freedom of downloading, and the fact that if I have downloaded some music that I don't really like, no harm done, I shall erase it, without having the guilt after spending money on it. So yeah, there are so many clear advantages for downloading, and I do believe that artists today need to think of another way to make money, perhaps concerts or other things. There, I said it, now you know.
Day 25: Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Nope. Seriously, I haven't, because after embracing goth and becoming what I am, I became so happy with who I was and am today. I love developing into goth and goth grows with me, and I do want to be a goth parent one day. I think that goth is a huge part of me, and on top of all, it made me love who I am. Besides, when you grow in a country where "the subculture" is nothing but an image you see on pictures from the yearly Wave Gotik Treffen, you understand that "the subculture" is within you. I still feel the same after moving to Berlin. Something very personal that connects you to goth stays within you, no matter the place.

A lot has been going on in the humble life of yours truly. You're welcome to suggest ideas for posts.

N. Finsternis

20 August 2013

Black Metal Discoveries -or- Into The Forest Of Winter

It was a few years ago when I tried listening to Burzum, failing to understand what the hell was so charming about that Norwegian [forgive me,] Neo Nazi.
But I've ignored the introduction to this topic completely, haven't I?

Well, since I was 15 [and until today] I've admired a very particular band, which sank me into the deepest darkness, when words and music and my favorite harmonies combined into a place, which I found out was called Blackwater Park, and it made me overcome a lot of difficulties I would later face in my teenage life.
That band is Opeth, and it had nor has absolutely nothing to do with Black Metal. However, the band's earlier style [which I love much more than the present] made me want to discover the more darker pits of the Metal genre.
Black Metal always looked very mystical to me, and through the years I found myself wanting to relate to it more, because I found the themes of forests and nature very close to my heart. I loved the guitars and the vocals especially, but the monotone drumming and the perpetum mobille of the same thing did overdo themselves after the 2 minutes of the first song.

So although in terms of genre, Black Metal music is not as delicate as Post Punk, nor it is as fabulous as New Wave or Synthpop, and you may find more punks that relate to Black Metal because of the sound similarities. But I ask you, don't you find Black Metal goth?
I mean, maybe it's the brutal attitude [or the Neo Nazi themes, I love exaggerating this one because a lot of the Black Metal music focuses on the Nordic greatness, particularly some who like to make the world a better place and believe that everything which is not Nordic should perish] but Black Metal is really dark, morbid and can sound depressing.
Not to mention the beautiful, folk-like image.

I do not know a lot of Black Metal bands, but some I really enjoyed watching on stage. My first and last concert so far featured the Israeli bands Eternal Decay and Kutna Hora, both sounded absolutely amazing live, although at the time I didn't like any music such as they played. But live the act looked real, the corpse paint, the candles on stage, the inverted crosses and the theatrical show, which was exactly what I person should witness when coming to a quality Black Metal concert.
I still regret not taking pictures of that concert, but I wasn't into concert photography back then.

Eternal Decay

Kutna Hora. The sign behind the drummer states "There's No god" in Hebrew.

For the record, this is how I looked like while watching these amazing guys play:

Boris and I both turned out really amusing in this photo.
I'm like overlooking my entire life, and Boris looks like he just came back from the Supermarket.

What do you think? Do you find Black Metal inspiring? Or do you find other genres of Metal, such as Doom, not less depressing? Do you like metal at all and if not, found this entire post unrelated and crappy?
If everything mentioned above, please do comment!
If you aint comment I aint gonna know ya hier!

Fun Fact: About a week ago my 14 year old brother wrote me, that he happened to find a CD that belonged to me in our parents' house in Israel. He told me it's his new favorite band. It was a CD given to us by the lovely Eternal Decay. Someone is growing into the deepest darkness!

I still hate who Varg Vikernes is and think he should stay in prison forever, but I found his music very inspiring at times.

N. Finsternis

16 August 2013

Outfit + Face of The Night

From the Gruftschlampen + Monowelt concert :)

Netted shirt: C&A
Shorts: were leggings once
Shoes: Deichman
Collar: a recent find at a flea market!

Black eyeshadow: an old L'oreal. Don't use L'oreal products, they are being tested on animals.
Eyebrows, eyeliner: Cantice gel liner, cruelty free
Dots: Manhattan dip liner, cruelty free
Lips: black lipstick + chapstick, random brand

Ended up not having enough time for backcomb XD Ah well, I like my hair casual anyway.
Those shows are actually the only normal shoes I have, because my creepers broke in half last weekend [never regretted on buying super cheap shoes before] and my combat boots are long lost as well after the Eurpean Winter. Hence I will buy new combat boots soon enough. Until then it's the Buffalo fakes and my Demonias of course.

Have a great weekend!!

14 August 2013

Monowelt + Gruftschlampen - A Night of Dark Waves and Sounds

Remember this post, about  a new cold wave band happening to form somewhere in the cold days of Winter?
Well, this weekend was their first concert! Monowelt, a cold wave [darkwave? Lebanon Hanover inspired?] duo consisting of both of my beloved friends have finally played their music live, after we were all anticipating their first debut for half a year. I was so excited I felt like I was on stage.
But I wasn't, hence I contributed to this event by taking pictures, of course :)
Together with Monowelt performed our lovely friends, the Gruftschlampen, who were great and spooky as always, with an awesome live act, very theatrical and full of artificial mist!

The most remarkable thing about the concert [among the music of course] was the crowd. I've never seen so many people in my entire life coming to see a band who has no facebook page yet, nothing recorded online, not to mention that concert was supposed to be private [I still have no idea what that actually meant].
There were like 50 people there, some of them I believe came just because of pure interest. Boy, in Israel one could piss himself wishing to see so many people on one's fifth concert, after loads of promotions which would eventually fail because people in Israel.... well never mind, I don't want to load you with my loath to the country I've left. Let's just say that I wish this rate of audience to anyone who's trying to make his way in the subculture.

Alas, the pics. My outfit for the night would serve for the next post. Don't want to overload you with pictures.



More pictures can be found on my Facebook page.

I had a great time, the music was awesome, haunting and at some point depressing in the perfect amount! I can't wait for Monowelt to open their official page so I could link it here :)

And to prevent my future posts from being copies of previous, I shall list here for you the posts I would make in the near future:
- My outfit for Monowelt + Gruftschlampen concert
- The Goth Challenge [which I am eager to get over with]
- The black metal discovery and how I find it goth related

Have a great week everyone! I hope that you're enjoying the cool Summer days which are being gifted to Europe these days. I wish for it to be chilly wherever it is that you live!

N. Finsternis

10 August 2013

From Black to Blonde- Third Coat

Or should I say, from ginger to blonde?
Hence I don't exactly have any black leftovers anymore, just carrot-brownish edges, including the whole back of my hair which remained brown from the second coat, because we didn't have enough color at the time to cover my entire head. Sweet. Didn't seem to bother me for the last month and a half.

I don't like coloring hair too frequently, so I didn't mind too much when my roots were like 2 centimeters. My natural hair color is emotionless brown, I can't fake it as if I have blonde roots so why bother anyway?
Also, my hair grows super fast [with the help of the Goddess, of course] so I might as well color my roots every week. I am so grateful for having such hair, really.

So this is the "before" state of my hair:

New fishnet shirt, btw! + my hair is backcombed here.
There are faded brownish edges, you can't see the back here but it was even darker.
This is how it turned out:

 I didn't color my eyebrows that day, sorry.

The ginger parts turned lighter, in the back as well! My roots are again surprising me with their effortless ability to pick up the color. 
I've also decided to grow the upper layer of my fringe because it was too hot, and I've missed this look of mine so much. A thin fringe has accompanies 80% of my life, I guess it always felt good. Also the way those bobby pins are placed on my head [to hold the upper layer until it grows out] remind me of age 14 :)

I am really happy about how it turned out. This time we were using the strongest blonde color, stronger than before, so the blonde shines better, it almost looks like bleaching. Uneven, unprofessional bleaching...
Edges of hair were really dry, but I've fixed it with tons of cream and maroccan oil, so straightening them on the next day wasn't deadly.

My wish now is too grow my hair long as much as I can, so I would have long blonde hair. This would obviously take time, but I really miss the long hair I had from age 17-19! I had enough of short hair adventures this year ;)

I have toned down the whole deathrock craziness that was coloring my layout. I've been wanting something more calm and darker [as much as all black could get darker, but you get me]. I have also been feeling very spiritual lately, as if something in me is changing. It feels great, but I won't get into too many details here. I write about my spiritual experiences on my Wicca blog, if anyone is interested :)

N. Finsternis

7 August 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Days 20, 21, 22

I'm craving to finish this challenge already so I could move to another one I have been planning. It's a surprise :P

Day 20: If you could dye your hair any color what would it be?

Lilac or purple. Or green.

Day 21: What body mod do you have or have you considered?

I hate body mods. Seriously, don't like them face piercings, those horrid flesh tunnels and what not. I do have 4 holes on each ear, and I guess I like to see all those things on other people, but on me- never. I have considered a tattoo once or twice in my life, but it doesn't really matches my belief on things, and I do like to see tattoos on others more than I can imagine them on myself. Me having a tattoo would be twise as meaningless.

Day 22: If you could attend any goth event what would it be?

Wave Gothic Treffen, for the principle of it. From people I know that it's a fashion show and the lineup can be disappointing, plus the nearby Gothic Pogo which occurs in a club in the same time with the festival is much more worth it. But it's a childhood dream, after all...

Mera Luna, because I want to see a lot of electro bands. And it's also a dream of sort.

I've been wanting to attend the Amphi festival and Viona's Victorian Picnic when I was younger.

N. Finsternis

6 August 2013

The Cruxshadows Outfit + Face Of The Night

A quick post about how I was dressed to the concert before I continue to other more meaningful posts ;)
I took the pictures myself in the bathroom [like a classy girl] so excuse the fish.

Top: A recent find at an outlet store [C&A]
Skirtpants: self made [with the help of Boris' mom]
Belt: second hand from Israel.

Eyebrows & Eyeliner: Catrice Gel Liner [cruelty free]
Eyeshadows: purple shade from a Careline eyeshadow set [Israeli makeup brand, cruelty free]
Dots made with a dip liner by Manhattan [cruelty free].
Mascara: Manhattan.
Lips: black lipstick over chapstick [random brand, there are no real black lipsticks in this world]

That feeling when you're hair is long enough so you can make crappy hair does and think it looks good. I never manage to do hair properly, my hands seem to grow from my anus whenever it comes to girly creative hair styles.
I ended up looking like whats her name from Deathnote. I suppose it's not negative when one resembles an anime character. Need to color roots, but find myself too lazy to do that.

N. Finsternis

2 August 2013

The Cruxshadows LIVE!!!

Yesterday was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to!!! I am still excited and happy, I had so many emotions inside that I just don't know where to start describing everything!

First off, there was a support act, a German band called Schwarzbund. They were everything but my taste, but I've linked their facebook so you can check them out for yourself.
So anyway, shortly after the concert began! There weren't too many people, so I had no difficulty slipping to the second row ;)
And then from inside the crowd [as always, hence I've watched a few live videos on youtube to be prepared] came Rogue from inside the crowd. In a second I'm like turning around to see him pass right in front of me, climbing on stage. I was ssooooo excited!!!!

The show was great!!! Everything sounded exactly like in the recording, Rogue's voice was beautiful, the violins sounded amazing and the dancers were like fairies! I also liked their drummer, she was kickass!

 At some point after the 3rd or 4th song, Rogue climbed up the light balk things. I was really anticipating that, it was funny and great! I just love that he climbs, walks through the audience, points and sings to every one in the crowd. His way on stage was very personal and touchy, I think I never felt such a feeling in any concert before!

At one point Rogue appeared in the middle of the audience standing on a chair. That was awesome! Meanwhile the dancers were doing some very artistic choreography. I must say that this is the first time I see a concert that involves dancers, and I've noticed that it adds so much to the performance!
The dancing were beautiful and not too complicated, and it accompanied the music perfectly. It also tells a lot about a band when you see on stage people who don't necessarily make the music, but play a role in the whole act as well. It is very uniting and again personal.

They played all of my favorite songs, Quicksilver, Winterborn, Sophia, Immortal and as an encore, Merylin My Bitterness, which was amaziiinnnggg!!! I sang and jumped all evening, and even the songs I didn't know I could sing after hearing the chorus one time.
And then, while playing Merylin, I found myself on stage. Yes yes, Rogue just began pulling people from the crowd on stage, and while I reached his hand and tried to get on the stage [failing, of course] he jumped off the stage and just lifted me on it!!! Ahh I was so excited :P
There were like 20 people on stage at some point, and we all danced and jumped and it was so lovely and made me so happy!!! When the concert ended Rogue hugged each person that he brought up on stage. It was an amazing experience, even that one hug made me so happy inside!

I think I have never been in such a positive concert. I liked each song, the words filled me with hope and made me smile, the atmosphere was great, even magical!

So all you out there in Europe, go and see The Cruxshadows!! This was my first time ever seeing them live, and it was even better than I had expected!! I highly recommend this amazing experience with such lovely people! I am still smiling the entire day :)

Fun Fact: when I was like 16 I've discovered  The Cruxshadows for the first time. I used to watch the video clip for Winterborn numerous times, and to imagine myself being among the crowd watching Rogue climb up the light balk things, just like in that music video. The concert felt like I was there. Like I was back in time.

N. Finsternis