10 August 2013

From Black to Blonde- Third Coat

Or should I say, from ginger to blonde?
Hence I don't exactly have any black leftovers anymore, just carrot-brownish edges, including the whole back of my hair which remained brown from the second coat, because we didn't have enough color at the time to cover my entire head. Sweet. Didn't seem to bother me for the last month and a half.

I don't like coloring hair too frequently, so I didn't mind too much when my roots were like 2 centimeters. My natural hair color is emotionless brown, I can't fake it as if I have blonde roots so why bother anyway?
Also, my hair grows super fast [with the help of the Goddess, of course] so I might as well color my roots every week. I am so grateful for having such hair, really.

So this is the "before" state of my hair:

New fishnet shirt, btw! + my hair is backcombed here.
There are faded brownish edges, you can't see the back here but it was even darker.
This is how it turned out:

 I didn't color my eyebrows that day, sorry.

The ginger parts turned lighter, in the back as well! My roots are again surprising me with their effortless ability to pick up the color. 
I've also decided to grow the upper layer of my fringe because it was too hot, and I've missed this look of mine so much. A thin fringe has accompanies 80% of my life, I guess it always felt good. Also the way those bobby pins are placed on my head [to hold the upper layer until it grows out] remind me of age 14 :)

I am really happy about how it turned out. This time we were using the strongest blonde color, stronger than before, so the blonde shines better, it almost looks like bleaching. Uneven, unprofessional bleaching...
Edges of hair were really dry, but I've fixed it with tons of cream and maroccan oil, so straightening them on the next day wasn't deadly.

My wish now is too grow my hair long as much as I can, so I would have long blonde hair. This would obviously take time, but I really miss the long hair I had from age 17-19! I had enough of short hair adventures this year ;)

I have toned down the whole deathrock craziness that was coloring my layout. I've been wanting something more calm and darker [as much as all black could get darker, but you get me]. I have also been feeling very spiritual lately, as if something in me is changing. It feels great, but I won't get into too many details here. I write about my spiritual experiences on my Wicca blog, if anyone is interested :)

N. Finsternis


  1. I'm loving the blond on you. yeah, going from black to blond is really hard. I didn't bother with it and just shaved ALL of my long, long black hair off. Your roots always pick up haircolor better than the tips...even the extra heat from your scalp helps the coloring process. my goal color was white, so i just started from when I shaved my head to an 1/4 inch thickness. if you want to tone down the yellow, you can mix a teeny bit of purple additive (or semi-permanent haircolor) with some conditioner. blue or ash if you want to tone down orange.

    1. Oh cool, I didn't know that! I always thought that it depends on how long you have the color in that it becomes lighter.
      I do use a blonde shampoo, this purple shampoo thing and it really does the job well. I am still backing away from bleaching, because I do have the feeling that when my hair gets really long I might want to dye it orange.

  2. You do really suit blonde! I definitely don't miss my long hair (it didn't suit me at all), but I'm certain you will look lovely with it. :)

    Also, I really like your current theme - the lunar cycle down the side is lovely.

    1. Thank you!! I really didn't expect that blonde will actually suit me, I was afraid it would make my face more yellow ish, but it actually made it paler!
      Thank you, I only seldom am satisfied with my themes XD