23 February 2013

Moving in and moving out + Hair obsessions

The past couple of days have been pure hell, however it payed off, of course, like all challenges and frightening things in our lives. Yes, a very new discovery.

We've found a beautiful room 2 days ago, in which we moved in right the day after, it was perfectly timed for us, definitely a sign.

Fun Fact: after being dissapointed, misled, stressed out and furious on everyone, I tend to look at everything good and bad that happens as a sign, to make it somewhat bearable. It works well, maybe because it's kind of true.

Anyways, the room is beautifully furnished. I haven't taken any pictures yet because we still haven't fully unpacked, but you'll be delighted to know that there is an antique piece of furniture here, and an amazingly surprising gothicly inclined bed. AKA- my dream bed for a dream room I was longing to have for all my life.
When we get everything done I PROMISE to take pictures of it. Unlike my post promises, hehe ^^''

The only awkward part of it all is our flat mate. He lived on the second floor of his apartment and we don't even see him a lot, a nice guy really, a pacifist supporting free information in the world and free internet... but he's a mess. And by saying that I mean he's really untidy, messy, and his flat looks like hell. I don't even want to get started talking about the kitchen, which Boris and I made the decision to scrub until it will look almost new. Because currently it's partially nuclear. The complete opposite of appetizing.

I am having some hair issues lately, which makes me wear my hair in a pony tail, something that I do when my hair is dirty and looks bad [currently isn't]. I really want to have a major haircut, but I cannot have one yet because I need to row out my fringe. I really miss my long fringe, because I came to the understanding [the second time in my life] that my problematic facial frame looks disgusting and demands a long fringe to make it look the way I want to.
Here are the options I am looking through:

I obviously want this perfect dress.

I am really debating on it, maybe i'll get something like the last picture. My haircolor will still be black of course. Funny that all those hairstyles I had until I was 12, so it's not new to me to want a hair cut so short. In fact, I despise long hair on myself, because it's too heavy and has no meaning...

Well, that's that.
Stay strong!

+ Nebel Violet +

19 February 2013

The Struggle for Living

So I wasn't accepted to the art school.
In fact, I came the other day with all the stuff they asked to bring for the entrance exam to find out that i wasn't even on the list of the accepted.
It was done with my portfolio which apparently didn't impress as I hoped.
I was worried and down a bit this morning, but frankly, I'm kind of relieved. I wasn't too passionate to study fashion [I'm not passionate to study anything really], and in comparison to the other dozens of participants I believe my spot was given to someone more ambitious.
Studying in Germany was only an excuse to live here, which then will give me an opportunity to stay there forever.
I gave it a thought and decided I should go to a "normal" university, mainly because they accept everyone and it will provide my chance to stay, and also because I do want to enrich myself with knowledge I was interested in through my years of growing up.

Boris helped me a lot during the day to find a study program that will fit me. After viewing the subjects provided at Frei Universitaet [the same one Boris is going to go study Art History at] I've decided on applying to Filmwissenschaft, which is the science of Film making, or basically the art of Film, including stuff like understanding the message behind movies and the history of it etc etc.
In the end I'm actually getting a "Bachelor of the Arts" diploma. Wow!
The reason I've decided to pick this subject if because I really do love Film, classic movies and indie especially, and I do have a lot of passion for photography, which is so connected to the movies I love and the two inspire me all the time. So I guess maybe it's a better choice than fashion ;)

I will go to the university tomorrow to see what I need in order to apply. There's still time for the winter semester. Until then I'll be studying German and watching lots of movies!

I've also decided to make a movie journal. Every time I watch a movie I will write down what I liked and found fascinating or well done, and what things I didn't like and weren't clear understood and stuff. This is such a new thing I never thought on doing! I am kind of excited!

Next post: None Goth bands that I like.
I promise this time ;)

+ Nebel Violet +   

17 February 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Day 7

Day 7: Ten of your favorite Goth bands.

In not so random order:

1. Xmal Deutschland
2. Cocteau Twins
3. Cold in Berlin
4. Novocaine Mausoleum
5. Bauhaus
6. The Cure
7. Noisuf - X
8. Kan Kan
9. Metro Decay
10. Lebanon Hannover

Click on each band and you'll see my favorite song by them.
Funny that among this Trad ensemble there's my beloved hard electro that I never can get enough of. And the touchy New Wave.
I was always kind of proud of the fact that I love Xmal Deutschland more than I love Siouxsie and The Banshees. Has anyone experienced it but me? ;)

+ Nebel Violet +

16 February 2013

Recent photo creations

After a few not so fun days of me understanding how hard life is for the billion time, I actually had some fun this Valentine's Day walking in the park with Boris.
Not that VD is actually something I celebrate, I mean, why making it so pretentious when every day of my life for the past 6 and a half years is romantic? Our anniversary is something far more interesting than VD. I always thought that the 14th February was dedicated more to the singles in the world.

Here are some nice pictures I made at Treptower Park.
We didn't have a chance to to properly study the place because it was so freezing!! There are 2 sides to this Park: 1 with the river, in which we were, and the 2nd is more forest-like, which I am dying to explore next time!!!
Weirdly enough I got some industrial photos as well:

I am quite glad of how the last two came out.
The reason I only take black and white photos all the time is because my camera isn't actually a hit with color pictures, not even with flash. It kind of sucks, but at least almost every black and white picture looks just the way I want it to, whether it's light or dark or concert photos.

Have a nice and calm weekend!

+ Nebel Violet +

13 February 2013

Outfit of the night + Winklepickers!

On saturday we went to a New Wave party with friends.
I have an outfit picture for you, including the amazing Winklepickers I found for 5 euro at a flea market.
I was so excited to find such beautiful shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable, and frankly I love the way they look even more than those Winklepickers they cell at Demonia.
These shoes are made in Italy, unfortunately made of leather, but at least it's leather i'm recycling... lol great excuse...
Unfortunately I only wore them for the photos, because it's too cold to walk with them yet.
I can only wear one layer of sock with them, and well, the past month I'm wearing 3 layers...
And no, you can't run in them ;)

A very exciting thing is happening lately:
I think I finally have the experience of hanging out with friends. It is something I only rarely had in life, because usually I had only 1 friend except Boris, with whom we had not so much in common [mostly]. I never really had the "hanging out nights" with a group of people with I shared a lot of things...
And the past few days I actually found this kind of people, and after hanging out with them, I realize it is far better than going to some party, which will probably won't be the last goth party I'll go to, but to have such a great evening laughing, drinking and eating with people I express so much feelings to, that's really rare and special.
This makes me really happy. I think this is something I've been wanting to do all my life, it makes me feel like a part of something unique and personal.

Next post- makeup!

And some new music.

+ Nebel Violet +

11 February 2013

Tanzkommando Untergang & Spear of Destiny concert

Yesterday I went to Spear of Destiny, which were supported by the beloved Tanzkommando Untergang.
The concert was great, but SOD kind of sounded more like hair metal than the punk they used to be. So they pretty much sucked, I only enjoyed Tanzkommando, and that's why I only took pictures of them.

Lately I have been feeling more comfortable going to different events and parties, because step by step I stop feeling like a stranger in a huge new world, and come to understand more or less how things work out here.
I am planning on taking a lot of pictures of events and different people, because everything inspires me so much. 
There was like a ton of things happening this weekend, I'll save the rest for another post!

And this is how you store beer when you have no room in the fridge!

+ Nebel Violet +

4 February 2013

I don't want to be just Goth

A taboo topic! My favorite thing to do after watching a 2 day marathon of Gossip Girl. Spare me the insults, I hate myself anyway...

So I've been wanting to write about this a while now, because ever since my coming to Berlin I feel like I love everything; I have so much love for everything new I see, I let myself get influenced by the things I consider beautiful, in music, fashion and art. That's why I am bringing a very complicated theme out of the pit: Should you be only focused on Goth, if you really want to be a Goth?

It sounds square, I know, but after few years of searching the internet for Goth things only, listening to loads of Trad Goth bands and EBM, I cannot confess that I want something more.
This question arose with Boris and me the past days: What will come next? We are looking at those amazing pictures of Souxsie and Peter Murphy for the last 30 years. And what of it? Sure, it's amazing and the music is timeless, but I have the feeling there should come something new, something that evokes out of the Batcave, the 80's spirit, and creates something new, or perhaps completely different, but still stays in touch with the beloved Old School roots.

I assure you that I am not tired of Goth. Nonsense, I can tell from myself and other people that you can always find something new in the subculture, and that's the whole beauty about it. I guess I just like finding something new from time to time, making myself dig deeper into different kinds of music and ways to express my sense of style. Flatter, flatter....

I hope that this is something not only I am having. I hope this is a feeling that can only inspire you to make something different and interesting. I frankly feel that being alternative has so much to it, like a whole world of things you can personally define them as alternative, as an odd one out, regardless if it's something that has been defined already in that category or not.
And I believe this is so important, to still have the curiosity and interest for searching for new things, wanting to know more, giving this "Goth" a new sense, which in the end is something so personal only you yourself could tell what for you is Goth and how it accompanies your passion for the subculture.

What I really want to say is that, you should never limit yourself to what is being offered to you. Search and look around. And you could find lots of different alternative things that can compliment that rich dark and mysterious core in you.

And with that being said [I hope you fucking shedding tears here, I just used my best fucking speech skills!] I would like to share the new things I love and consider Gothy for myself.
I am looking forward to know what inspires you lately.

+ Nebel Violet +

1 February 2013

Junkyard + the Wings of Desire E.P came out!!!

Hey guys!
I am very happy to announce that the EP of Boris' BatCave project has finally came out two days ago!!!!
I really recommend you to check it out, the EP is for free download, and if you love old school goth, post punk and the old batcave sounds you are definitely gonna love this!

Junkyard + the Wings of Desire ~ For Distant Friends E.P
Youtube Channel
The cover of the photo is a painting made by Boris' father  :)

Click on the picture to download!

I will really appreciate your support!!!
Thanks ahead!!
Keep it old school!