23 February 2013

Moving in and moving out + Hair obsessions

The past couple of days have been pure hell, however it payed off, of course, like all challenges and frightening things in our lives. Yes, a very new discovery.

We've found a beautiful room 2 days ago, in which we moved in right the day after, it was perfectly timed for us, definitely a sign.

Fun Fact: after being dissapointed, misled, stressed out and furious on everyone, I tend to look at everything good and bad that happens as a sign, to make it somewhat bearable. It works well, maybe because it's kind of true.

Anyways, the room is beautifully furnished. I haven't taken any pictures yet because we still haven't fully unpacked, but you'll be delighted to know that there is an antique piece of furniture here, and an amazingly surprising gothicly inclined bed. AKA- my dream bed for a dream room I was longing to have for all my life.
When we get everything done I PROMISE to take pictures of it. Unlike my post promises, hehe ^^''

The only awkward part of it all is our flat mate. He lived on the second floor of his apartment and we don't even see him a lot, a nice guy really, a pacifist supporting free information in the world and free internet... but he's a mess. And by saying that I mean he's really untidy, messy, and his flat looks like hell. I don't even want to get started talking about the kitchen, which Boris and I made the decision to scrub until it will look almost new. Because currently it's partially nuclear. The complete opposite of appetizing.

I am having some hair issues lately, which makes me wear my hair in a pony tail, something that I do when my hair is dirty and looks bad [currently isn't]. I really want to have a major haircut, but I cannot have one yet because I need to row out my fringe. I really miss my long fringe, because I came to the understanding [the second time in my life] that my problematic facial frame looks disgusting and demands a long fringe to make it look the way I want to.
Here are the options I am looking through:

I obviously want this perfect dress.

I am really debating on it, maybe i'll get something like the last picture. My haircolor will still be black of course. Funny that all those hairstyles I had until I was 12, so it's not new to me to want a hair cut so short. In fact, I despise long hair on myself, because it's too heavy and has no meaning...

Well, that's that.
Stay strong!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. I think the last haircut (picture) would look good at you... When are you getting the new haircut??? I'm curious...

    1. I wrote that I will get a haircut when my fringe will grow longer.

  2. ow, you will look good with the last one!!


  3. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/301/2/b/rhys_webb_by_buitrondiana-d4e9so8.jpg


    1. Funny I was looking at pictures of The Horrors yesterday ;)