26 April 2014

The Magic Of Old Clothes Haul + DIY shorts

At last, after not getting the package from m dear mother, after not knowing where to call because of a misplaced note from the postman, after crying and being utterly depressed about it, after calling the German postal service and finally getting the ends right, I´ve received my package!!!

Maybe because I was anticipating this package so much that I´ve got so disappointed for not receiving it on time, and because I´ve never had trouble with packages in Germany before. You can ask Boris how sad I was. I should not be obsessed about material things so much, but oh well.

The reason I´ve wanted to have my old clothes to me, was because of these 3/4 pants:

Like sandals, 3/4 pants are a piece of clothing that belong to the childhood for me. I don´t take them seriously.

I´ve wanted to diy these into shorts, because my former shorts have been overworn and began to fall apart this winter. I´ve also wanted to save money of course, and wanted super high waist shorts!

So I´ve carefully measured them in order to not cut too high, and when I finished I realized I am very bad in cutting shorts in general....
What I´ve went through later on to restore the damage would be an insult to the sewing craft as a whole. Let´s just say that I have successfully made them "longer again":

The pants are stretchy, so the kind of hug my legs... that´s why this length was quite enough, as I would gladly made shorter shorts with non stretch denim. But I am really happy at how it turned out, they are comfortable and most importantly- high waist!

 Along with a black mirror that I´ve bought in Salem when I went to a summer camp in Boston after finishing highschool, old photo albums and date palm filled cookies, my mother sent me some old clothes that I´ve asked her for.
There beauties I´ve worn for a good couple of years, with the plead pink pants being my high school statement. I´ve been in love with those pants so so much, I only need to take them to the seamstress to make them a lot narrower (was chubbier in my teens).

The rest of the tank tops including the fishnet dress were all precious findings at completely normal stores scattered through Haifa´s best shopping neighborhood, Hadar (where we´ve also rented our first apartment with Boris). The velvet corset like tops is second hand.
I am really dying to wear these all in the streets, but since it´s not warm enough for tank tops I will wear them for clubs. I really cherish quite a lot of my old clothes, and I think that a good find can always find a special place in one´s heart.
I hope to maybe do an outfit of the day with one of these, I stopped doing OOTD posts because it was winter and you can´t actually dress interesting in winter (me at least)...

I hope to have a somewhat relaxing weekend, because I´ve had an insane week with not an hour to rest!! Working has also taken a lot of my energy. Going to a queer party this evening to shake the stress out.
Have a wonderful weened everyone!

N. Finsternis

19 April 2014

Totenwald, Dystopian Society and Metro Culr @ Köpi

Last night we had  a triple punk gig at the infamous house project, Köpi.
I was very excited to see Dystopian Society and Metro Cult for the second time! The warm up band were Totenwald, a brand new project which Boris takes part in playing guitar. I´ve heard their music for the first time, and they were really awesome on stage! The drum machine sounded really well and full, not giving away that it was electronic at all!
The energy and vibes were great, I mostly jumped myself to exhaustion at Dystopian Society until I had no breath left! Seriously, they absolutely kicked ass and I felt like crawling up the stage and singing all the words to all the songs, since I´m listening to their album Cages  very frequently(and their new material is great as well). I love how their music is catchy, punk and dark at the same time (a bonus entertainment is me copying the band´s italian accent. I should be punished for this...).
Metro Cult were very unique, their music sounded more complex to me than the last time I saw them, so it was an interesting surprise. I loved how they´ve made post punk to sound so progressive and the synth provided by Joannah were very fitting!

I definitely recommend you guys to check both bands out, because DIY! :P

the poster I´ve made for the gig!
Unfortunately there were failing conditions to take photos. Köpi do not allow photography in general, and the only way I could take pictures was from the second floor where the sound men were sitting, and strictly without flash (reason for my love-hate relationship with the place). I gave up on the idea of taking photos because of that.... nonetheless, Totenwald will play this Tuesday in Tommy House (another house project) and I will blast a ton of photos for sure!

I did take some selfies before I left though...

N. Finsternis

15 April 2014

Spiritual news and monthly wants

My second Semester began this week, and my "3 days a week" schedule is surprisingly packed... It is so surprising to have the ability to study only 3 days, which is nothing to compare with the average study schedule in Israel, and I am very happy that I will be able to work as well on my free days.

Yes, I have found work, which is big news (had to wait all Semester vacation for this lol). I am going to work at a Hotel as a housekeeper (clean the rooms), Boris is going to work there as well, because why not! I hope everything will go well and I will learn fast, the payment is very nice and I will be working on occasions, wince it´s only a mini job, which is nice not to have any obligations after all...
Integrating in a German working place is of high importance for me, even at such a dull job.

Other than that I have been experiencing a very spiritual week, all thanks to The Mists Of Avalon which I am reading ever since buying it at the esoteric shop a while ago. I cannot even begin to describe how magickal this book is! I am usually critical towards fantasy books, but boy this book has so much in it aside from spirituality! I feel than each word there speaks my mind and every time I read my hearts gets full with so many different feelings, mostly for the main heroin! It makes me feel so happy, as it has been a few good years since I´ve had such a deep relationship with a book!

Due to that I have been practicing some spiritual working again, and began to do a little research about crystals. Funny because I´ve never felt attracted to stones in my life before, the only stone I have is an amethyst ring, and frankly amethyst has been the only stone I had sympathy for. But since a week now I find the power of crystals to be so special, and began reading as much as I can on the internet to find more behind the meaning of every crystal, their names and uses. I might as well go to the esoteric store again and maybe a crystal will call me there. I am excited to find out :)

I have decided to freeze my Wicca Blog however, for lack of writing in it at all. I think I will continue think with my own self for a while, and maybe I´ll like to the blog in the future when it will be right for me :)

Following a small shopping spree I have spotted a "Parental Advisory" long sleeved crop top in H&M. Seeing the unreasonable price on it (15 euro! Fuck you stupid mass corporation!) and after talking about it with a friend, I had the urge to diy again, because stupidly expensive things we want should lead us to the path of diy, not the path of regrettably spending out money!
And so I have been wanting to do the same "Parental Advisory" top with the hope of finding a proper long sleeved shirt to diy and maybe, just maybe, a parental advisory logo on some shirt in a second hand shop. This goal is potentially crucial, as one should never realm a second hand shop in order to find something too specific, as disappointment is more than 90% to occur.
However, I´ve had other wishes on my mind such as finding a floor length black dress (just the simplest, maxi black dress out there), and when my (first time ever!) PayPal account will be confirmed I want to buy some fabrics and studs as well.

Source: My Spleather Addiction
Yet all this urge for diy is simply because I am waiting for a package from my mother for almost a month now. I´ve asked her to send me a few of my old summer tank tops, some hipster pants that I have been wearing since high school, 2 photo albums that I have been filling with different photos from the past and my beautiful black mirror that I´ve bought in Salem when I went to a Summer camp in Boston after finishing high school. I have been missing that mirror so much!!
So hopefully I will have a "magical old clothes" hall pretty soon.

Every time I feel spiritual, I want to listen to Faun.

12 April 2014

Face of the gig

Last Wednesday Boris had a gig as The Wings Of Desire together with our 2 best friends Marta and Dasha from Monowelt. The gig was a huge blast, mainly because Boris had a guest appearance by Nitzan Rimon, an israeli guitarist who for a long time played for the future pop band Sophya, but has moved to Berlin just recently and has been jamming together with Boris.
Everything was so great at that concert we didn´t even put our outfits in the end, and I´ve danced my usual dance in jeans and a fishnet shirt, yet it was very proper to the feeling of the venue (a feminist house project), which was also very friendly and supportive.
We had an amazing time as a whole, it didn´t even feel like a concert but a gathering of friends and good music :) It was also very nice to see so many familiar faces at the crowd, and an actual crowd on a Wednesday night! That´s Berlin for you!

This was my makeup:

Foundation: Catrice "Photofinish Liquid Foundation" 010
Concealer: Jade (IL)
Eye Primer: Manhattan Eyeshadow base
Powder: Manhattan "natural"
Eye shadow: Black eyeshadow by L´oreal (not animal friendly and very shitty)
Purple eyeshadow: P2 satin
Turquoise eye pencil by Catrice 
Eyeliner: Essence waterproof eyeliner 
Eyebrow pencil: black eyebrow pencil by Essence 

Mascara: Catrice waterproof mascara
Lipstick: random brand (IL)

I haven´t been sharing any new face looks with you, but gluing rhinestones on my forehead has been a major favorite of mine since a month now. I have been wanting to spice my third eye dots and using rhinestones is the best thing ever. It always looks special and you can endlessly reuse them! I am using Essence lash glue, and it does the trick and stays like cement! Plus I love how the rhinestones make the Uzbek in me come out :3

Another new experiment was a bronzer I had purchased a few days ago, thinking it might look nice. And it does! I completely love how elegant it makes your face look and the color is very gentle. I am using P2´s mosaic bronzer.

How curious this is, that when I wear makeup you don´t see the 40+ beauty spots on my face? A mystery...
Pictures were taken after I´ve straightened my hair and before I began crimping it (always takes forever which is why I mostly lack patience to do it). I have been pinning my bangs for a very long time now and will continue doing so since I am very tired of hiding my awful face shape behind my hair! 

Have a great week everyone! I am eager to start my second semester :D

N. Finsternis

7 April 2014

What if I didn´t dress Goth?

This is a fun "what if" post that I´ve decided to steal from the ever so darkish The Mutant Stomp Friends!
Basically I now assume what style I would have dressed in if I wasn´t goth or alternative.
Thinking about it makes me kind of desperate, because I am inspired by so many different styles, and for a long time as a teen I had no idea how to incorporate all my style inspirations into something that will look more or less "whole", it terms of style that is...
On the other hand, it is in fact so hard to imagine myself as a conformist, I feel like it is the complete opposite of who I am.... being an alternative and non conforming person is something that was bred in me thanks to my theatrical (in spirit) mother, who had always encourage any weird outfits I´ve wanted to wear..

But here goes nothin´!

Sorority Girl

This style was my childhood role model! Minimal clothes, looooow waist skirt/ pants and big boobs. I was "inspired" by Christina Aguilera video clips and wanted to look slutty and do fancy dance moves. Besides, I even now I am not at all emotionless towards pop music. In other words, I would have been a slut XD

Sweet Lolita/ Baby Doll

I know, I know.... no alternative styles, but how do you expect an anime freak like I once (still am) was to dress? I´ve tried dressing the style a little bit in my baby bat days, but it is a killer for the humid Israeli weather... But if I could, I would try to dress the Sweet Lolita style, because of the pretty pastel colors... but with no bloomers!
The reason I don´t wear the style is because I don´t like to cover my body with too much fabric in the first place ;)

The whole Baby Doll thing on the other hand...


Oh how I love this style! The dreads (eww), the soft fabrics and general appearance... I definitely see myself as a hippie, with those wide trousers and brown sandals, or flowy skirts and braids in the hair... I´ve also tried to dress the part just slightly back in high school.
This style feels like spirituality positive, so cheers to that!

See how I find another excuse for wearing crop tops?
I guess this should be enough for now... Anyhow, I encourage you all to incorporate different styles into your wardrobe to spice up the somewhat monotonic goth spectrum.
What kind of styles you wished you could wear?

N. Finsternis

3 April 2014

Recent finds and Summer shoes!

I´ve been on a small shopping spree because Spring! The initial impulse was to find summer shoes, specifically to try on a pair of nice sandals I saw at Deichmann.

Now, I haven´t worn sandals since a few years now. Mainly because I hate how my feet get dirty after waking, but also because I´m paranoid that something would happen and my toes will get cut off or broken... talk about sanity...
Mostly I just like how sneakers or combats look with my outfits, and sandals always associate with childhood to me.

I´ve laid my eyes on this pair of shoes:

gotta love the platform!

I don´t have a lot of money (especially after visiting Sweden... scheiße...) so I am absolutely ok with buying cheapy shoes that might not last too long. Yet after trying those sandals I´ve realized how horribly made they were, they´ve weighted nothing which should probably tell you how crappy they are. And then I realized how I disliked sandals in the first place, phobia etc etc and began to search for different shoes.

Surprisingly, and this is obviously far more satisfying than searching for something specific, I´ve found some cool ballerinas that instantly reminded me of the ballerina shoes old school goths wore in the batcave days! 

My memory triggered this picture:

omgawd....the shoes...
I normally don´t like ballerinas, because of their rounded form it makes the leg shorter and the whole appearance less interesting, but those pointed ones actually give a more elegant look, and turned out to be very comfortable and very narrow, as most ballerina shoes tend to be too wide for my feet. They are velvet-ish and have no buckles like in the picture above, but I still loved the so much and the price was welcoming, only 20 euros!

I´ve also stumbled upon a Buddha statue at an "we have everything" store. I just love those kinds of stores, I am a big lover of collecting small useless junk to make the room prettier.
I´ve been wanting a Buddha statue for a while, it makes me happy just to look at him and I love Indian God statues in general, regardless of their meaning! 

He looks lovely on my altar!
 Finally, Boris and I went for a walk in the town yesterday to enjoy the beautiful Spring days. We had such a great time, and I´ve walked with a t-shirt on the street for the first time this year! That means Spring is officially here for me. Just walking the streets of Berlin makes me feel so free I prefer a walk instead of a party sometimes...
We spontaneously visited a esoteric shop at Kreuzberg, where among other beautiful things they sell second hand books.
I found 2 (or should I say, they found me!). One is the Mists Of Avalon translated to German. The last time I´ve read a book was... well, I´ve probably red more university related stuff than books, which were no fun at all. But I was happy to find The Mists Of Avalon, since I´ve been craving for a good fantasy book (I don´t like fantasy much and am mostly skeptical about it, but TMOA was something my Wicca teacher has recommended me a long time ago). The German level of the book is not as complicated as scientific, and I´m already captivated by the main character. I am just so happy to read something spiritual in German!

The second book is actually a Tarot guide, and oh how I´ve been searching for an extremely detailed book about tarot ever since buying my deck! I know how some people like to interpret the cards for themselves without looking at manuals, but this is something that I´ve felt like researching thoroughly, and this book has great detailing on the various symbolism in single cards, including the cards´ general meaning. I am so satisfied with this book! I haven´t given it a good read yet, but Boris was very happy using it as well.

So far so good, have a sunny and warm weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis