12 April 2014

Face of the gig

Last Wednesday Boris had a gig as The Wings Of Desire together with our 2 best friends Marta and Dasha from Monowelt. The gig was a huge blast, mainly because Boris had a guest appearance by Nitzan Rimon, an israeli guitarist who for a long time played for the future pop band Sophya, but has moved to Berlin just recently and has been jamming together with Boris.
Everything was so great at that concert we didn´t even put our outfits in the end, and I´ve danced my usual dance in jeans and a fishnet shirt, yet it was very proper to the feeling of the venue (a feminist house project), which was also very friendly and supportive.
We had an amazing time as a whole, it didn´t even feel like a concert but a gathering of friends and good music :) It was also very nice to see so many familiar faces at the crowd, and an actual crowd on a Wednesday night! That´s Berlin for you!

This was my makeup:

Foundation: Catrice "Photofinish Liquid Foundation" 010
Concealer: Jade (IL)
Eye Primer: Manhattan Eyeshadow base
Powder: Manhattan "natural"
Eye shadow: Black eyeshadow by L´oreal (not animal friendly and very shitty)
Purple eyeshadow: P2 satin
Turquoise eye pencil by Catrice 
Eyeliner: Essence waterproof eyeliner 
Eyebrow pencil: black eyebrow pencil by Essence 

Mascara: Catrice waterproof mascara
Lipstick: random brand (IL)

I haven´t been sharing any new face looks with you, but gluing rhinestones on my forehead has been a major favorite of mine since a month now. I have been wanting to spice my third eye dots and using rhinestones is the best thing ever. It always looks special and you can endlessly reuse them! I am using Essence lash glue, and it does the trick and stays like cement! Plus I love how the rhinestones make the Uzbek in me come out :3

Another new experiment was a bronzer I had purchased a few days ago, thinking it might look nice. And it does! I completely love how elegant it makes your face look and the color is very gentle. I am using P2´s mosaic bronzer.

How curious this is, that when I wear makeup you don´t see the 40+ beauty spots on my face? A mystery...
Pictures were taken after I´ve straightened my hair and before I began crimping it (always takes forever which is why I mostly lack patience to do it). I have been pinning my bangs for a very long time now and will continue doing so since I am very tired of hiding my awful face shape behind my hair! 

Have a great week everyone! I am eager to start my second semester :D

N. Finsternis


  1. What a beautiful look! I love the colors and the rhinestones look great on you :)

  2. Love this purple look! Plus it is really nice to read about your gig and everything. :)

    1. Cool, I am happy someone else has an interest in it as well :)

  3. Love the colors and everything. Also loving the tiny eyeliner dots...For some reason whenever I try this, it looks terrible...must be my placement or something.

    1. Thank you! In my opinion, dots look better than swirls.. maybe try to do winged eyeliner accompanied by the dots? It´s the easiest way to go, the dots being the accessory next to the essential eyeliner. I never place my dots randomely ;)

  4. This is really beautiful.
    You look amazing in these colors and designs.

    1. thank you so much! it really warms my heart :3