7 April 2014

What if I didn´t dress Goth?

This is a fun "what if" post that I´ve decided to steal from the ever so darkish The Mutant Stomp Friends!
Basically I now assume what style I would have dressed in if I wasn´t goth or alternative.
Thinking about it makes me kind of desperate, because I am inspired by so many different styles, and for a long time as a teen I had no idea how to incorporate all my style inspirations into something that will look more or less "whole", it terms of style that is...
On the other hand, it is in fact so hard to imagine myself as a conformist, I feel like it is the complete opposite of who I am.... being an alternative and non conforming person is something that was bred in me thanks to my theatrical (in spirit) mother, who had always encourage any weird outfits I´ve wanted to wear..

But here goes nothin´!

Sorority Girl

This style was my childhood role model! Minimal clothes, looooow waist skirt/ pants and big boobs. I was "inspired" by Christina Aguilera video clips and wanted to look slutty and do fancy dance moves. Besides, I even now I am not at all emotionless towards pop music. In other words, I would have been a slut XD

Sweet Lolita/ Baby Doll

I know, I know.... no alternative styles, but how do you expect an anime freak like I once (still am) was to dress? I´ve tried dressing the style a little bit in my baby bat days, but it is a killer for the humid Israeli weather... But if I could, I would try to dress the Sweet Lolita style, because of the pretty pastel colors... but with no bloomers!
The reason I don´t wear the style is because I don´t like to cover my body with too much fabric in the first place ;)

The whole Baby Doll thing on the other hand...


Oh how I love this style! The dreads (eww), the soft fabrics and general appearance... I definitely see myself as a hippie, with those wide trousers and brown sandals, or flowy skirts and braids in the hair... I´ve also tried to dress the part just slightly back in high school.
This style feels like spirituality positive, so cheers to that!

See how I find another excuse for wearing crop tops?
I guess this should be enough for now... Anyhow, I encourage you all to incorporate different styles into your wardrobe to spice up the somewhat monotonic goth spectrum.
What kind of styles you wished you could wear?

N. Finsternis


  1. I'm soooo doing this post as soon as I have time and spirit for it. The slut-option was a funny detail indeed, since I also tended to love the music video of a song 'Dirty' by C. Aguilera in the early 2000's. Probably would have been a slut too, haha.

    1. You should! I am so happy I grew up admiring inappropriate female role models as a kid

  2. Huh, I didn't get any notification of whether my comment went through...
    Sorry if this is a double reply!

    This is a really fun idea! I might have to borrow the concept for a future post, too!
    I'm really partial to the hippy look, too =P

    1. It would be interesting to see what styles you would pick :D

  3. I could see it (well, maybe not the loli...you're too badass for loli!) the sorority one kind of surprised me, but then again, I have a thing for cheerleader sweaters myself. thanks for the mention too!

    1. Gladly! Still the only realistic choice would be the hippie ;)

  4. I could definitely see myself in hippie clothes, but not real hair dreads. In fact I dress in hippie style clothes but in black and grey.... dark mori key, kind of..

    1. Mori Kei is another style I like, the colors especially :)