3 April 2014

Recent finds and Summer shoes!

I´ve been on a small shopping spree because Spring! The initial impulse was to find summer shoes, specifically to try on a pair of nice sandals I saw at Deichmann.

Now, I haven´t worn sandals since a few years now. Mainly because I hate how my feet get dirty after waking, but also because I´m paranoid that something would happen and my toes will get cut off or broken... talk about sanity...
Mostly I just like how sneakers or combats look with my outfits, and sandals always associate with childhood to me.

I´ve laid my eyes on this pair of shoes:

gotta love the platform!

I don´t have a lot of money (especially after visiting Sweden... scheiße...) so I am absolutely ok with buying cheapy shoes that might not last too long. Yet after trying those sandals I´ve realized how horribly made they were, they´ve weighted nothing which should probably tell you how crappy they are. And then I realized how I disliked sandals in the first place, phobia etc etc and began to search for different shoes.

Surprisingly, and this is obviously far more satisfying than searching for something specific, I´ve found some cool ballerinas that instantly reminded me of the ballerina shoes old school goths wore in the batcave days! 

My memory triggered this picture:

omgawd....the shoes...
I normally don´t like ballerinas, because of their rounded form it makes the leg shorter and the whole appearance less interesting, but those pointed ones actually give a more elegant look, and turned out to be very comfortable and very narrow, as most ballerina shoes tend to be too wide for my feet. They are velvet-ish and have no buckles like in the picture above, but I still loved the so much and the price was welcoming, only 20 euros!

I´ve also stumbled upon a Buddha statue at an "we have everything" store. I just love those kinds of stores, I am a big lover of collecting small useless junk to make the room prettier.
I´ve been wanting a Buddha statue for a while, it makes me happy just to look at him and I love Indian God statues in general, regardless of their meaning! 

He looks lovely on my altar!
 Finally, Boris and I went for a walk in the town yesterday to enjoy the beautiful Spring days. We had such a great time, and I´ve walked with a t-shirt on the street for the first time this year! That means Spring is officially here for me. Just walking the streets of Berlin makes me feel so free I prefer a walk instead of a party sometimes...
We spontaneously visited a esoteric shop at Kreuzberg, where among other beautiful things they sell second hand books.
I found 2 (or should I say, they found me!). One is the Mists Of Avalon translated to German. The last time I´ve read a book was... well, I´ve probably red more university related stuff than books, which were no fun at all. But I was happy to find The Mists Of Avalon, since I´ve been craving for a good fantasy book (I don´t like fantasy much and am mostly skeptical about it, but TMOA was something my Wicca teacher has recommended me a long time ago). The German level of the book is not as complicated as scientific, and I´m already captivated by the main character. I am just so happy to read something spiritual in German!

The second book is actually a Tarot guide, and oh how I´ve been searching for an extremely detailed book about tarot ever since buying my deck! I know how some people like to interpret the cards for themselves without looking at manuals, but this is something that I´ve felt like researching thoroughly, and this book has great detailing on the various symbolism in single cards, including the cards´ general meaning. I am so satisfied with this book! I haven´t given it a good read yet, but Boris was very happy using it as well.

So far so good, have a sunny and warm weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. The Mists Of Avalon is one of my favorite f the recent books based on the Arthurian legends, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. :)

    1. cool! i should get more into the backstory of the book, something tells me there´s more to it!

  2. yeah I love covered summer shoes too...streets are sooo dirty. the ballerina flats look awesome on you. I've been looking for a pair forever...one for wide feet and one that doesn't make my already short legs look even shorter! I've never read the Mists of Avalon...sacrilege for a King Arthur and fantasy fan like myself. I've always wanted to.