9 February 2016

Goth Bands I Hate

I am ashamed of myself for not writing this post so far! Me, of all people - to not shower the bands you love with shit!
In no particular order (although they could all be number one):


The Sisters Of Mercy

Really, spare me the excuses. Fucking boring ass band, every song sounds the same, completely overrated, and worst of all - the low monotonic voice that pretty much settled the "gothic rock vocals standard".
Now, I do admit liking Body Electric, no party is complete without it, and Suzanne is nice too. But everything else??? I don´t get the First And Last album, you could make so much more of those acoustic guitars and vocal melodies, but where is the dynamic in the voice? Why there´s none?
The best thing that has happened to this band was Patricia Morrison who is a badass.

And I am not hating on this band because of Eldritch´s lousy personality, if only that would have been the reason to hate them I would have kept quiet, I swear...

Christian Death

Another ridiculously overrated band. Ok, Romeo´s Distress is a nice song, even though the entire album is completely bloating with Rozz´s shapeless whiny vocals. What´s with the singing?!?! Can´t you sing one tune and not whine about your miserable existence? There are plenty of good whining techniques out there, I am sure of it. And a lot more original lyrics to express yourself with.
And dear god, every song is loaded with an avalanche of guitars and rhythms and what not, so you cannot digest it properly. Why is there so much going on? Just chill, have some descent song structure for once.
And I know Rozz can sing, you can hear it in his solo career here and there. It´s just, ugh...
But I guess I respect this band since they´ve paved the way to deathrock as we know it (and don´t let me start trashing deathrock as we know it!).

Fields Of The Nephilim

So you´ve put flour on your clothes and cowboy hat...
Seriously this is one of these bands that I just... I can´t even begin. Every song sounds the same, rhythm is identical, style is revolting and why the hell does it sound like industrial metal sometimes? Or 90s rave, can´t decide... most melodies are cheesy anyways, even sounds like pop music sometimes. Bad pop music.


Type O Negative

Again, this is one of these bands that I just keep pulling my hair out trying to figure out why people like them. Ok, Peter Steel was apparently hot or something, and he was a good bassist? Correct me if I´m wrong...
But oh god, it´s just the epitome of boredom! It´s slow, and you would expect it to be interesting since it´s borderline metal but no -  here come the typical low singing again. Why, oh god why...
Can´t even decide if it´s too much or too little in a song, but I can´t remember a single tune by them. ever.

Alien Sex Fiend

I guess this a band you either love or hate. As much as I love the Batcave era, Alien Sex Fiend are just too much. I mean, what the hell is going on in each song? There´s so much noise and frantic vocals, you can´t understand if it´s spooky or ridiculous (although this is what pretty much makes ASF what they are...).
I can bare with them I guess, because I can see how they have influenced whatever came later, and the Batcave was a great place for self expression, but I need a few days off after hearing one song.

My take home message for you: please, if you have a goth band, have all the fun there is, but please don´t sing low like you´re about to turn your throat inside out. Just this one little thing, and you are good to go with your ever-so-original music forward.

Do you have goth bands that you hate? Have I pissed you off with this post? You are welcome to write a similar one if you wish!



  1. You are entitled to your opinion! Good for you for speaking your mind, I love posts like these :)

  2. I'm the weird chick who likes the clothing, a few classic "goth" artists, and that's about it. I tried listening to some new goth rock band coming to my city and I couldn't stand it. Nothing to latch onto vocally or instrumentally, everybody in the music videos looked like they were trying really hard to be goth but got their threads and makeup from a costume shop. The music scene I find is difficult to navigate, simply due to the fact that there are those trying to be something rather than naturally being apart of the scene. I just listen to whatever the hell I want these days.

    1. I have a problem with contemporary gothic rock bands too, it´s like they´re trying to copy the already boring 90s bands, and restrict themselves in this gothic rock border and that´s a shame.

  3. I agree with you on Alien Sex Fiend and Fields Of The Nephilim. Especially the last one is kinda boring to me. I have a love/hate relationship with Sisters of Mercy. I like the First and Last and Always album, and Floodland. But I really dislike their 'newer' weirdish 90s rockkind of songs. I saw them live 2 years ago, and somehow they played without a bassist. It was pretty bad without a bass in this kind of music, it let me down a lot.

    1. omg really? their sound is pretty heavy and you have to have a bass in a band *starts bassist´s rights movement*.
      woah that´s weird.

  4. Omg lol. I agree with this list, for the reasons you mentioned. Not goth, but I really hate Juno reactor. Not only are the songs boring, but there like 20 mins long. Also all the random wumpscut wannabe German industrial bands that all sound the same. Lol I should do a post on the worst demo CDs I have... Some are truly awful. Something about a really bad goth/industrial band...

    1. oh my all the dark electro/ aggrotech whatever... the lyrics of these german bands are usually horrific too, still find it funny that i liked it when i was 18 XD

    2. Lol those lyrics are sooooo special. I remember one wumpscut song that was "doktor todt" over and over. Like maybe I want to know more about about this doctor. Maybe have some more lyrics. And the music was just as repetitive. (Though I still like some of their songs)

    3. i am still traumatized by Centhron, every song is like "fuck bitch fuck fuck" pretty damn sexist to say the least!

  5. Hahaha this post is great even if I like most of the bands on the list! I've been often thinking though about ASF and the vocals of Rozz that they must sound really annoying to some people :D

    1. happy you liked it!
      I mean I like ASF and respect them cause they were wild, but the music is awful most of the time.
      I wouldn´t be surprised if someone didn´t like Bauhaus, who are one of my favorite goth bands. I mean, most of their stuff is kind of weird, plus they are more post punk than goth thank god!

  6. Completely with you on the Sisters of Mercy, my thoughts exactly. Thank you for this.

  7. I absolutely love this post! I actually have two confessions of my own:

    1. I prefer Catastrophe Ballet over Only Theatre of Pain.
    2. I also cannot get into Fields of the Nephilim. I just can't. I've tried, but they're doing nothing for me.

    Again, this post is wonderful. As much as I like goth music, I hate this idea that you have to like every single band to be considered "truly Goth" or something.

    1. Happy you liked it and thanks for reading!
      I heard the name Only Theater Of Pain, never heard their music though. Again happy you could relate to it, and so many goth bands are just a cookie cutter band and it gets on your nerves hehe.