5 February 2016

What If I didn´t Dress Goth/ Alternative? (2.0)

Noticing as this post has been one of the most visited on the blog, I thought it´s time to re-write it, as some of my style preferences and inspirations have changed since then.

So in a world where my wardrobe would be one "total look", here´s what I would have worn if I hadn´t been into the goth and/or alternative:

Tracksuit/ Sporty Style

I know it´s stupid - I don´t do sports and sportswear these days has brought us the term Health Goth. But it just looks so comfy! And one can never go wrong dressed like a Russian Thug гопник.
Also, look at Monami Frost - she´s alternative, but all she wears is sports clothes and it always looks cool:

I think part of me likes this because you surely cannot tell what music a person dressed like this listens to, and that´s a major step from the average goth wardrobe.

Every Other Person In Berlin
I assume this is how upper class basic bitches dress these days, but damn it - it never looks unfashionable or uncomfortable. It just kind of work. I know it says Copenhagen Style on the picture bellow, but really it´s basically the same thing here in Berlin.
And what´s up with everyone wearing cute sneakers these days? The sports shoe is a style statement, and I cannot say I do not own one...

I envy those people- shopping in retail, not worrying it doesn´t come in black, not trying to stand out. So much stressed and anxiety spared...

Upper Class Boho Chic
I mentioned hippie in the original post, but this is taking your high socio-economical status and pretending you still go to the forest sometimes even if you live in Manhattan.
The aesthetic of this is pretty and soothing, you can´t argue with that.

The utopic idea of having very little clothes in your wardrobe to match any situation sound nice to me, and photos of people having one hanger stand to serve as their entire closet is intriguing. 
I think you could make a goth outfit pretty minimalistic and get away with it, too.

You have to be blonde and skinny while you´re at it, too..

Do you wish you could magically transform your wardrobe to a different one sometimes? Do you think it can be satisfying looking like everyone else?



  1. haha, the "Berlin" look with the messy bun and the sneakers, found myself laughing about that cause it's just so true ;)


  2. All those looks are in style, and I'm a fan of them as well. Lol I pretty much dress that way these days.

    1. I kind of dress the Berlin look, minus the bun. I do goth up for parties though

  3. I too like these different looks. :) And I think people are social animals and need the feeling of belonging, and looking like others (fitting in) is a significant factor in belonging to a certain group, no matter how big that group is (like "normal" style etc.) So I think it would be quite normal for a person to get satisfaction from looking like others. Also, I think it is quite sad if somebody needs always their clothes (and the fact that they are so different from others) to make them feel special and themselves. As if only the outside look makes their personality. ^^

    1. nice mention about the clothes, I agree, and most of the times it looks like you´re trying too hard to look special when you´re overdressed.

  4. I love so many styles! But mainly alternative. I didn't chose between goth, lolita, punk, rockabilly etc. I picked them all! My wardrobe looks like I have a split personality. LOL

    1. I hear you about having clothes too different from each other hehe

  5. Brobably would end in some natural / hippie inspired clothing as well but then again, I don't know!