29 January 2016

I fell in Love with Early Japan

I have been aware of Japan for a while, mostly for the new romantic-dandy looks of David Sylvian, appealing to the more new-wave goths among us.

Boris, however, was more busy admiring their insane bass player, Mick Karn, which gave so much to their music from his funk-Greek playing influences.

Then Boris told me they began as a glam rock band, and that´s where things really took a turn...

Before the shoulder padded suits came in, in the 70s Japan were a wannabe New York Dolls band; David Sylvian played guitar and sang a lot higher than he would later on in the 80s; their music was a lot cheekier and rockier and their dresscode and hairstyles made the perfection you now see above you.

And omg, this video:

Everything about this video is what I want to hear, see, play, have and be....

Eyecandy aside, the song kicks ass, and from a bassist´s point of view Mick Karn is a god. Now I want to be like him more than ever. Not even mentioning Sylvian´s sex appeal here, not at all...

Then Boris told me he wants to have blonde hair, and I told him I want to have orange hair again, wear loose button up shirts and thin scarves... life will never be the same again now.

another amazing song, and Sylvian kind of sounds like Kurt Cobain?!

Happy fangirling!



  1. Lol I thought this was going to be a j-rock post and was like whaa? ;) I could see why you're a fan of these guys

    1. Japan, not X Japan haha! they were very popular in the country regardless, mostly because of their looks ;)