19 February 2013

The Struggle for Living

So I wasn't accepted to the art school.
In fact, I came the other day with all the stuff they asked to bring for the entrance exam to find out that i wasn't even on the list of the accepted.
It was done with my portfolio which apparently didn't impress as I hoped.
I was worried and down a bit this morning, but frankly, I'm kind of relieved. I wasn't too passionate to study fashion [I'm not passionate to study anything really], and in comparison to the other dozens of participants I believe my spot was given to someone more ambitious.
Studying in Germany was only an excuse to live here, which then will give me an opportunity to stay there forever.
I gave it a thought and decided I should go to a "normal" university, mainly because they accept everyone and it will provide my chance to stay, and also because I do want to enrich myself with knowledge I was interested in through my years of growing up.

Boris helped me a lot during the day to find a study program that will fit me. After viewing the subjects provided at Frei Universitaet [the same one Boris is going to go study Art History at] I've decided on applying to Filmwissenschaft, which is the science of Film making, or basically the art of Film, including stuff like understanding the message behind movies and the history of it etc etc.
In the end I'm actually getting a "Bachelor of the Arts" diploma. Wow!
The reason I've decided to pick this subject if because I really do love Film, classic movies and indie especially, and I do have a lot of passion for photography, which is so connected to the movies I love and the two inspire me all the time. So I guess maybe it's a better choice than fashion ;)

I will go to the university tomorrow to see what I need in order to apply. There's still time for the winter semester. Until then I'll be studying German and watching lots of movies!

I've also decided to make a movie journal. Every time I watch a movie I will write down what I liked and found fascinating or well done, and what things I didn't like and weren't clear understood and stuff. This is such a new thing I never thought on doing! I am kind of excited!

Next post: None Goth bands that I like.
I promise this time ;)

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  1. Oh, my dear... I'm sorry that you wasn't accepted ... but I'll keep my fingers crossed for the winter semester and that you find a suitable study program. Filmwissenschaft sounds very interesting... and: You look so beautiful! Nice Picture!

    1. Thanks so much! I was down today but I'll keep on struggling and fighting on!
      Thaank you!!

  2. wow, good luck with that now! hahaha ironic, i'm finishing my fashion design's degree and my sister has her in film making! ahhahaaha


    1. Sounds interesting, however I will not be studying how to make film, but analyze it.

  3. It's really hard to find your niche, I understand that, but you mustn't settle. If you weren't passionate enough to study fashion, than perhaps it's a sign that you were not accepted into that program-- perhaps this Filmwissenschaft is your calling.
    I hope it goes well :)

    1. That is exactly what I told myself.
      Thanks, I hope everything will be ok!