17 February 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Day 7

Day 7: Ten of your favorite Goth bands.

In not so random order:

1. Xmal Deutschland
2. Cocteau Twins
3. Cold in Berlin
4. Novocaine Mausoleum
5. Bauhaus
6. The Cure
7. Noisuf - X
8. Kan Kan
9. Metro Decay
10. Lebanon Hannover

Click on each band and you'll see my favorite song by them.
Funny that among this Trad ensemble there's my beloved hard electro that I never can get enough of. And the touchy New Wave.
I was always kind of proud of the fact that I love Xmal Deutschland more than I love Siouxsie and The Banshees. Has anyone experienced it but me? ;)

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. awesome! do u have flowers in ur head? great hair style