24 February 2016

I´m a mod now

I am still alive! And look at this amazing second hand jacket I bought yesterday to comfort myself from a recent horrible time:
I wanna hold your haaaaand
 Don´t mind my hair. I wanted to change it, so it started as one thing and ended up something completely different.

On other news:
After searching since mid December I have finally found an internship! I began last week, it´s full time and is taking most of my life right now. What with band rehearsals twice a week I hardly have time for anything. Weekends I just rest and sleep.

The internship I´m doing is at a firm called The School Of Life that offers further education classes/ coaching for adults about work-life balance, inspiration, creativity and basically to help adults how to adult. It´s a concept from London that is in development in Berlin, and will open only in April. We are just preparing the materials and classes and it´s very exciting.
My favorite part is when we do tryouts for teachers and we get to see them play out half an hour of a class (which is 3 hours in total). I was happy to see that it´s nothing sketchy like "5 steps to have a perfect life" kind of thing but really nice and diverse programs to give you new ideas.

I go over the programs each day and know the classes theoretically, so it´s fascinating to see what the teachers bring themselves, how they attune the program to their persona and character, and when someone is inspiring you there is a lot you can take from a class on a subject you previously thought you were an expert on, like "how to have better conversations".
Fuck you, I know how to communicate in 4 languages, am open minded and communicative and I rock this shit - said I - but having a different person from a completely different background and profession deliver the class material and idea through their own eye can teach you so much, and it´s really motivating (needless to say the less successful tryouts were a disaster and it felt like you´re being sold bullshit).

As I study social sciences (Erziehungwissenschaft, good luck translating that one), further education is exactly the field I wanted to focus on. My studies have been extremely boring from the 1st Semester btw, which did not surprise me at all, but I was happy to find a niche in the vast education field that interested me. No education with children for me, no thank you.

So much on updates. I have been devouring The Smiths´ first album which I haven´t heard before and will now go take a long hot shower, a thing which I began appreciating ever since having über long days.
Stay strong, Spring is almost here!

Small Faces / Watcha Gonna Do About It



  1. Omg I love the new look. You are so fabulous! Congratulations on the internship, and good for you for advancing toward your goals. Lol and I need to learn how to adult...

    1. eeeeep thank you! need more mod clothes, I never thought I´d have fun wearing button ups, I don´t have many of them :P

  2. Congratulations with the new internship! It sounds like you are having awesome time. :D Your jacket and hair look lovely!