15 April 2014

Spiritual news and monthly wants

My second Semester began this week, and my "3 days a week" schedule is surprisingly packed... It is so surprising to have the ability to study only 3 days, which is nothing to compare with the average study schedule in Israel, and I am very happy that I will be able to work as well on my free days.

Yes, I have found work, which is big news (had to wait all Semester vacation for this lol). I am going to work at a Hotel as a housekeeper (clean the rooms), Boris is going to work there as well, because why not! I hope everything will go well and I will learn fast, the payment is very nice and I will be working on occasions, wince it´s only a mini job, which is nice not to have any obligations after all...
Integrating in a German working place is of high importance for me, even at such a dull job.

Other than that I have been experiencing a very spiritual week, all thanks to The Mists Of Avalon which I am reading ever since buying it at the esoteric shop a while ago. I cannot even begin to describe how magickal this book is! I am usually critical towards fantasy books, but boy this book has so much in it aside from spirituality! I feel than each word there speaks my mind and every time I read my hearts gets full with so many different feelings, mostly for the main heroin! It makes me feel so happy, as it has been a few good years since I´ve had such a deep relationship with a book!

Due to that I have been practicing some spiritual working again, and began to do a little research about crystals. Funny because I´ve never felt attracted to stones in my life before, the only stone I have is an amethyst ring, and frankly amethyst has been the only stone I had sympathy for. But since a week now I find the power of crystals to be so special, and began reading as much as I can on the internet to find more behind the meaning of every crystal, their names and uses. I might as well go to the esoteric store again and maybe a crystal will call me there. I am excited to find out :)

I have decided to freeze my Wicca Blog however, for lack of writing in it at all. I think I will continue think with my own self for a while, and maybe I´ll like to the blog in the future when it will be right for me :)

Following a small shopping spree I have spotted a "Parental Advisory" long sleeved crop top in H&M. Seeing the unreasonable price on it (15 euro! Fuck you stupid mass corporation!) and after talking about it with a friend, I had the urge to diy again, because stupidly expensive things we want should lead us to the path of diy, not the path of regrettably spending out money!
And so I have been wanting to do the same "Parental Advisory" top with the hope of finding a proper long sleeved shirt to diy and maybe, just maybe, a parental advisory logo on some shirt in a second hand shop. This goal is potentially crucial, as one should never realm a second hand shop in order to find something too specific, as disappointment is more than 90% to occur.
However, I´ve had other wishes on my mind such as finding a floor length black dress (just the simplest, maxi black dress out there), and when my (first time ever!) PayPal account will be confirmed I want to buy some fabrics and studs as well.

Source: My Spleather Addiction
Yet all this urge for diy is simply because I am waiting for a package from my mother for almost a month now. I´ve asked her to send me a few of my old summer tank tops, some hipster pants that I have been wearing since high school, 2 photo albums that I have been filling with different photos from the past and my beautiful black mirror that I´ve bought in Salem when I went to a Summer camp in Boston after finishing high school. I have been missing that mirror so much!!
So hopefully I will have a "magical old clothes" hall pretty soon.

Every time I feel spiritual, I want to listen to Faun.


  1. It's fun working with your bf. I worked at a costume shop with my bf for a summer and it was a blast. Best of luck to you in the new semester!

    1. oh and (delayed response) I'm also loving the natural beauty of stones. I want to expand my collection as well...I've got amethyst and rose quartz plugs and some amber and the moonstone necklace...I really want something in sapphire and opals...

    2. I´ve never worked with my bf in the same job before, I´m kind of afraid we will get on each other´s nerves, then again we both have different schedules....
      I would like to find a moonstone necklace! And obsidian looks so beautiful!