19 April 2014

Totenwald, Dystopian Society and Metro Culr @ Köpi

Last night we had  a triple punk gig at the infamous house project, Köpi.
I was very excited to see Dystopian Society and Metro Cult for the second time! The warm up band were Totenwald, a brand new project which Boris takes part in playing guitar. I´ve heard their music for the first time, and they were really awesome on stage! The drum machine sounded really well and full, not giving away that it was electronic at all!
The energy and vibes were great, I mostly jumped myself to exhaustion at Dystopian Society until I had no breath left! Seriously, they absolutely kicked ass and I felt like crawling up the stage and singing all the words to all the songs, since I´m listening to their album Cages  very frequently(and their new material is great as well). I love how their music is catchy, punk and dark at the same time (a bonus entertainment is me copying the band´s italian accent. I should be punished for this...).
Metro Cult were very unique, their music sounded more complex to me than the last time I saw them, so it was an interesting surprise. I loved how they´ve made post punk to sound so progressive and the synth provided by Joannah were very fitting!

I definitely recommend you guys to check both bands out, because DIY! :P

the poster I´ve made for the gig!
Unfortunately there were failing conditions to take photos. Köpi do not allow photography in general, and the only way I could take pictures was from the second floor where the sound men were sitting, and strictly without flash (reason for my love-hate relationship with the place). I gave up on the idea of taking photos because of that.... nonetheless, Totenwald will play this Tuesday in Tommy House (another house project) and I will blast a ton of photos for sure!

I did take some selfies before I left though...

N. Finsternis


  1. Ah you are so very lucky! You see so many amazing bands in Berlin. Also congratulations on finding employment in Berlin!!!
    Hope you are well.

    1. well it is Berlin after all ;) yes, being employed was a goal I had craved to achieved. I am very well, hope you as well!