26 April 2014

The Magic Of Old Clothes Haul + DIY shorts

At last, after not getting the package from m dear mother, after not knowing where to call because of a misplaced note from the postman, after crying and being utterly depressed about it, after calling the German postal service and finally getting the ends right, I´ve received my package!!!

Maybe because I was anticipating this package so much that I´ve got so disappointed for not receiving it on time, and because I´ve never had trouble with packages in Germany before. You can ask Boris how sad I was. I should not be obsessed about material things so much, but oh well.

The reason I´ve wanted to have my old clothes to me, was because of these 3/4 pants:

Like sandals, 3/4 pants are a piece of clothing that belong to the childhood for me. I don´t take them seriously.

I´ve wanted to diy these into shorts, because my former shorts have been overworn and began to fall apart this winter. I´ve also wanted to save money of course, and wanted super high waist shorts!

So I´ve carefully measured them in order to not cut too high, and when I finished I realized I am very bad in cutting shorts in general....
What I´ve went through later on to restore the damage would be an insult to the sewing craft as a whole. Let´s just say that I have successfully made them "longer again":

The pants are stretchy, so the kind of hug my legs... that´s why this length was quite enough, as I would gladly made shorter shorts with non stretch denim. But I am really happy at how it turned out, they are comfortable and most importantly- high waist!

 Along with a black mirror that I´ve bought in Salem when I went to a summer camp in Boston after finishing highschool, old photo albums and date palm filled cookies, my mother sent me some old clothes that I´ve asked her for.
There beauties I´ve worn for a good couple of years, with the plead pink pants being my high school statement. I´ve been in love with those pants so so much, I only need to take them to the seamstress to make them a lot narrower (was chubbier in my teens).

The rest of the tank tops including the fishnet dress were all precious findings at completely normal stores scattered through Haifa´s best shopping neighborhood, Hadar (where we´ve also rented our first apartment with Boris). The velvet corset like tops is second hand.
I am really dying to wear these all in the streets, but since it´s not warm enough for tank tops I will wear them for clubs. I really cherish quite a lot of my old clothes, and I think that a good find can always find a special place in one´s heart.
I hope to maybe do an outfit of the day with one of these, I stopped doing OOTD posts because it was winter and you can´t actually dress interesting in winter (me at least)...

I hope to have a somewhat relaxing weekend, because I´ve had an insane week with not an hour to rest!! Working has also taken a lot of my energy. Going to a queer party this evening to shake the stress out.
Have a wonderful weened everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. awesome shorts! and 3/4th pants are the worst.

  2. Fantastic! Big love to hauls and diy!
    And you're lovely ^_^

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    2. fists high for diy! and thank you :3