3 May 2014

Gotta Work, Bitch + First Etsy Buys

This is exactly what I haven´t been doing these past 2 weeks. Balancing work and studies is a pain in the neck that leaves not a minute to relax and not a thought for creativity...
Working as room service at a hotel is one of those things I thought I can do, but after my body was destroyed from the physical work I´ve done today I´ve come to the conclusion that it´s not for me. Going back home from a shift leaves me exhausted with no strength to even write a blog, not to mention to do homework :/
I cannot do physical work (cannot stand on feet while working because of blood flow problems) and I was brought for other things to this world. I came to Berlin to get an education and be creative, and not to polish toilets. I still keep wondering how do those 50 year old mommies do it though?

So in order to cheer myself up I´ve laid my hands on the freshly opened PayPal account and ordered some things on Etsy. I was very excited to browse the website "for real" this time, as I haven´t ever had an online monetary account before in my life!!!

I have restrained myself to buying things below 10 euros and those which I have been looking for for a long time aka stuff that I want to have because of their great meaning for me.
I would say that I´ve found Etsy to be more trustworthy and focused when it comes to jewelry and very specific stuff. One can get really lost on Ebay and it felt like a scam waiting for me around every corner...

pandoraalina on Etsy
First item that I´ve wanted for a long time now is a simple moon necklace. I was happy to find a very cheap one. It didn´t even matter to me the material from which it was made, but the round shape of the crescent. This item is something of spiritual value to me and I could find something like this in the stores.

ilovelotus on Etsy
The second item is yet another necklace, but this time a clear quartz pendant! Due to me learning the crystals since a month now I´ve really wanted a simple pendant to wear at days when I would need it. I´ve already bought a few small crystals at an esoteric shop in Berlin and so far my feeling with them has been very positive. I´ve carried an amethyst crystal with me one day when I felt in the need for calming myself, and I´ve felt a difference, which was very exciting.... The clear quartz has been shipped already (I can even track it down, wow!) and I am very excited to have it.

Note: I wasn´t too enthusiastic about buying crystals online, especially after reading some crystal guiding articles online. One should never ever buy crystals that come from China, since they are faked and thus their price is comfortably low. Real crystals cost more, but the kind of price one would want to pay for a powerful stone... I´ve asked ilovelotus what the origin of the crystal was before buying it. She said they came from Brazil, which is cool, so I´ve ordered it later on. 

I am indeed very excited to get my stuff and keep my hands from further buying! When the stuff arrives I would be happy to do a review for you guys as well, that can be fun!

N. Finsternis


  1. Hehe, my mum is one of those 50 year old mums that used to clean hotels. She's been a cleaner for her entire life though, so she's very used to it. Also, lots of energy drink.

    Nice tip with the crystals. I love them, but I've never really known what to look for in terms of quality.

    1. my mom did that too when my family immigrated to Israel, and my parents were forced to do hard physical work in order to support me. Working in that hotel made me understand how important it is to leave a tip for room service!

  2. I've been wanting a moon necklace like that too! And I hear you about standing on your feet all day. It's one of the main reasons I quit being a hairstylist and made a career change. Whenever I came home I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die

    1. Go get it! :P
      I´ve thought about training as a hairdresser but didn´t do it because of what you just said...