1 March 2013

There are lots of pictures in this post...

Finally when everything is sort of in order I can show you pictures of my room!
We still have lots of stuff laying around like suitcases or coats hanging here and there, but with time it will have more shape I hope. Maybe until then we'll have to move anyway lol...

 My dream bed!!! Too bad it's a bit broken, but well, I couldn't ask for a better bed. And of course the bats I made out of paper..

 The Secretariat! It is amazing..

 Below the table I've put my creations on the wall.

 This is my makeup table, which kind of looks more like an altar to Johnny Slut. My love for Johnny Slut will never end. The original plan was to collect lots of flyers and cover the entire wall with them.

 My decorative items expand to the window lol
The window view.

 I have been drawing a lot lately, mostly during my language course... I actually forgot that this was my main hobby until I was like 19...

 A recent look. Come on fringe, grow longer and fast like you always do.. you know you want to!

I hope you all have a beautiful Spring. Funny how I never thought I would wait for the Winter to end, because in Israel, right from the deeps of the cold January we went straight into the burning pits of hell in February, so basically Spring [not Fall] ever existed for me. I am very excited to see how Nature would change. Makes me want to feel the Fall even more, to see the red fallen leaves as they accompany my birthday. Definitely a dream that would soon come true ^^

And another thing:
I recently finished writing one of many short gay stories that I tend to be so obsessed with.
So if anyone's interested in reading some romantic gay depressing but pleasing goodies just tell me! I'll be happy to send it to you via email and most important- here your opinion! I criticize myself a lot when it comes to writing!
And now I shall go read Rainer Maria Rilke's novel.

How I missed this band :)
Searching for the perfect hair cut made me come back to them.

+ Nebel Violet +

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  1. The Secretary is so beautiful... I love such stuff... and the drawings are cool... and I like your Style...