11 February 2013

Tanzkommando Untergang & Spear of Destiny concert

Yesterday I went to Spear of Destiny, which were supported by the beloved Tanzkommando Untergang.
The concert was great, but SOD kind of sounded more like hair metal than the punk they used to be. So they pretty much sucked, I only enjoyed Tanzkommando, and that's why I only took pictures of them.

Lately I have been feeling more comfortable going to different events and parties, because step by step I stop feeling like a stranger in a huge new world, and come to understand more or less how things work out here.
I am planning on taking a lot of pictures of events and different people, because everything inspires me so much. 
There was like a ton of things happening this weekend, I'll save the rest for another post!

And this is how you store beer when you have no room in the fridge!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. cannot wait to see ur future shots of new adventures!


  2. Look at all the new important things you're discovering - like how to store beer properly! :D

    1. Haha my father said they were hanging food from the window in the winter when he went to college!