4 February 2013

I don't want to be just Goth

A taboo topic! My favorite thing to do after watching a 2 day marathon of Gossip Girl. Spare me the insults, I hate myself anyway...

So I've been wanting to write about this a while now, because ever since my coming to Berlin I feel like I love everything; I have so much love for everything new I see, I let myself get influenced by the things I consider beautiful, in music, fashion and art. That's why I am bringing a very complicated theme out of the pit: Should you be only focused on Goth, if you really want to be a Goth?

It sounds square, I know, but after few years of searching the internet for Goth things only, listening to loads of Trad Goth bands and EBM, I cannot confess that I want something more.
This question arose with Boris and me the past days: What will come next? We are looking at those amazing pictures of Souxsie and Peter Murphy for the last 30 years. And what of it? Sure, it's amazing and the music is timeless, but I have the feeling there should come something new, something that evokes out of the Batcave, the 80's spirit, and creates something new, or perhaps completely different, but still stays in touch with the beloved Old School roots.

I assure you that I am not tired of Goth. Nonsense, I can tell from myself and other people that you can always find something new in the subculture, and that's the whole beauty about it. I guess I just like finding something new from time to time, making myself dig deeper into different kinds of music and ways to express my sense of style. Flatter, flatter....

I hope that this is something not only I am having. I hope this is a feeling that can only inspire you to make something different and interesting. I frankly feel that being alternative has so much to it, like a whole world of things you can personally define them as alternative, as an odd one out, regardless if it's something that has been defined already in that category or not.
And I believe this is so important, to still have the curiosity and interest for searching for new things, wanting to know more, giving this "Goth" a new sense, which in the end is something so personal only you yourself could tell what for you is Goth and how it accompanies your passion for the subculture.

What I really want to say is that, you should never limit yourself to what is being offered to you. Search and look around. And you could find lots of different alternative things that can compliment that rich dark and mysterious core in you.

And with that being said [I hope you fucking shedding tears here, I just used my best fucking speech skills!] I would like to share the new things I love and consider Gothy for myself.
I am looking forward to know what inspires you lately.

+ Nebel Violet +