20 January 2014

The Spontaneous Ripped Leggings DIY

I´ve used to have these plain black leggings that I´ve altered half a year ago. I´ve cut a few horizontal lines across the front of each leg.

However, that result wasn´t looking too good, since there were like 4 lines on each leg. They´ve stretched and looked too random. Like this:

From the unforgettable witch shooting! And god how I miss wearing my punk jacket!

They might look not as bad on this picture, but I guess they were just too boring for me....
So last week I´ve cut some more horizontal lines between the already existing ones to reduce the fabric between them.
I´ve managed to draw this one for you:

The arrows show the direction of each line. Some where cut out parallel, some across the entire leg. I didn´t go too low with the lines, however. I also didn´t cut triangles! Just lines. The back of each leg remained untouched like before. 
This is the result:

The parallel lines look so good!!! It´s also a nice feel that the cut outs begin relatively high, making the leggings look like shorts. So far they are a blast to wear over colored stockings, and since it´s too cold I cannot wear another pair of ripped stocking underneath like in the first picture.

These leggings didn´t have seams on the outer sides!!! So I had to imagine how far the cut out should go. They are also more lycra leggings than cotton, so the stretchy effect looks better, in my opinion.

Hair color is very light dependent, so I have to edit pictures in order to show you how it really shines :)

Fun Fact: I don´t know if I am the only one like this, but I have problem wearing leggings and stockings that are my size. Whenever I buy stocking I always take them one size bigger, because when wearing them in my size, they tend to slide down my crotch and it´s terribly annoying (that´s the reason why I despised stockings as a kid and hated wearing skirts). With one size bigger however, they gather on my hips and crotch and just stay there XD. Kind of hard to explain, but that´s my secret for happy stocking wearing, I guess.

I had fun doing this little DIY. Mostly I was surprised the it turned out so well!!

Tips on buying and altering leggings:
  • If you want to wear them as pants, make sure to check that they are NOT see through! We all know how horrific leggings as pants look like, so covering your fuzzy bat with belts or a long tank top can´t hurt.
  • Leggings have one weak spot- their waist. Make sure to check that there´s a nice tight elastic sewn to the waist. When searching for thermo leggings for winter I´ve had a headache finding normal ones because each time the elastic was shitty. You can always replace the elastic on your own of course, but that´s easy as pie if you have a sewing machine. I don´t.
  • Cotton leggings and spandex-like leggings look different. Especially when cut out, cotton leggings tend to look more simple (I guess?) so I think that with cotton ones you would want to cut smaller lines. But it really depends on what you´re going for, so maybe it doesn´t matter as much :)
Hope this post was fun to you and filled you with energy to DIY, or make holes in your clothes at least :D
I want to make a "goth winter warm leggings" post soon, so stay tuned!

N. Finsternis


  1. yeah the new leggings look much much better! and probably a good idea not to cut the back. I one time cut up a pair of pants...including the back... and the whole thing somehow tangled into a mess

    1. I used to think that not cutting the back would be boring, but hell it isn´t! I think that with pants that are not stretchy it can be a problem, as the fabric grows twice as much!

  2. Oooh, I love the one size bigger stocking tip. I hate when that happens.

    1. yay, I´m happy someone found that one useful!

  3. Hi! I'm new to your blog and so far I really like it. I WISH I could buy stocking and leggings a size bigger, but I'm 6 feet tall, so even the biggest sizes tend to either sag in the crotch or be too big in the waist. Ugh. Anyway, I am now inspired to go cut up a pair of leggings. :D

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for liking the blog, first of all :)
      You are right, I should have mentioned that plus size or miniature women might not find my advice very helpful, but maybe cutting a bit from the fabric will make the tights more stretchy, since the fabric grows around your leg!