14 January 2014

The 100 Day Song Challenge: Days 4 - 7

Day 4: A song you can remember your parents listening to.

This is hard, because my mother and father listened to different kids of music, not to mention my mother was blasting Russian classical music from time to time. But I guess this is where I start with the culturally diverse answers. Here we go, heavy Russian artillery:

Тонкий шрам на любимой попе / Андрей Макаревич + Максим Леонидов

God, where do I even begin to describe this? This song is called "a thin scar on a beloved butt" and is about how a man passionately, and in a somewhat intelligent humor describes his beloved woman´s behind, and it having a tempting little scar on the left cheek.
If this isn´t enough for you, and the fact that I as a little girl was forced to hear this song in the car almost all the time, then maybe the horrific video will make your day.
Funny enough, the two musicians who sing the song are actually well respected in Russia, one of them having a pretty good jazz-like band called The Time Machine, which always were a huge family favorite.
But this is just the tip of the great Russian iceberg, I assure you.

Day 5: A song a friend likes but you don´t.

Try and dig up something that Boris likes and I don´t. There is not a lot of music which we disagree on, except for the occasional unknown post punk bands that I like putting on a loop and Boris can´t determine their significance. 

Jaques Brel - Amsterdam

Boris loves French chansons, he adores them! It´s not that I really dislike Brel or his songs, but I really don´t have a lot of patience for them, and sometimes they annoy me. Maybe it´s because this is another genre my mother used to blast in the kitchen, and it gets on my nerves ever since. I do love Brel´s emotional expression to each of his songs, it is really unforgettable.

Day 6: a novelty song.

Time to jump into the multi cultural pool again, and I can´t help but bring another Russian classic here. It was one of my favorite songs as a kid (still is) and probably plays the same role for many Russian people as well. This song was also a huge hit at the time, and has reached a cult height, if I do say so myself:

Ногу Свело - Хару Мамбуру

The band Nogu Svelo (sorry, can´t translate this...) is in its essence a novelty band, and mostly being regarded as one of many Russian "rock" bands that disguise pop music behind rock song arrangements (called Rockopops in Russian). Yet Boris and I´ve always believed otherwise, and although people don´t take the band seriously, we sometimes do.
This song has absolutely no meaning, it is a collection of syllables in Gibberish, which makes it so awesome. In terms of instrumental and (as always made by the incredible singer + bassist Max Pakrovsky) vocal performance I think this song is insane. Dear Nogu Svelo have a lot of good other novelty songs up their sleeve, yet they require knowledge in the Russian language/ culture :)

Day 7: One of your favorite songs.

I´ll just gonna pic one randomly, because I have a feeling I will meet similar questions along the way:

Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

Can listen to this song all the time, and watch the video all the time. I cannot process other Culture Club music, however. Got to love the style and the dub influences in this one, it is also a great chill out and dance song in my opinion!
Fun Fact: Boy George wears a white sweatshirt in this video which says "Human Culture" in Hebrew on it! Whether it is intentional or they´ve tried to translate the band´s name literally, the´ve failed either way.

Hope this was eye opening to you, and I hope to include more diverse and obscure multi culti stuff here. And as always, if you have your own answers to each question, pleas do share!

Have an awesome rest of the week!

N. Finsternis


  1. Lol our parents were exactly alike. ALL THOSE RUSSIAN SONGS! My mom and dad still listen to the same 10 old Russian songs. My dad changes the Russian songs with Jewish ones, and my mom changes the Russian songs with French ones. I think I must have heard maybe 15 songs total growing up. 15 songs and their techno remixes. #5 my husband occasionally listens to these 20 min 80s metal guitar solos that only metal guitarists would like (Yngwie Malmsteen). #6 anything by The Fugs. They're a joke band and I love all of their songs. In fact, the unfortunate blog name that I chose is named after their song Mutant Stomp. My favorite song is Dirty Old Man. #7 lol just one? Flower by Converter

    1. That´s so true, I indeed grew to like 15 Russian songs as well XD
      Oh gotta hate those solo guitarists, they are super talented, but they sound the same!