24 August 2013

The Goth Challenge - Days 23, 24 & 25

Day 23: Your favorite artist or photographer?

A lovely question. I like certain artists, photographers especially. I have a few favorite photographers, like Hetsche Letche [HornyKitty] and Giorgina N. [Blekotakra], they have inspired me so much and every single photo by these amazing artist make me want to jump into their world and create the same atmosphere.
But my most favorite would have to be Irina Ionesco.
She's a bitch, is in trial with her daughter for years and has never learned photography. I absolutely adore everything she ever did, her pictures are fashion related as well as gothic. Whenever I browse her pictures I think "this is the kind of pictures I want to make". She really inspired me in so many ways. I do hate the pictures where her daughter Eva poses, I think they are horrible. Everything else I love to death. Also, there is a very good film that Eva Ionesco directed about her being photographed in the infamous erotic pictures as a child by her mother, it's called My Little Princess. Very recommended.
I happen to own a copy of a magazine called ZOO, where Irina Ionesco is interviewed, and some of her unpublished work is presented. I really am a huge fan.

Day 24: Name the best website for goths.

Only one? I shall do you a favor and name 3.
  1. Wikipedia. Want to know the theory of Goth? Fucking read about it. There is no website that can explain so neutrally what goth is. I have such a bad experience with over the top dramatic "what is goth" websites, the worst of them were Russian or Ukranian [those people live in a fantasy, they have nicknames for each other in real life as if they were re-living the Vamipre Freaks experience. They also tell so much bullshit you start believing goth IS about cutting yourself and being depressed. Gives me the shivers every time I remember those websites]. There perhaps should be a question in this challenge to name the worst websites for goths, seriously. Just read about the genres, about the bands, about anything! Wikipedia is also great for discovering new kind of genres, reading about the history of each band, and it gives you an amazing overview. Very informative in general. 
  2. Youtube. Want to hear awesome and super rare music? Want to see real live goths talk to you? Fucking see it and believe it. Youtube is direct, real, and an infinite source for, again, discovering new bands and genres. Oh the amazing nights spent alone discovering beauties like Neva, Kan Kan and Metro Decay, which were recommended to me. You can discover tons of channels, who happen to upload the music of those rare bands so you can enjoy them! In my babybat years I have happened to have such a channel, where have I uploaded some of Birthday Party, Cinema Strange and Corpus Delicit, as well as some funny doodles from high school and concerts I attended. Here is the channel, hope you'll find it entertaining! 
  3. Torrent. I hate to break your little hearts over this one, but the music era has changed. There is nothing like finding the rarest and beloved music on a torrent website, downloading it for your heart to enjoy. No, I do not buy music. No, I do not think it's a bad thing to download. Even Boris, who makes his own music understand the value of downloading and the fact that the music industry is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago. In fact, the few CDs that I own were gifts or bought in order to "have the original" because I liked the CD so much I've actually decided to buy it. The rarest post punk out there - is in the torrent websites, waiting to be downloaded because no one will ever find the damn CD in any store in the world!!! I do not go against buying music, I appreciate people who buy vinyls and cds for the sake of the idea, it is really nice and a good thing to do. I just happen to enjoy the freedom of downloading, and the fact that if I have downloaded some music that I don't really like, no harm done, I shall erase it, without having the guilt after spending money on it. So yeah, there are so many clear advantages for downloading, and I do believe that artists today need to think of another way to make money, perhaps concerts or other things. There, I said it, now you know.
Day 25: Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Nope. Seriously, I haven't, because after embracing goth and becoming what I am, I became so happy with who I was and am today. I love developing into goth and goth grows with me, and I do want to be a goth parent one day. I think that goth is a huge part of me, and on top of all, it made me love who I am. Besides, when you grow in a country where "the subculture" is nothing but an image you see on pictures from the yearly Wave Gotik Treffen, you understand that "the subculture" is within you. I still feel the same after moving to Berlin. Something very personal that connects you to goth stays within you, no matter the place.

A lot has been going on in the humble life of yours truly. You're welcome to suggest ideas for posts.

N. Finsternis


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    1. Oh cool thank you so much for tagging me! However I have already did this challenge before :X
      I will send you the link to the post on your post. Thanks anyway I am flattered! :)

  2. wow great post. now off I go to tumblr, to reblog a million Irina Ionesco photos!

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