30 August 2013

OPEN YOUR MOUTH - LGBT Rights Demonstration!

Tomorrow I am attending a demonstration against the new Russian homophobic law which regards projection of homosexuality as illegal and forbids any gay activism.
The demonstration is held in Berlin, and will make it's way to the Russian embassy.

For me personally the openly homophobic law in Russia is a very painful matter. I personally believe it is cruel to regard to a group of people as illegal and to take away their rights. The same thing happened in the year 1933 and so many other times.
There are a lot of reasons to support LGBT rights, but there is one that I find really close to my heart:
There is so much hatred in this world, so much loneliness and sadness, that when two people finally feel love and are happy, one must not take that away from them. It is inhuman to call any form of love illegal or false.

I am calling to any possible readers from Berlin that read/ stumble upon this blog.
Join us tomorrow! We must speak out! Don't be silent!

If any of you live in a city anywhere in the world which has a similar demonstration, I highly recommend to participate. Each person can contribute so much, and maybe we could change something.

Click here to read more about the demonstration.
A friend had told me that the demo. at Tel Aviv has been reported on the Russian news. I can only imagine how tomorrow would be like! I am so excited!!! Hopefully Boris will photograph so I could put some pictures here!


On a side note, I have been very busy lately and soon will have a language exam that will determine my acceptance to the university! I also have a few posts in plan including a [post] punk vest I've made and some other new finds. Updates will come soon enough.

Take care and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

N. Finsternis


  1. That is great of you! If there were any demonstrations around were I live I would definitely join. I think it's is horrible and retrograde to create laws agains love between two adults.

    1. Definitely! I've wondered which cities are also making this kind f demonstration, I was surprised that they did it both in Tel Aviv and in the city where I lived, Haifa, which is small and not that central in comparison.

  2. "It is inhuman to call any form of love illegal or false." Very true.

    A bit of a late reply, but this is wonderful. Thanks so much for doing this. Fortunately, I live in an incredibly supportive city. We're able to have pride parades instead of demonstrations, and I'm grateful for that.

    On a separate note, I shall have to check to see if you did post pictures of your post-punk vest. I'm excited to see. :)

    1. That demo was awesome, it actually felt more like a pride parade than a demo. Berlin is one of the gay metropolises, so yeah it´s really cool here.

      I did post the vest!! here´s a link: http://nebelviolet.blogspot.de/2013/09/diy-punk-vest-lgbt-demo-outfit-face.html