10 December 2013

Cross Accessories Collection + New Shoes!

Finally had time to take pictures of all my cross necklaces and earrings put together.

A couple of these crosses were shown in "The Symbols That I Wear" post.
All of the crosses are not silver, and each has costed me less than 2 euros.

This is the latest add to the collection, a really awesome cross that I accidentally found at a mall in a store called Null Karrat, a sort of very expensive do it yourself jewelry store. The cross however was only 1 euro. It has a really cool acrylic eye in the middle. Looks really crazy!
Also, the 2 earrings above it are new as well. They were sold as a pair and I actually have 2 of these, because I've wanted small cross earrings to put in my third ear piercing and ended buying 2. The long one I haven't wore yet.

Fun fact: I would have never wore nor own so many crosses back in Israel. Because you see, everything in Israel is super religion related, Jewish religion related in particular. Among the very few Christians in Israel (which belong almost entirely to various ethnic minorities) it is very odd for someone who is not Christian, and especially a young man/ teenager, to wear crosses. That's why all the cross trend wasn't so popular there, at least as I remember a year ago (!) before leaving. That's why the only cross accessory I wore in Israel was my cross earring which I've made (laying to the right of the eye-cross in the big picture).
I'm very pleased that I can find endless, and most importantly- cheap crosses here in Germany.

And now, shoooz!

Purchased these today, also found by accident. I wasn't even going to buy shoes until I saw these.
I actually brought almost exact shoes with me from Israel, but they didn't survive the winter and were too cold to wear. I really hope these would serve me well, because it's the exact kind of shoes I was missing!!!

Hopefully some outfits will come soon!

N. Finsternis


  1. so many crosses! my fave is the earring the is more "gothic" style (the architecture I mean..)


    1. Thanks! I actually like the basic crosses more :)

  2. I love love eyes and crosses (even though I'm not christian). I just like the geometric shape of it. I'm kind of liking the trend of the inverted crosses. It reminds me of the "satanic panic" of the 90s when all the parents thought the goth kinds were devil worshippers. haha

    1. I love the crosses for the same reason! It was never a religious thing for me when it came to symbols. Well, I do sort a very deep meaning for symbols, but I don't wear crosses in order to relate them to christianity. I dig the inverted crosses as well, but I haven't found any in the stores, the normal ones do fine :)