5 December 2013

The Wings Of Desire + Gruftschlampen concert

I had a pretty busy week, and completely forgot to share here the photos from last weekend.
Boris had another concert with The Wings Of Desire, this time with our lovely friends Brita and Kokel of the Gruftschlampen.
The night was just great, both bands played very well, the music was awesome but most importantly- the atmosphere was very personal and warm, thanks to the people of course :)
Unlike my previous dismay from society mention after the first The Wings Of Desire gig, this concert was very positive, kicking and powerful. I literary wanted more after the bands finished playing.
I also put my small share in decorating the place using wool to make it look like spiderwebs. The organizer of the event was so stoked about it he helped me a lot, what made it look perfect :)

Here are some pics:

The batcave spiderweb! Wasn't too seen in other photos since it was too dark.


Boris only decided to post a few pictures for now, and save the most for later on.
I've also made a video of one of his songs! It was unfortunately too dark to have a descent video recording, so I've edited it a bit so one could actually see more than just a black screen:

Please do check the bands on Facebook! Your support is what makes us alive :)
Other fun photos and outfit of that night will follow!
Have a calm weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis

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  1. looks like a fun night!!