29 December 2013

Happy New Year / Hair!

Since I come from a Russian family where Christmas has absolutely no meaning and the new year is like the biggest holiday ever, you can imagine my level of ignorance towards the passed jolly holiday. The next 2 final days of 2013 are going to be very festive for me however, so I thought I´d share some of my resolutions here with you.

We didn´t really have a tree this year, because we are going to eventually move this year, and there´s nothing more uncomfortable having a new year´s tree in a none-permanent house... but I´ve collected some fir twigs from the forest nearby and set them in a bouquet on my altar, with some additional cones. It looks lovely with red candles.

This year has been more than crays. I´ve got so many life changing things done!!! In January Boris and I have made our dream come true and moved from Israel to Berlin. We´ve gone from different horrible apartments/ flat sharing until we found a sort-of permanent flat share in Summer. We´ve also managed to pimp out German so well that we´ve even got into University this Autumn! I still can´t believe I am officially a student, I thought I wasn´t too bright for studying, but I´ve proved myself wrong.
We´ve also made such good friends over this year, friends that felt more close to us than (almost) all the people in Israel we´ve ever met, friends that introduced us to interesting music and the many different people around us, people the made the gothic scene here alive.
We were happy to create here. Boris finally managed to record his songs and began making concerts, and I was more than happy to help him build a concept for his project, to kick his ass when he needed it, cheer him up and encourage him to do whatever the hell his heart wishes to do no matter what.
I´ve had lots of fun DIY-ing this year, from clothes to making photoshoots with beautiful people, to band logos and dying my hair.

Speaking of which, behold the Christmas miracle. I went from blonde to ginger!


Kinda forgot to make this "face of the day" post, hehe.


Had fun photoshopping myself just like I used to do when I was 14. I felt so glamorous!
 The camera shows the color variously. Let´s just say it´s more of a bright orange color, which sometimes glows like neon orange in the sun! I dyed it with Henna, which was the best hair dying in ma life!!! More detailed info on that in a different post, including the reason I´ve decided to change the awesome blonde. I am more than happy from the result, I´ve always wanted ginger hair and it looks so wicked!

This year was very very hard on top of everything. All those cool adventures in this new world of Berlin forced us to go through a ton of difficult adjustments, uncertain times and constant hard work. I´ve lost my confidence and faith in myself a couple of times, but with Boris´ help I was happy again to go through everything, because eventually the stuff that was happening which I´ve called suffering, have made us both stronger and proud of ourselves for not giving up, going for our dreams and staying awesome.

Fun Fact: Whenever it new year time, I sit down one evening to read the horoscope prognosis for me and for Boris. Call me old fashioned, but my mother used to do this and whenever she read mine on some occasional female oriented Russian website, they were always right. ALWAYS. I am really excited about this year, because the horoscope was particularly curious.
Of course I do not blindly believe that what I read will take place, but it´s just more fun like that :)

This year my blog got recognition more than ever, I have over 70 followers and I am so so thankful for that!!! So I want to thank you guys for being here and subscribing, checking out my silly sarcastic nonsense and my angsty photography.
I really appreciate you checking my stuff out, because it really means the world to me. Heck, being recognized by other people is an individual soul´s little orgasm! So thanks you so so much for being here.

I wish you all an amazing new year, that all you´re plans and goals will come true, that you will always have the strength to work on and achieve your biggest wishes. And that you will always be your gothy selves, alive and kicking, and never ever ever have a doubt about yourself and what you do! You are all beautiful and special.
And remember- the way you´ll great the new year, that´s how it shall be! ;)
See you all next year!

My fav new year song.

N. Finsternis


  1. Happy new year! I hope it's a good one for you, and that your new flat is a nice one (I'm also doing a flat search right now). The ginger is nice, btw. :)

  2. wow what an exciting year! best wishes for the next one! and the ginger looks great on you :)

    1. Indeed it was. Thank you dear and happy new year!! ;)

  3. You had an amazing year! It's great to read happy stories for once :) I hope your new year will be even more better.

    1. Thanks so much! hope you´re year will be a good one too!

  4. 2013 seems so beautiful in your review--I'm happy to hear that you've been happy. I wish you all the best in 2014. May your days be bright. :)

    Also--henna? I'm interested to see the details. Henna never worked for me. (You look great, by the way).

    1. Thank you!! I wish you too a productive new year!!!

      henna works better on lighter hair, my brown roots didn´t catch the color as well as the blonde, but I hope that it will work better with time. There is also black henna!