1 January 2014

Pinterest Win - Jewelry Organizer

Starting this year off with some quality blogging (as if...). I´m still kind of still coming out from last night. Greeting the new year was magical, loud and certainly unforgettable, but it´s now all behind, and who wants to be stuck in the border between both old and new years, right?

So off we go with some DIY that requires nothing but the biggest passion of all people which I am happy not share- chocolate.

So I´ve stumbled upon this Pinterest how-to on using ice cube forms to store earrings. Since I didn´t have any ice cube forms, I´ve decided on a different approach.
We had quite a lot of chocolate in our house due to the visit of Boris´ parents. I´ve fortunately come to the conclusion that I HATE chocolate, all kinds of it (which previously had been only relevant to dark chocolate), so the different kinds of chocolate candy being given to us so kindly were no fun for me.
After Boris ate it all I´ve decided to use one of the forms to store my earrings!

I´ve cleaned it with baby wipers and this is the result:

Kind of reminds you of Gaudi, doesn´t it?
I have a LOT of earrings, most of them are not paired. So the chocolate candy forms are very useful!

This may be helpful to you if you are:
  • A poor student
  • Constantly/ eventually will move from one place to another and have no reason to do something fancy like those frame canvas jewelry holders.
  • Don´t have enough room for those frame canvas jewelry holders/ something that would look more aesthetically pleasing and utterly feminine.
Happy New Year once more, hopefully more practical posts to come!
Love you all!

N. Finsternis


  1. I used to have a drawer of tangled jewelry and then I threw out everything. I tried to keep organized, but then I just go back to my "throw everything into a pile" self. The above seems like a great idea for people who can actually keep organized!

    1. I´ve made this diy because I had enough of tangled earrings and stuff. I hate it when it gets all messy and then I forget about cool necklesses or earrings that I love and used to wear all the time.

  2. This is awesome. ^_^ (Well, everything that hast to do with chocolate is.) I really like your humorous way of writing!

    1. Yaay, at last somebody expressed love for my cynical self! :D

  3. I love this idea its such a great way of re using rubbish.

    1. thanks! Though after all this time I might be needing a bigger organizer ;)