25 December 2013

My 2013 in Music

I have postponed it long enough, it´s time to sit down and write this!
This traditional yearly music post is something I´ve carried on since the days of my former Israeli Blog. Now I have to put all my insane music experience from this year and sum it up to 5/6 bands.

Speaking of which, this year was insane in many many ways. I would like to dedicate a post to that matter, as there would probably be a shit ton of things to say and to mention (I´m a big lover of new year resolutions) so lets focus on music only this time.
I can´t even begin to describe how many new and interesting bands I´ve discovered/ met this year!!! Old and new, live and recorded, this year was probably more about music than anything....

So I shall try my best to bring up here the bands that I´ve happened to experience in many mediums, such as in concert, personally and through the mp3 format....


Would have been pretty weird not to mention the band that I first saw live in Berlin, who I´ve photographed so many times and through them found another direction to my photography style. The band from which I´ve made my first best friends in Berlin, who were such lovely company at all times, who made me feel so happy about moving to Berlin, enjoying the scene here, and realizing that I´ve never had such an experience of togetherness in my life. Live concerts were always a lot of fun, and much memorable.
By the way, the band has released a recording of their new material! Check it out!


Утро - Utro

Probably my most favorite russian band in the world, I´ve discovered them thanks to Marta (picture above) along with many many good other bands. I´ve probably poked every living thing with this band, and the way I love their music would be described by other people as "totally exaggerated". But that stupid demo, recorded probably in the bathroom with over-the-top reverb on every single guitar string made me want to listen to them endlessly, and feeling so badass to their music I dreamed about making a cover band just to play those 4 songs.... If you don´t know about this band you probably shouldn´t tell me, because that would cause major brainwashing from my side about how great they are...


The Laughing Mothers

Moving along to another unknown band which has 2 songs only, The Laughing Mothers were a huge inspiration for me. And each time I´ve listened to those 2 songs I´ve asked myself how come I could be satisfied only by them, how come I didn´t crave for more music from this band, how come only 2 songs were enough? Yet this is the thing with unknown goth bands, it´s when you understand through their music why they´ve remained unknown. So I saw it very positively for this band to have only 2 songs. 2 songs that have been playing on my ipod for the entire year.


OK So I have 2 most favorite russian bands. Next to Утро one of the bands I obsessively listened to this year are Scofferlane. Unfortunately not very active lately, this one modern band has such a varied musical style! I found Nick Cave, The Birthday Party and Psychedelic stuff creeping in some songs, and the energy, and general sexyness of the singer has made this band one of my favorite modern bands!! I am dying to see them live one day and take pictures of course..


Metro Decay

How can I not mention here one of my favorite bands (I think I am repeating myself with this one...). As said above with Утро, I have the same love affair with this amazing greek post punk band. They have inspired me so much over this year, that I have even made a fan video for the first time in my life! If you are not familiar with this band, beware of me, let´s put it that way. I can´t really put my love for their music into words, and again, when saying "music" I mean those 2/3 songs from their only album that I´m constantly listening to. Somehow those songs have something very secret in them, which makes me remember about very old times when I haven´t even existed. Have I mentioned it is hard to put my feelings into words with this one?

my fan video!


And Also The Trees

At nostalgic times and in a romantic mood, I´ve listened to them quite a lot. And Also The Trees are indeed one of my favorite post punk bands, they have something very mysterious to them which makes me want to discover well known songs again and again. Be it their folk influences or the poetic lyrics, I just love the special atmosphere they give everything when I listen to them. I would have to use the word nostalgic here again, because this is exactly what they are for me. In general I am very happy to know this band, they make me feel complete.


I would have to stop here, since the above were my main music nurture. Other old and modern bands that I´ve discovered this year such as The Bellicose Minds (whom I was so happy to see live and photograph), Paralisis Permanente, 13th Chime and Lebanon Hannover (pics from gig here) have accompanied me through this really intense year.
Luckily, and leaving Israel behind had it´s fair share in it, this year I´ve put all the EBM and Aggrotech music behind. Stuff that I´ve used to listen to at parties back in Israel were irrelevant to me this year, because it was all about guitar music all year round, which I am very happy for.
I have no included Boris´ The Wings Of Desire in this list, because he´s there with me all the time anyway. Yet news about that are soon to come.

I am so excited to have discovered so many interesting bands this year, this time not by lurking through youtube all by myself but thanks to friends! I am looking forward to see and hear more bands next year!

Tell me what was your 2013 like in music! You can make a post about it, that can be awesome!
I wish you all a happy Christmas/ Winter Solstice!

N. Finsternis

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