16 December 2013

The Wings Of Desire Logo

Thank you guys for your warm comments on the previously unintended self pity post. I usually don´t share overly emotional stuff like that online (not anymore) in fear of proving that all sarcastic people are very miserable inside.
Yet please don´t see it as if living in Berlin is a torture for me. It is quite the opposite, but getting what you want in life can sometimes be a total ass.

But anyway, I´ve wanted to share this logo I made for Boris´ post punk project, The Wings Of Desire.

It all started thanks to a spontaneous brainstorming at a pub, after an idea for a logo for Monowelt (my beloved friend´s Marta Cold Wave band) came up. We´ve continued to ramble about it until I found myself sitting for hours at home bringing my best Paint and Picasa skills into action.
We´ve also discussed with Boris if the main idea for the logo fitted what he wanted, but since no other image came to our minds and went with the name of the band so well, we were very pleased to finally publish it on Facebook:

I won´t show you the original picture from which it was copied ;) but it was fun to make and I think the final result is simple, clear, not complicated enough to understand and will look awesome on a pin, which is another thing we´re planning to do.
We also had in mind to use this image as a template and spray it as graffiti on chick and youth popularized neighborhoods in the city. Still need to find the perfect plastic material for that project, and some nice paint. I´ve wanted to make graffiti since I was a kid, but really good and conceptual :P

I might go over on this again as I master photoshop a bit. I´m not completely satisfied with how the back and shoulders of the figure came out, but so far so good.

Fun Fact: making band logos and all that cool visual shit was NEVER something that was good nor easy for me. I was never of these people who could fart out a concert and it would have been perfectly catchy. If I would to think of an idea, say, a visual representative of something, it would have taken me days of frustration to come up with something. I´m so happy that this burst of creativity make me create something so useful. And if it´s something I passionately love doing, is to help Boris promote and represent The Wings Of Desire.

Have a great week everyone! Christmas is just around the corner! (surprisingly aware of this because I do not live in a Jewish country anymore. lol).

N. Finsternis


  1. I think it is extremely interesting to follow how Wings of Desire as a project and a way of self expression developes. :) I just seldom feel bold enough to comment, because I am rather tone deaf, so I am not much of a one to criticise music. >_> But I love the way you share those little funny facts!

    1. Thanks for showing interest!! :) It makes me so excited, when people from different countries are exposed to Boris´ music!