21 November 2013

My Favorite Internet Memes

I love the internet. We all do. Internet is where very important things in my life happen, may it sound tragic or not. I socialize there, I laugh there, I study there, I fill there my head with new random knowledge I wouldn't find anywhere else, I express myself there, I orientate myself with it, I listen to music there, I find closure for my childhood trauma of not having my own room as a kid + teenager by creating blogs/ profiles on web communities and therefore let my soul find peace again, there.... and the list is obviously endless.

But there is this thing that we all as a society fear off, is internet making us stupider and lazier, or bringing false values into our lives that we find super important but are actually "fake" because they are not essentially [nor physically] a part of our living world.
One of these things is the presence of internet jokes, like fail videos, games, and memes, that when looked upon arose a ton of emotion, but practically meaningless.
Well guess what? I'm crazy about those kind of things.

I love memes, not because it's a stupid picture/ cartoon that everyone can understand whatever the context it's being brought to or the language we speak, but because they are so meaninglessly hilarious.
Think about it, the pictures that we call memes, that are popping in almost every facebook conversation [and therefore making it two times funnier] won't even exist if the internet had never been invented.
But what I like most about memes if not their catchyness, but how highly creative the people who made them are. Even the simplest mobile photos can easily become popular and "catch up", making other people want to do the "same trick where you don't see whom the heads belong to when a couple is being photographed while embracing each other in a bad perspective".

Here I shall present a few of my favorite memes, some may not only be in English. Hope you'll enjoy! :)

Let's start with the classics:
Me Gusta

Me Gusta is very simple, you don't need to understand much [well, as far as memes could get...]. You can easily relate to any situation Me Gusta is brought in, and the various face adaptations like Robert Smith are hilarious!

Bad Luck Brian

This meme is pretty cruel, considering my well experience with bullying + how it is to awkward. But only by looking at the poor guy you ask yourself if the picture is too good to be true, and then you can't stop laughing. What makes this one so funny is the mere idea behind it that makes it so unfortunate each time! XD

Face Swapping:

There's not a lot to explain here. It's a hilarious idea and it's surreal!

And moving on to newer ones,
Pinterest Fail

What I love about this one is that people actually can laugh themselves, and I found a whole website dedicated to Pinterest fails where people not only post their fails but give advice on what they would do differently next time they try to pull the craft off. I find the food fails especially hilarious. 


There is also a Russian equivalent:

Lol Jesus

In The Way Guy

This is just so clever! The mass humiliation you get for ruining a proposal picture!

Before I introduce you to my favorite meme, I would like to share some Russian ones that maybe a few of my readers are familiar with :)

Безысходность - Despair
This is basically a meme combining cultural figures such as cartoon characters, tv celebrities and what not, black and white + forest paintbrush and you get your somewhat gothic meme, portraying the most naiive characters in a very dark and depressive way. Also the possible usage of dust in products such as cigarettes or chewing gum.

"Help Dora to find the meaning of Life".

"Will not save."

Показалось - Seemed like...
Your typical perspective tricks, but somehow in Russian it looks funnier.

Seemed like... - what did it seem like?

And alas, my favorite meme of all time:

Well, I had much fun doing this post! ;)
I hope you've enjoyed it, and please do share your favorite memes! You can also do a post about it that can be fun too :)
I know there are quite a lot goth memes out there, but I don't know how they're called so I couldn't find much. Well, maybe next time I'll do an alternative meme post, of punk, goth and metal memes!

Have a great misty weekend!

N. Finsternis


  1. memes from other countries are so fascinating. I'm personally loving the Thanks Obama! meme: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/thanks-obama

  2. haha, that's a hilarious one! XDD