19 November 2013

The Wings Of Desire Concert Outfit

I've felt [and feeling] rather nu/ pastel goth lately and have decided to dress a bit differently for Boris' last concert:

The fishnet shirt and the skirt were a nice finding at the local outlet store [C&A] they were a bit above my usual price but I just had to get it. The outfit was very comfortable!
Although I've wanted to crimp my hair again I ended up not having time [nor patience] so I've made a bun [and decorated it with  black rose hair clips] that's untangled itself to a ponytail. My hair is not too long for making nice looking hair buns, not to mention I am crappy when it comes to hair does.

Boris' outfit: 

He's styled himself, as previously said :) I always forget to diy this vest of his, it's Pink Floyd patches are not enough!

Overall, and as I've forced you to notice, I'm having quite the pastel mood raping the blog recently.
The reason to this is because it's this time again when I feel that my style + style preferences are changing and I want to try new things and experiment with outfits, and bring other alternative or fashionable elements to my outlook. I don't have the money nor the will to switch my entire close to pastel, nor would I dress 100% pastel, but something in me wants to have baby pinks items and glitter here and there. It will probably wear off pretty soon, so bare the lilac explosion with me ;)
It would be even a better reason to go back to the black and deathrock stuff, but I'm quite tired of it to be honest.

Also, if I remember my teenage self correctly, I've always thought it was cool to dress the complete opposite from the music you hear. That way you would surprise people by braking the stereotype! One of my favorite thing, I should definitely dedicate a post to the "breaking the stereotype" theme...

And for last, me doing something appropriate for a change:

N. Finsternis

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