17 November 2013

The Wings Of Desire Concert Video!

I had lots of fun helping and documenting Boris' first ever concert in Berlin with his post punk project, The Wings Of Desire.
It was the main reason Boris [and I] wanted to move to Berlin- it is to make music and live the scene.
The concert was more of a "friend gig" because it was held in a really small pub, had to be quiet because of the neighbors around and because it was Boris' first entry and he was on his own, about 10 people came.

But you see, this was exactly the opposite from when Boris did concerts in Israel. Back then, when the number of people in the audience outnumbered the one person on stage I would sigh in relief. And when the gig would be over I would become very anxious and angry at the world, because in a small [old school]gothic-sunbculturally deserted place like Israel, even your "alternative" friends who've cried that there had been nothing interesting ever happening in your city, never came. And after the gig I would have absolutely no enthusiasm in making future concerts, because there was almost zero feedback from human beings. Almost.

But this time, even though there weren't a lot of people, the atmosphere was great. Boris made a very good performance [slightly awkward in the beginning as expected, but very very powerful and charismatic towards the end] and everyone said they liked it. I felt like thanking everyone personally a thousand times for coming, because it wasn't taken for granted AT ALL! Not to mention we stayed at the pub for like 4 hours afterwards just chatting with everyone. The after-feeling was amazing. I couldn't recall another The Wings Of Desire concert that's left so much hope and happiness in my heart.

Here are a few pics that I've made.

 Outfit post next time, don't worry...

Boris has styled himself, by the way. He even told me what makeup he wanted :)

I've also made a video of 2 songs, one of which we've decided to post, despite planning on keeping it a super awesome rare footage for centuries later [silly us] XP


I really love his performance, the lightning was great and added a lot to the video.
I am still excited that things have went so good. Oh and note, I am not the official part of the band, I am only head of visual crap, because I really love helping Boris with his music, and I love bringing weird ideas to the stage! I already have a set for the next gig on the 29th!

Please sure your support by liking The Wings Of Desire Facebook Page, because we're traumatized from lack of support back in Israel we need to know you're there with us! :D
Have a great week everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. aweeesome!! the video is great, and I have to say your makeups looks amazing!!


    1. Oh Dear Lali thank you so much, and thanks a lot for viewing the video!

  2. Wow! The lightning on his face looks so amazing - very expressive performance! I like this so much!

    1. Thank you so much for taking time and checking out the video! :) I'm happy you liked it!